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Or here is the post per level if that is what you are looking for



Slime Slayer 0

Dungeon Dweller 25

Savvy Seafarer 50

Avid Alchemist 100

Sword Slinger 250

Head Hunter 500

Monster Masher 750

Metal Master 1000

Ace of Alefgard 1300

Rhone Ranger 1700

Bane of Baramos 2200

Slayer of Psaro 2800

Grandmaster of Gotha 3500

Nokturnus' Nightmare 4300

Shard-hearted Savior 5200

Dauntless Dragovian 6200

Celebrated Celestrian 7300

Bonus Boss Battler 8500

Heralded Hero 10000

Dragon Warrior 12000

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Man, I got a long way to go. And I'm only soft-hearted!

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