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Ruin - æš—é»’ã�®é ”人

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This thread is for strategy discussion for the coin boss Ruin (æš—é»’ã®é­”人).


Here are the relevant posts quoted from the general forum.  All credit goes to the quoted posters.  If one of them is yours and you wish to have it removed/edited, or you are aware of a post I may have overlooked, please let me know:



Yesterday marked the release of the newest coin boss Ruin from DQ8. His coin isn't as popular as Don Mole, but hopefully it'll see a price increase on the weekend from the weekend only players rushing out to buy it.


The accessory from him is:

Ruin Medal (魔人ã®å‹²ç« )


Which is a medal accessory, an equip slot you probably forgot even existed because for the most part you've just been using the All-Purpose Medal masked as your class medal.


Base Stats:

- Atk 3

- Def 5

- Weight 2

- 2% tension up when attacking


It's worth noting that the tension up effect happened when using attack spells too and for some reason works in PvP. The latter people are guessing is a bug so careful about using it. Also for those wanting to be as stylish as possible, this accessory doesn't have the 3 style that the other ones do. I hope you aren't too shocked by this horrific news.  :P


Fusion effects (only max):

- Deftness 4 (not attack, not defence, DEFTNESS. That is not a typo)

- Weight 2

- 1% tension up when attacking


I'm a major fan of this accessory but I can see why it is less popular.




As for Ruin himself, due to the emergency maintenance on the Magic Labyrinth I didn't get to see much about him. However, a very reliable setup has already emerged:


2 Hammer Battlemasters, 2 Priests (if you're more daring you can use another Battlemaster)

Required resists: Paralyse, Trip


The reason for Hammer Battlemasters is that all of the monsters in this fight are material monsters. The backup that spawns as time goes on has fairly low HP (~2400), but if you don't have ways to defeat them quickly you're gonna have a bad time. Battlemaster does have a fairly good way of dealing damage regardless of weapon but there is one problem with it... the duration of the animation. All of the monsters cannot move! So do you think Ruin isn't going to have a 1 shot kill move that hits the entire area that you evade via jump? Of course he does and long animation attacks are a great way to get you killed. The back up is also revived by an invincible monster that spawns early on, oh and did I mention that this back up can heal Ruin for 9999? 


Hammers have Drum Crush, which is a very appealing move for dealing damage. The animation is short, and with the gem you hit like a freaking truck.


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