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Asutorutia Queen 2016 Nominations

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The Hiroba site has started taking nominations for next year's Asutorutia Queen contest:  http://hiroba.dqx.jp/sc/election/queen2016/vote/


Vote for your favorite girl(s) now through the 18th JST!


You can vote once per day, and each time you do, you'll get 3 fukubiki tickets!

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I'll think about it, but Asutorutia? If I recall right, Square Enix's main site translates it as Astoltia. I know that's the case with the names for each race, but everyone outside of these forums call me a d### whenever I point out some facts. I'm gonna stop talking now.

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Okay, I managed to do some checking around. I found this little tidbit on Final Fantasy 14's website. It's basically the synopsis for the DQ10 collab event from way back when, so I'm pretty sure that's as official as it gets:


"Menacing golem creatures have been summoned to Eorzea from the realm of Astoltia. What strange magicks could have brought about this petrifying predicament? Adventurers who complete this FATE will be rewarded with a miniature golem minion."


Proof I'm not making this up:


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The winning nominees are (in Japanese alphabetical order, so we don't know how they ranked):


Airi, Estella, Seraphy, Seeria, Hisutorika, Maiyu, Witch Gretzel, Priestess Himea, Hero Princess Anrushia, and Rin

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