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So, as far as the dlc goes (Quests, Shop Items, Inn Characters, and Maps) is there anything that you absolutely NEED a second copy of the game/ds for? I know it would be more legitimate to have two copies and transfer the quests over, but I don't want to have to buy another game if possible.

Also, is it possible to ONLY use the save editor on a second copy and get all dlc stuff (including the dqvc shop) to transfer on to a primary copy from the second copy via ds wireless stuff so it's technically 100% legit?

Thank you!

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The advantage of the second game method is for shop raiding.  You can have a second game with DQVC shop items, and set that up as the host.  Then have your main character multiplay into the second game's world and buy all the shop items.  Then reset the second game, kicking out your main character.  Restart the second game and all the shop items will be there again.  You can also use a second game with the DLC-unlocked quests to transfer them over to a game that doesn't have them, just by having them connect to you world via multiplayer.  Upon return it will tell them that they brought back quests from your world.


You can technically make multiple shops/save files that have all of the DQVC Exclusive items, but it would take a lot of different save files and it's ultimately not very efficient.  I recommend just adding the exclusives to your game with the save editor.  Some Questers like to actually remove the exact amount of gold from their inventory after they do this, but I don't bother with that.  These items are now the product of an unsupported server.  It's not the player's fault that they're not supported, so I don't feel players should be in-game penalized for items no longer available, natively in-game.


The actual exclusive Items "Block o Choc, Christmas Cake, Basic Biscuits, etc." have no rare-stars, so they are shareable in multiplayer.  Only the Items, though.  Not the exclusive weapon, armor, or accessory.


Hope this helps.  The Den has a list of the DQVC Exclusives on their DQIX page, including their in-shop costs, if you had any questions about them.


In response to your question about transferring, DQVC shops don't transfer between game copies, or at all via multiplayer.  For that you would need to use the save editor and copy an existing shop or (being careful not to make things too easy and ruin the challenge/fun) you could create your own.

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I have a different save game editor question.


If one of the maps I got from a tag shows up in the editor with a red location code, does that mean it's not a valid location and someone had changed it from its original?


I did think it kind of unusually awesome that a map with an MKS only floor was right next to Stornway..

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It could mean that it was artificially swapped using the save editor, and that the location is legit, but they made a typo entering in the data.


What are the map details?  I actually generated an MKS map, East of Stornway, legitimately in-game, last April.

On second thought, you actually can change a grotto location in the save editor, without red flags going off.  It's probably something else wrong, like the set of map numbers are off.

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Oh, that's right.  I must have been thinking of legacy bosses, then.  Those can be located pretty-much anywhere, from what I've seen.


If you're looking for a legit MKS map near Stornway (location just East of Stornway), I posted the one that I generated last April.


It's the Emerald Path of Fear Lv. 84 map found on my Riamu save.  It was added to The Den's DQIX save archives, June 16th, 2015:


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Thought so :-/

It's one of these three, two of which are identical. Will check later and correct the location if I can:








And actually, I should probably upload a savegame.  Or look into how to, anyway.

Got some really good maps now, including the two I found not too long ago:





The first has Gemslimes, PKJ, and 3S, 5A, 5B chests.

The second has MKS, a no enemy floor, and  5S, 3A, 3B chests


Now if only I could find a Water and Fire grotto with rank S monsters..

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