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Problem logging into online mode on Wii

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Now that I've finished the offline mode, I'm ready to brave the online world.


I've created a Square Enix account, and added the game codes (versions 1 through 3). But when I go to online mode for the Wii and put in my SE account name & password, it gives me some messages about registration that I can't figure out. Here is what the messages say:





Could someone help me out?

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It says

The Square Enix account you have entered already has a registration code entered for it. Please go back to the title menu and choose 'register a preexisting account' (すでに遊んでいるアカウントを登録する) so that you can continue your adventure.

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Okay, finally found that option, but to do that, I had to create a new "player". This means that my old "offline" characters are under a different "player" profile. Is there any way to transfer these characters, or do I have to complete the offline mode (or at the very least, the tutorial) again?

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