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Hey guys.  I'm wondering if anyone can point me to some information on getting the game to play on a US Wii.  I have Bootmii installed and was trying Gecko, but it won't boot the game.  I was wondering if anyone has any information.  I got the game in the mail today and am dying to check it out.


Thanks either way!

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The reason it won't boot is because you're just bypassing region lock.  This is not enough for Dragon Quest X.  The game checks to see if you are on a Japanese OS on your Wii.  If it's not, it won't boot.
You need to install a Japanese ISO.  You also need to link to the Japanese Wii store.  Note that doing this will cost you every single download game you have on the Wii.
It's possible to do this with AnyRegionChanger.



This is risky and can brick your Wii if you don't do it correctly.


Unless you care nothing about your downloaded games, you're probably better off just importing a Japanese Wii or WiiU.


Another option is to get the PC version.  The PC version is a lot easier to setup and doesn't require you to import expensive hardware or perform risky and costly mods on your systems.

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