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What is Dragon Quest? (video and discussion)

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I made this video. It is not a history video. I hope you will enjoy it.




I made this video because 1) I get this question often and 2) I wasn't satisfied with Woodus's "What is Dragon Quest?" page that just lists all the Dragon Quests games. I wanted to make a video that would get people interested in the series as a whole, and not focus on each game and its specifics.


So then, what is Dragon Quest?

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You call your girlfriend..."dude."  *sigh* It's a new generation for sure.  I prefer the term honey, sweety, a nickname, or a special pet name...or her full/short name.


That said, you guys are a good looking couple.  That was a very sweet interaction.  Nice.


Though your assessment of individual scenarios and the nature of Dragon Quest is...how to put it?  Faulty?  The people DO need you to save them, though you are right, they do live their own lives, it's more that each town is individual in a larger world, with their own unique problems either associated with, or wholly independent of the larger issue.  Some towns are wholly unaffected, while others are dark holes of horror.  Like Muor versus Jipang.




In soviet quest, wurm dies you!

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