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Fortune Street Wii vs Fortune Street Special

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After falling in love with Fortune Street for the Wii, I looked into other versions of the game. I came across a English translation of Itadaki Street Special for the PS2! This version basically swaps out the characters from the Nintendo universe to Final Fantasy characters! Has anyone else played this version? It has a few changes from the Wii version.


  1. Different Maps - Some repeats but new maps from the DQ and FF series.
  2. Characters - Along with the FF cast, there are some DQ characters that are not in the Wii versions, such as Yangus.
  3. Winning Criteria - It's slightly different. If you win at the Bank, you have to take one more lap back to it to win.
  4. Sphere Mode - This BY FAR is the biggest addition the the game. It's only in the PS2 version. It includes a class system and the choosing of spheres that have various game changing effects. It's a great way to play this already great game! 

Anyone else play any of these other versions? What do you think of them? 

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I've had some fun with these games and I definitely enjoyed the graphics style of Itadaki Street Special more than Fortune Street Wii.  I have a difficult time really getting into these games because of the time commitment often required to see a game through to the end.  If there were a translation for Itadaki Street DS, that would be the ultimate version for me.


It was interesting to that some people were able to complete large parts of the Wii version by putting it in auto-pilot mode.  That game was decent at playing itself, if you are into that kind of thing.  I wish I had tried the online multi-player of Fortune Street Wii.  I never did give that a shot.

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I personally find Fortune Street Special to be much better than Fortune Street (Wii). I like the board and character selection better, the graphic style is smoother, and the music is much prettier. You also aren't forced to use a Mii in single player mode (a problem for Fortune Street Wii and Itadaki Street DS, which had a simple Mii-like character creation system). I'm not knocking the ability to use a Mii in the Wii game, but I'd like the option to use one of my favorite characters, too.


The translation patch for Itadaki Street Special is unfinished. But I'm working on my own, if you don't mind the plug: http://www.woodus.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=30940(the video in the first post is outdated, but there are screenshots throughout the thread).

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