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Nintendo's localizations.

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I don't think Western audiences can handle my response to this, so, "..........".


I can handle your response just fine thank you! >_>

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Good localization: Everyone enjoys the game.   Bad localization: People that don't care enjoy the game. People that do care enjoy it less.    But with people actually defending changes like "..

I didn't say it would be my last post, just the last big one. To address your last comment, I would have bought the game regardless of what they did or did not cut. Gameplay is important but so is sto

I disagree. You can argue that it was "just" amplified, and I'll argue that it destroyed the rest of her character. She isn't shy anymore. Shy isn't soft spoken anymore. She's just this muscle packed

This probably won't be as eloquent as I'd like since it's late and it's been a crazy day.


A couple pages ago, I made a post about losing our center. It was clear this person had issues. Her own words and actions cost her the job, not you-know-what.


I imagine part of it has to do with her most recent personal advocacy, and the conflict it has with Nintendo's main consumer block.

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