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When you were growing up did you ever missee an enemy sprite? That is, did you ever look at the pixel art and "see" the monster in a way that thee artist may not have intended? I know I had!


For me, it was this guy right here: Mon-Goldman.gif (Tersigni).


For my entire childhood career of playing Dragon Warrior on my NES, day after day, I saw these Goldgentlemen (and their golem bros.) as squinting, one-eyed dudes with huge grins. Never did I notice the tiny, little blue dots in the thick black line. It wasn't until I played DQVIII many years later did I find out the truth.


Did anyone else see the golems as I did? Where there any other sprites you saw as one way but there were meant to be another? There's no way nobody else had this experience! Even now I look at the 8-bit art and see the smile and the wink!





Tersigni, Dean. (2001-2004). The Enemies. retrieved from http://www.thealmightyguru.com/Reviews/DragonWarrior/DW-Enemies.html.

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Oh I love this! Because it's true. The magic of older blurry standard definition televisions.


Hunter - hunter.png


The headband of the Hunter I used to think was an odd visor covering up a single cyclops eye. Never even really saw his actual face until I saw it on a digital ROM.


Bullwong - bullwong.png


I used to think that the black of his nose was a giant open mouth and the red tip was his tongue. I was actually slightly disappointed to learn it was actually his nose. Cover up his mouth with your finger and I think you all will see what I was seeing.


Scorpion Wasp - scorpion_wasp.png


My personal favorite, and I STILL see this. The antennas are a scowling brow, the blue real eyes and the whites next to them were giant eyes,  and whatever that blue is under the head is some sort of mustache. So he was a scowling and grinning mustached scorpion wasp. I probably thought that because of this dude growing up.

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Damn, I used to see this kind of thing all the time when I was a kid until I started emulating everything and therefor losing the bluriness of a standard definition TV. Now I can't think of any examples. Next time I think of one though, hopefully I'll remember this thread.

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