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English Translation Patch

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Oh boy I bet some of you were all prepped to call me dumb or tell me it wasn't out yet.

I'm simply gauging interest.


I figured out how the text/dialog is stored, and actually made tools (purely out of curiousity and interest) to decrypt the files, and rebuild them.

This would include english dialog.


Sample dump of the first cut-scene:


「……もã†å°‘ã— もã†å°‘ã—ãªã‚“ã ï¼
I have my own projects going on at the moment, but if anyone is interesting in taking the lead on this one, I could provide tools.
I also wouldn't want a C&D landing on this one due to the fact that it JUST came out.
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Totally joking! Haha, just trying to be as expected.

Maybe you need to make disclaimer for yourself that states all posts are meant as jokes/not to be taken too seriously. :P

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Ha!  Good call.  I added the "balls in your court" as an attempt at humor as well (in case we wanted to keep calling each other stupid).

Interestingly enough, as I dug through the dialog in this games files last night, i found that everything is stored in script (looks like java) and calls out to variables where the text is stored.

One such was called NAME_TAG_SANCHO.  It's value was in all japanese, but translated to Sancho.

Some were less apparent, like NAME_TAG_CRACKLORD_01, which translated roughly to Dragon Lord (from DQ1).


As I look through a lot of this, there are directly named and translated variables names with the japanese value.

Some variables even maintained the english names (like Estark).


As a programmer, I actually have no idea if code is written outside of the standard machine interpretted languages (especially in the case of .NET, where its all M$).

So maybe this is just a coincidence.  Or a good sign that we could potentially get this game stateside.

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Hmm....if you're digging around, maybe you can help Cobi with the "left out monsters" thing

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I already decompiled the rom, was going to do all the menus and stuff. Go ahead and send me the tools.

Where did you get the rom from? I don't have 3ds so won't be able to play this game for a while even if I wanted to import it


edit: i'm new to this, spent ages locating and downloading a joker 3 .3ds rom on a chinese website then found out it doesn't run like old roms, you need to decrypt them and have a real 3ds, feelsbadman

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It's kind of difficult to translate the menu seperate from the story entirely because there are so many new elements in this game.

I have the story translated so far up to the first boss fight (Boshock), and lots of menu stuff translated as well.

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Popping in to say the same thing, the link says it's possibly expired. I've see you've been posting all over the different translation threads so I was looking forward to popping in and seeing if there's anything I can do to help. My Japanese is extremely weak, but I can volunteer to do localization passes and make things flow better.

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