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Gosnel - 牙王ゴース�ル

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This thread is for strategy discussion for the special boss Gosnel (牙王ゴースãƒãƒ«).


Here are the relevant posts quoted from the general forum.  All credit goes to the quoted posters.  If one of them is yours and you wish to have it removed/edited, or you are aware of a post I may have overlooked, please let me know:



Seeing how we kind of overlooked this boss that got randomly slipped in to the game with the Christmas update. 


The alchemy recipe requires the following easy to hunt items:

白紙ã®ã‚«ãƒ¼ãƒ‰: Blank card - Easily obtained in bulk from the Mystery Tower. 20 bronze chips = 1 card.

呼 ã³å¯„ã›ã®ç­†: Summoning Paintbrush - Obtained from hunting a monster that randomly appears with "strong" enemies. Although he is not a metal monster, you can use metal perfume to hunt him. In a full party it is recommended to have 4 thieves/3 thieves and 1 item master (120 skill increases metal encounter rate + emblem as well) and to fight enemies separately. Many enemies that the game considers to be strong enough can be shooed away with Mercy. It's also worth noting that this enemy's common drop is a blank card fragment. Trade 3 to the casino for a blank card.

and 40 minutes to cook.


The tickets for this boss have no expiry date and stack in 99s. 





I cannot for the life of me think of a shorthand version of this guy's name, too lazy. Accessory drop is gold rosary.


He's just another paladin, mage, sage, priest setup kind of boss that I'm sure you're all tired of by now. 


Required resistances:

- Paralyse guard: This boss has a rather nasty long-range attack that if it doesn't outright kill you, it will paralyse you too.

Helpful resistances:

- Seal guard: While this is only a result of a short range attack, it's not a bad idea to have this as the attack also inflicts skill seal. Really helpful if you're trying to get in a quick revive on the paladin. 

- Wind: Kaswooshle hurts quite a bit and has a very, very short cast time. 


Paladin weight needed:

- 740 with heavy charge to stop completely.


Important strategy note:

- This boss has a rather lot of attacks that hit in a straight line, and he will spam the heck out of them when angry. They have a far enough range to hit you even if you are casting spells from max distance so do pay attention. The player angered stands behind the paladin and the other players should stand off to one side. The attack hits in a straight line, so you can reduce the amount of players it can hit by not bunching together!




- Until the boss gets angry it has a difficult time making up its mind when it comes to turn end actions. There will be times where it might not actually do anything but run towards the target for over a minute. When it decides to change actions it is VERY easy to tell because he will freeze in place then start running again. Be ready to deal with his attacks when he does this as you could end up being the target.


Slap dodging for his Vicious Roars is fine, you can also just use Regnard tactics whenever possible. If he doesn't choose you as a target on his action swap you can throw in a plate impact, or eerie light to help the attackers deal more damage.



As a priest your most important job is to seijo the party and also keep a kirapon on the paladin whenever possible. The sage will assist you with healing so that you can focus on getting the important buffs up.


If you are not the target of the boss you can also use the weight up spell on yourself to help the paladin push him into a corner. Be sure to keep in mind that the most deadly attacks hit in a straight line, so don't bunch up with the rest of the party.



Due to the boss having a rather high resistance to dark spells, you would think that sage would be bad here. However, in order to prevent wipeouts, the sage is here as an extra healer and to reduce the damage you take by maintaining the following buffs during certain conditions:

Angered - ã„ã‚„ã—ã®é›¨

é—‡ ã®ã“ã‚ã‚‚ - ã„ã‚„ã—ã®é›¨ and ãƒžãƒ›ã‚¹ãƒ†: The buff the boss uses here doubles his damage so you will easily be able to survive Kaswooshle with the second buff.



Same as always, just remember boss attacks in a straight line and don't bunch up.



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