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Don Mole - ドン・モグーラ

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This thread is for strategy discussion for the coin boss Don Mole (ドン・モグーラ).


Here are the relevant posts quoted from the general forum.  All credit goes to the quoted posters.  If one of them is yours and you wish to have it removed/edited, or you are aware of a post I may have overlooked, please let me know:





Staff vs Don Mole.


Things just got so crazy so fast!!! You see that stomping move that he uses? Be ready to jump. Thankfully it isn't Baramos insta-jump levels of ridiculousness... HOWEVER! It has rather insane range.



Dem stylish fros too.


Recommended setups for Don Mole:


Paladin, 2 Mages, Priest (~3 1/2min clear time)

- Note: Requires understanding of walling. A paladin cannot hold the Don back, but a paladin and a priest/mage with weight up can.

- Don Mole can have his magic defense lowered and doesn't have the ability to remove debuffs.

- Mages have extremely great clearing power to remove Soul Moles and *ahem* Soulful Moles (my spin on their name, shaddup :P ) in one fell swoop.


Important Note:

- This strategy works by making it so Don Mole cannot summon his band mates at the end. The way it works is that the Paladin stun shots Don Mole to stop him from changing his fro to red (he does green, yellow, then red based on his HP), and as the stun wears off they use Paladin Guard to anger him as he finally does his red fro form change. Don Mole cannot summon back up when angry. The Mages will be able to take him down before he snaps out of it.



3 Battle Masters (Dual Hammers), Priest (~3 1/2 min clear time)

- The above strategy but even easier. Again requires understanding of walling.

- Hammer Battle Masters have Land Impact and Plate Impact for back up clearing.

- 3 Stun shots available to stop Don Mole before he changes his fro to red.


Note to self: Need to hunt Land Impact and Plate Impact gems. Guess saving those 9 mini gem perfumes was worth it after all! Several of us lucked out getting a 2 space stun shot success rate up gem and I was part of that so I can skipp that gem.


Required resistances:

- 100% blind guard - Dandy Sunglasses (10 minimedals), and the blind resist ring (available in the fake Witch's Forest after defeating Gretzel for the Melsandy gaiden questline, or 10 bronze chips to get one from the Mystery Tower). This is only necessary for physical attackers.

- 100% confuse guard. Don's musical performance is fairly long range, he doesn't use wave of ice but the more people with confuse immunity the less people that need kirapon.



Speaking of walling, I really want to point this out for people struggling with the concept. Walling is not mindlessly standing in front of an enemy forming a wall in front of them. Walling is understanding and applying the following fairly simple concepts...


Under Target: Exactly what it means. Is the boss staring you down? Does he want you deader than dead?!?! If so, you aren't the one who should be walling right now. You're their target, and if you stand there they will attack you.

Turning: It takes at least 2 people to wall correctly. When making a turn, the person on the inside cannot move or else the boss will get past them. The person on the outside needs to move back and reposition themselves to be at the inside of the turn. Otherwise eventually (and this sometimes can happen very quickly) the person under target will be trapped in the corner. I cannot tell you how many times I've been in this situation and just have to pray to RNGesus that the boss picks a nice attack. *Strong Gaia winds up his fireball attack*

Turn End: This is the term for when a boss gives up on their target and uses an attack or skill on whatever it can that is next to it. If a boss attacks, be on the ready to distance yourself from the boss.


I also want to point out that if you are being completely pushed back by a boss that it is pointless to push them. Let them push you back. You get pushed back at the same speed, and it is much easier to run away. Pushing a boss causes major lag even for Japanese players and that's why slap-dodging became popular for Gaia.








Not to say that we will be doing Don Mole runs right away. The cards don't come out til 10/1 and coins are so expensive from rich day 1 perfect accessory hunters that it'd be a shame not to sell them. For anyone wondering the details on the new accessory:


Basic stats:

HP +30 (5 more than normal orb)

Def +8 (3 more than normal orb)

Style +8 (same)


Fusion effects:

HP 2, 3, 4, 5


Can have a regular orb fused into it to make it +4.


Maximum possible HP: 50 (up from 40)



I'm looking forward to the day when this is added to Sugoroku and the Mystery Tower as a possible prize. Especially the Mystery Tower, I haven't spent a single silver chip yet!  :thumbsup:


Don Mole has quite a few different setups that work quite well. Here are the common ones:


2 Axe Warriors, Magic Knight (Bow and Magic Staff), Priest

2 Axe Warriors, Spear Item Master, Priest


For those a bit more daring and that want to speed up the fight:


Dancer, Axe Warrior, Magic Knight, Priest

Spear Paladin, Item Master (Spear and Boomerangs), Magic Knight, Priest



A new, rather awesome strategy for dealing with Don Mole has surfaced and expertly slayed the previous version which means that spears should fall in price. This strategy is awesome for the following reasons:
- Super fast! 1:30 clears are very common
- Very easy. Requires walling to go smoothly, but is very lenient.
Party setup:
2 Mages (Dagger, Magic Staff), Magic Knight (Magic Staff, Bow), Sage (Magic Staff, Boomerang)
- All weapon skills mentioned and passive trees need 150 points.
Battle opening:
- DO NOT ATTACK!! DO NOT! When Don Mole reaches 95% of his max HP he starts his first 'fro transformation, if you don't attack him he won't do this right away. Until he transforms he cannot summon back up and uses his weakest abilities! This strategy takes full advantage of the gimmicky nature of this boss battle!
- Mages use eerie light to lower his magic defense. Naturally switch to magic staff and buff yourself up after it has been lowered twice.
- Sage is the healer, after Dual Breaker charges, switch to boomerang and use it to make it much easier for the Magic Knight to fource break him.
- Magic Knight literally needs to do nothing! Oomph yourself and wait until your cue to fource break.
- Everyone will be using magic staffs so you'll have plenty of people to make crit circles.
After Fource Break:
- Make sure to save your strong area of effect spells just in case the yellow fro version manages to get a call for back up in.
- Magic Knight uses Magic Burst then switches to Bow to use Darkness Shot (Dark element), then Shining Bow (Light element). You don't even need to use any fources! Talk about a do nothing job in this battle!
- Don Mole should be defeated before he has a chance to call for his bandmates.
Of course this can technically be done with a physical based setup but it is much more effective with a magic-based setup. Don Mole's first form change gets an unremovable Tension Bang effect that activates on physical damage. So you'll end up hitting him to SHT early on and eat some rather bad damage reduction. With this setup you can just remove the SHT your spells cause during his second transformation with sage.



I didn't explicitly mention this in a previous post, although I am pretty sure I've said "rebuff super" if asked to explain the strategy beforehand. For anyone who wants to play Magic Knight at Don Mole, here are a few important things you need to know for after the buff/debuff opening where we set Don Mole up for fource break:


- Normal Circle lasts for 1 minute.

- Super Circle lasts for 30 seconds.

- Fource Break lasts for 30 seconds.

- Magic Burst cannot crit and Magic Knight doesn't have any damage spells to abuse the circles. It is however a spell, so you can increase the cast speed with cast speed gear and the cast speed buff.


The buffing phase includes us placing a normal and super circle before fource break hits and that super circle is going to run out before fource break does which will severely cut down on damage output.


After Fource Break you have 30 seconds to do both of the following:

1. Super Circle. Place this so the mage and sages going all out on Don Mole don't need to move or rebuff the super circle. It goes without saying that you do not use this during the buff phase as it is a CT skill.

2. Magic Burst.


The order doesn't matter, but you have to do both before fource break wears off and 1 before the super circle another player placed vanishes.



And here's a video of Krw, Mimas, Cran, and I fighting him:


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