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Contest Update - May 31st

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Lots of Updates today!



Contest #151 is an easy one - vote when DQB is coming out!  Be a Precise Prognosticator!

Contest #152 is also an easy (yet costly one) - Preorder DQB!



Contest #149 - Time to thin the crowd.  Elimination round for your favorite DQ board games.

Contest #150 - Elimination round for DQutest Couple!



Preorder DQVII & DQVIII - Pretty self-explanatory!



Contest #130B - Order DQHTWTWATBB.  Squeenix has seen the sales and the point of our purchase contests are to help drive up early sales.  I think here 6+ months out it's a hit or not based on orders, so like the mobile game purchase contests, this will be ending ASAP.  Post in the topic by the end of the week.

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