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Dhoulmagus Figures?

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Finally gonna cave and get me the Rhapthorne figure >//< But now......Dhouly.


I saw it was an actual thing, at least it said so on a few sites, with pictures too. But even though it said 'could maybe find them at x locations' I searched and searched and......nothing.


Anyone know where I can find his figures?


And just any merch of him in general would be awesome too.

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Searching for the Japanese name really helps when looking for merch. I found one you may like.


But as I was typing this I realized this particular figure was out of stock...Sorry. 


Edit:AHA! I found the silver one!


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Super cool! I would love figures of Dhoulmagus! I have the Hero, Jessica, Yangus, and Angelo. I didn't even know such figures existed!!

I know they are doing that 3D printing service I wonder if that would work on existing characters in non chibi form?



If that is the case I would just want a 1 pose figure of everyone! The Hero, Medea, Jessica, King Troad, Angelo, Marcello, Yangus, Red, Morrie, Lady Rosalind,Bangerz, Mash, Kalderasha, and Valentina!! wow!

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THAT would cost a good chunk of change. XD I'm happy just having Rhapthorne and Dhouly. Though I wish they had one of original Dhouly too and not just his turned-evil form. And one of his chicken I mean demon form. But those two are the only two I have found of him so far.


Unless I have something custom-made.

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I wouldnt mind having some figures... But they may be pricey if they are hard to find?


Some of them like Rhapthorne are pricey. But the Dhoulmagus one I found isn't so much. o -o

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