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DWM1 - Not Certain Where To Go From Here

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Hello! I'm looking for some suggestions on what I should be breeding with what I have. I've completed Main Game, and I'm currently working through the six new gates you get upon completion. I've completed Gate of Control, but since that seems to be the best one to level in (assuming I can defeat Metabbles), I want to spend some time there until I get a good enough party. Yesterday, I completed Gate of Ambition...but I think it's time to focus on getting a good set of monsters for my party.
This is all in DWM 1, and I'm wanting to get to a good set of three monsters. I'm not certain what the best three I could go for right now are.
Party Monsters:
Divinegon+8, Hasty, Level 51, Female
Stats: Atk 572, Def 501, Agl 431, Int 255, HP 555, MP 427
Moves: HealAll, Firebolt, Defence, Blizzard, QuadHits, Meditate, MultiCut, BigBang
MetalDrak+18, Spoiled, Level 52, Female
Stats: Atk 510, Def 451, Agl 404, Int 255, HP 570, MP 343
Moves: HealAll, Guardian, Massacre, Bounce, RockThrow, HealUsAll, BazooCall, Meditate
SpikyBoy+21, Gullible, Level 45, Female
Stats: Atk 437, Def 393, Agl 298, Int 255, HP 592, MP 391
Moves: Increase, HealAll, Revive, TwinHits, YellHelp, MagicWall, HealUsAll, Meditate
Farm Monsters:
FairyRat, Rebel, Level 42, Male
Stats: Atk 18, Def 199, Agl 243, Int 145, HP 278, MP 110
Moves: Slow, Smashlime
MistyWing, Ordinary, Level 48, Male
Stats: Atk 272, Def 272, Agl 259, Int 213, HP 325, MP 248
Moves: Surround, Barrier, EerieLite
LavaMan, Rebel, Level 41, Male
Stats: Atk 206, Def 223, Agl 121, Int 116, HP 232, MP 137
Moves: Curse, EerieLite, SamsiCall
LizardMan, EZ Going, Level 41, Male
Stats: Atk 169, Def 119, Agl 112, Int 124, HP 228, MP 93
Moves: EvilSlash, BeastCut
LavaMan, Spoiled, Level 36, Male
Stats: Atk 159, Def 158, Agl 101, Int 93, HP 197, MP 154
Moves: Blazemore, FireSlash, MetalCut
Rayburn, Reckless, Level 33, Male
Stats: Atk 123, Def 66, Agl 188, Int 73, HP 110, MP 60
Moves: Lightning, IceStorm, Paralyze
Swordgon, Vain, Level 32, Male
Stats: Atk 110, Def 146, Agl 61, Int 9, HP 173, MP 102
Moves: Zap, Increase, HealMore
JewelBag+8, Gullible, Level 33, Female
Stats: Atk 306, Def 306, Agl 247, Int 255, HP 227, MP 183
Moves: Increase, HealAll, StopSpell, StepGuard, MapMagic, Beat, Bounce, CallHelp
Gasgon, Rebel, Level 37, Female
Stats: Atk 81, Def 127, Agl 89, Int 109, HP 176, MP 85
Moves: HealMore, YellHelp, SuckAll
Spikerous, Lone Wolf, Level 30, Female
Stats: Atk 151, Def 296, Agl 87, Int 103, HP 209, MP 28
Moves: Bounce, PoisonHit, ThickFog
Egg Monsters:
ZapBird Female
Trumpeter Female



Edit on Thoughts:

- Trumpeter Egg change sex to Male, breed with Metal Drak to get KingLeo. That'll be useful down the road for Pizzaro + KingLeo = Esterk.

- I have a Divinegon. If I could figure out the best way to get a Durran, then I could mate them and get Pizzaro. A Durran is Centasaur/GoldSlime (either way), so the question becomes what's the closest I could get with the above?

- I may also try catching a SlimeBorg, which then would be ZapBird + SlimeBorg = WhipBird. Gasgon+WhipBird = Andreal. I'm not certain where that really gets me.

This is tricky.

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Durran is actually Centasaur + GoldGolem. And there are also easier ways to get Andreal (any dragon + Gulpple). I'd say go the Durran and KingLeo route, though I'm not sure what to do with SpikyBoy since he himself doesn't go in to anything special.

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Just max them all out, then breed them, max all of those, breed, max, breed, until you only have a few monsters with higher +

The way to get stronger monsters is thru breeding because they keep some stats/skills (start out stronger as baby) and gain more during level up


If you max and breed enough times it almost doesnt matter which monsters they are.  You can make any monster strong with enough proper breeding.


It is like tempering steel or something, just keep folding it in on itself and it keeps getting stronger

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