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I challenges you "Dragon's Den" (part 2)

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new trio

3 devil from legend








my best record is 2.31

but I need you guys challenge just 3 minutes!




video guideline



how to go faster?

- dont die

- Magic Knight use sword

- attack skills have jewel buff

- kira kira pon 


how things going to fail?

- die a lot

- Forcebreak miss (both storm and dark)



recommend setting

WAR MK MA Priest

MA MA MK Priest

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Here's my breakdown of the game plan by class and by boss. The current most reliable setup consists of Martial Artist (Claws and Staff), Warrior (2H Swords and Axes), MK (Magic staff and shield), Priest (Wand+Shield)



- Recommended equip resists -

Martial Artist: 100% Paralyze resist pants, 100% trip and dance guard boots. Charm guard is optional, but helpful. Dragon Lord claws are extremely recommended for Hydra, that 20% extra damage is not worth overlooking.

Warrior and Magic Knight: 100% paralyze guard pants, 100% dance guard shoes. All of warrior's attacks have rather long start up making them easy to cancel, so trip guard isn't necessary for Bros' jump while being overly aggressive. Warrior's 150 skill makes breath resist optional.

Priest: 100% paralyze guard pants, 100% trip and dance guard shoes, as high of a poison resist as possible. If Hydra is a massive jerk , you'll love the poison resistance. The rest are so you don't get messed up by any attacks that mke you lose turns.


- Recommended gems -

Martial Aritst:


タイガークローã®æ¥µæ„: Increases the damage of Tiger Claw by 30% over the 3 hits. Main damage skill during Hydra and Bros.

ライガークラッシュã®æ¥µæ„: Increases the damage of Liger Crush by 25% over the 5 hits. Used to maximise the damage done during Fource Break


黄泉é€ã‚Šã®æ¥µæ„: Increases the damage of the skill that does more damage to Zombie-type enemies. This is used to deal some serious hurt to Zombie in combination with double psyche up. If you're strong enough you should be able to always hit 1999 with defense down buffs on.

奥義・æ£é–ƒæ®ºã®æ¥µæ„: Increases the damage of staffs charge time skill by 15%. Great for maximizing damage on Zombie.




2H Sword:

ドラゴンスラッシュã®æ¥µæ„: Increases the damage of Dragon Slash by 175%. Easy 1999 damage on Hydra after Fource Break.


蒼天魔斬ã®æ¥µæ„: Increases the damage of Parallax by 15%. Main damage skill for most of the fight. Extremely important.


真・やã„ã°ãã ãã®æŠ€å·§: Increases the rate Warrior's 150 skill works. Not essential, but if going for consistency you will definitely want this one. The half damage debuff neuters all 3 bosses and by the time the next one starts moving it will be recharged.



Magic Knight:

フォースブレイクã®æŠ€å·§: Increases the rate Fource break works. Bros has a bit of resistance to Fource Break, this is to increase the chances it will work.






- Overall strategy for each class -

Martial Artist: Main attacker. Uses tension along with strong attacking skills to cut down bosses quickly.


Warrior: Debuff attacker. Warrior is there to neuter the bosses with their 150 skill, and just wreck their faces in with strong attacks.


Magic Knight: Pure support. If you are attacking as a Magic Knight, you're done with supporting everyone and if you're not you're doing it wrong.


Priest: Mostly standard stuff. Kirapon is optional with the resists listed, seijo to deal with Zombie's tendancy to spam one shots (Cran got a taste of that RNG nonsense today... did EVERY attack need to be one?!? :( :( :()


- Battle start -

As far as locations during the battle go, the attackers and priest should stand behind and to the left of where Bros is in the room with their camera facing towards him.

The Magic Knight engages the battle. Make sure to engage the battle straight on! If you start from the side or back, the other bosses will not spawn where we are expecting them! Regroup with the party after the battle starts.


If all goes well, this will start the battle far away from Hydra with Zombie fairly close behind you. The idea here is to start close to Zombie, and make Hydra run towards the party. This is to give us a tiny bit extra time in the beginning before Hydra reaches us and be able to quickly get to Zombie after Hydra goes down. Be careful with your first attack! Make sure you target Hydra! :laugh:


And now, the strategy by boss!


- King Hydra -

All: The ideal strategy is for everyone to stand next to Hydra in front of him. A trolly Vicious roar will ruin your fun but they are almost non-existant except during his Turn End action. Hydra specializes in multi-hit spread damage! His chompers and rapid fireballs will spread their hits between 4 people if you huddle together! This is the key to a high survival rate.


