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Cant use super tombola :(

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hey guys Im pretty new to the forums joined recently the other day


And im wondering have any of you had this problem where you cant open your super tombola I keep getting an connection error whenever  I seem to try to use my free super tombola it states I need a better connection but my connection is perfectly fine I even went to my friends house to try and use  it since he has a very good internet too but still the problem persists I can use the normal tombola fine and do everything else in the game too im starting to think it might be our region we both live in the uk btw I even went as far as buying some gems to try opening 10 super tombolas but still no luck :( any advice or a solution to this problem would be highly appreciated thanks!


EDIT - never mind it was because of the region I am in so I just created a Thailand apple account and am playing the game and can open super tombola's :D

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