Martial Artist: With a warrior in the party you can skip the usual breath resistance buff and just go into mindless Tiger Claw spam or a double psyche up to take advantage of the first buff. As you notice the Magic Knight finishing up the buffs start double psyching up to SHT. Then when they Fource Break, LIGER CRUSH! If Hydra decides to Tension Bang or psyche to SHT before you start psyching up remove the effect with Goldfinger. If Hydra hits you with any bad status or status down you can remove it with their ä¸æ’“ä¸å±ˆ skill.


Warrior: Open up with the 150 skill, then spam Dragon Slash. Mindless killing is fun! If Hydra does his move that makes him hit SHT, you can optionally charge tackle. It'll shock him and make him lose his tension. I only recommend that you do this if he does the move and the Martial Artist is psyching up to SHT.


Magic Knight: Storm or Dark Fource (depending on belts, determine this beforehand), Oomph the Martial Artist, then the warrior, then Fource Break Hydra. This is the ideal start up, but Hydra sure loves to rain on your parade with Acid breath so you may need to rebuff. Your damage during Hydra is not neccesary, the two attackers can take him down before Zombie starts moving without you attacking. They cannot take him down that quickly if you don't buff and FB as soon as you can! You are the most important person in the party right now, don't blow it. If for some reason anyone goes down, try to use leaves to revive if it looks like the priest needs an opening to heal first. This situation should be rare with Warrior as their high defense helps a lot.


Without a warrior you are also on lost attack duty after your FB. Hydra's chompers can deal some nasty damage while he is angry and some well placed lost attacks can loop him into getting angry again immediately when he hits red HP. Causing him to stop, select an action and delay his turn slightly. As Hydra reaches near-death start buffing Acceleratle.


Priest: With a warrior in the party you have a lot of leeway. My suggesttion is pray, heal if needed and work on seijo for the whole party to prep for Zombie. Standard stuff.



- Baramos Zombie -

Note: Any classes with shields should switch to them and put up crit guard as soon as possible. Zombie is such a jerk and Warrior's 150 skill won't last the entire time it takes to slay him.


All: The party stance strategy for Baramos Zombie is the pincer strategy! The party forms a box around Zombie in order to trap him. This is recommended because Zombie loves to use a lot of breath attacks including the ever-annoying break breath. It also makes it extremely easy to tell if you are under target, if you are and you are missing seijo/crit guard, you can flee behind someone else to let them wall for you.


This strategy also keeps Zombie locked in one place, making it much easier to attack more often.



Martial Artist: Switch to staffs and double psyche up to SHT. Use your CT skill for about 4k. Then double psyche up and spam the zombie damage skill for constant 1999s.

Warrior: If your 150 skill is charged use it, if it isn't use it as soon as you can while doing the following. Switch to Axes. Use the the CT skill (鉄甲斬) that reduces defense and speed to debuff Zombie's defense. Then spam Parallax. Crush thy enemies!

Magic Knight: If you used Dark Fource during Hydra, buff Storm Fourse here. Make sure to watch the attackers attack buffs.


Oh and DO NOT USE FOURCE BREAK ON ZOMBIE! He resists it quite heavily and it won't be recharged in time for Bros. Plus with the current setup both attackers hit at or near the damage cap anyway.


Assuming everyone is properly buffed, you may buff your own attack and contribute to the damage. If Zombie angers, lost attack him. The attackers have much higher damage output, and Zombie loves to go crit happy when angry.


Priest: Assuming your seijo duties were completed you have the most mindless job here. Well, not so much mindless, just standard.


- Baramos Bros -

All: The party stance here again is the pincer strategy. Mostly just to keep him in place. Oh and be ready to jump if he starts winding that up especially if you don't have trip guard.


Martial Artist: Switch back to claws. Tiger Claw spam and psyche up as the Magic Knight switches weapons to signal they are going to Fource Break next turn.


Warrior: 150 skill, mindless Axe attacking.


Magic Knight: Dark Fource, attack buff maintenance, then switch your weapon to Magic Staffs. This is to signal the Martial Artist to start psyching up for your Fource Break. If you didn't know already, Fource break's success rate is based on your magic might stat. Bros is more resistant than Hydra, so a higher magic might is insurance to make it work! Madante after Fource Break, then switch back to your weapon and attack if he is still alive.


Priest: I'm still here too! Seriously, priest and warrior are so lucky. Standard/Mindless spam is fun!




And that's all there is to it! Watch kei's video for an idea of how this strategy is in play (although mine is slightly different). My best time at 3 Demons so far is 3:29.88 with Mimas and her friends and that was a completely unplanned run. At the very least... we have to beat that at the very least.

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