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Dragon Quest Square Enix Livestream

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I'm recording the Livestream now if anyone is interested in watching it later or couldn't cause of real life stuff. Will upload it later today.


Dragon Quest Heroes II, and Dragon Quest Monsters Joker 3 was just talk. Just 1 gameplay image for Joker 3.

So far just a trailer for Dragon Quest of the Stars, and gameplay of Builders.


Also, apparently, DQXI will be for both PS4 and 3DS.


PS4 graphics for XI is beautiful. 3DS graphics are way different. in the 3DS version, you can see 3D model world on top screen, and 16-bit on bottom screen. You can even switch between 16-bit and 3D model battles from what I saw.

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From my NeoGAF post:


Livestream is... picking a save file, I guess?  That music...
Apparently its 90 minutes.  Will we have a thread about it (the other one was closed for some reason) or just do stuff in here.
Edit:  It's started!
Flaming Sword...
DQ8.  DQ Builders.  DQH2.  DQMJ3.  DQX.  (New Expansion Time?)
No mention of DQXI, I guess it's supposed to be a surprise?
Nice Lady pitches to Guy in suit, producer of some sort. 
Switch to Dragon Quest Super Light.  1400KANJI downloads...  (14 million?  Nah, that can't be)
Dragon Quest Monster Parade, the PC game that everyone forgot about.  6/25 it hit 2 million players.
Trailer for Dragon Quest of the Stars.  Character creation looks like it's straight ouf of DQ9.  Battles look like DQ7.  You can see you party from behind.  The mascot character looks really stupid.  Western toon-like. 
F2P:  Stamina bar is definitely there.  Dungeons appear to be Puzzle and Dragons like, your team walks sideways and ends up in fights --- no choices?  Trailer ends with the OC characters representing the players rushing up to help ... was that Roto's Decendant ... fight the Dragonlord?
Not sure how the gatcha works.  Some of the gear was different color -- FFRK style?
Next up... Horii?   He's in "Startup Casual," heh.
DQ8 is up next.  Bringing out the Producer.
Special Message:  Live Action commercial being shot.  The characters are spot on, although Yangus scowled too much.  :P
Dragon Quest builders is up now.
"Block Make RPG."  Throwback to the choice at the end of DQ1, when the Dragonlord offers to let you join him.  If you choose yes in the original, you die.

the hero chose yes.  The Dragonlord destroyed the world after dealing with the hero who betrayed humanity.  That's... actually clever.

Not much new, all images we've already seen.  Anyone with a basic understanding of minecraft can already tell what's going on in them.
Correct myself:  Live gameplay.  It's definitely minecraft.  Durability, collecting stone, placing stone, crafting table...  Menu based crafting instead of placing blocks in a grind.
Shows him creating a small dirt hut, then an inn, complete with all the fluff objects like wardrobes... then shows the same village slightly later, now with villagers.
Bigger villages, including a castle, it almost looks like the Dragon Quest 1 castle done in blocks?  That can't be right.
Shows combat, looks like basic minecraft style combat.  DQ Healing items in the item bar.  Probably magic later on?  He places a dirt block to block a spell from hitting him.  
It looks amazing.  PS4 / PSV... and PS3.
DQH2 is up now.
DQH1:  10 months, 1 million sold?  Too much kanji for me. :(
Lots of talking while looking at an image of ... Balzak being attacked by Carver, Maribell, Mara and Terry?  Not sure.  Would make a great wallpaper.
2016.  They're having entirely too much fun with the Healslime mascot.
Not much about DQH2 at all that I could gather with my nonexistant Japanese skills.
... The producer is a pirate.  What.
Well, whatever.  
Quick recap of the DQM series since 1998 (lord I feel OLD).  
Main character still looks like the hero of the older DQMJ game.  He appears to be a lot older than the standard monster catcher protagonist -- teens at least, if not outright adult.
Mascot looks... silly.  
No in game footage, no screenshots, no release date (not even a year).  
Dragon Quest Monster Battle Scanner.
It's an arcade game similar to Monster Battle Road.  The logos are very similar.  Talking about how Dragon Quest Monster Battle series has 3 games -- Monster Battle Road, Monster Battle Road 2, Monster Battle Road 2 Legend (no mention of the Wii port, Monster Battle Road Victory).  They're an interesting combination of a CCG and a Arcade game -- you get cards when you put in coins, and then those cards are the characters and gear you can use.  
Main character has SSJ Gohan hair.  And wings on his head.  ... Ok.  Holding a card and grasping a dragon staff -- likely the same thing as the sword in Monster Battle Road (when you unlock a super attack, the sword would rise up and let you swipe a special super card).
Square Enix + Marvelous working on it.  "Scan battle RPG."  2016.
No in game assets, just a single wallpaper concept art image.
Dragon Quest X....
Some sort of event starting on August.  Celebration of some kind.
Food in the real life bar based on DQ.
DQX 3DS getting some form of controls update.  N3DS buttons support?
Horii really happy to be moving on to the next announcement....
Which is started by the DQ... 3... ending theme?
Talking about DQ's history.  Showing each game in a row.  30 years of Dragon Quest.
Dragon Quest XI.  The logo was animated, shows the dragon breathing the fire.
Saito Yosuke (Neir) is producing.
BOTH sides of the console war were right.  (And I'd wager money if the NX gets out soon enough they'll port it there, too.)
No screenshots yet, just a lot of talking from producers and directors and the like.  Apparently it's Level-5 and Spike Chunsoft.  
Horii just whipped out a controller.
DQ8 style graphics, only expanded.  Holy crap.
... Wow.
There is NO WAY these graphics would work on the 3DS.  N3DS maybe.  More likely it's cloud streaming.
@revenantkioku on twitter just pointed out the DQXI logo is very similar to the DQ1 logo, only backwards.
HOLY COW, the 3DS version is...  uh... DQ9 + DQ6 graphics.  What the unholy crap?!  (And we were just speaking about them supposedly being able to do both options, haha.)
For those not catching the stream, the 3DS version isn't streaming the PS4 version over the cloud or whatever, it's both 2D and 3D at the same time.  The bottom screen is 2D like DQ6 for the SNES.  The top screen is 3D like DQ7/8's remake.  They show the same stuff concurrently.
Battle in the 3DS version.  Looks like DQ7's battle engine.  3D graphics are roughly on par with a slightly upgraded DQ9/DQ7, it looks really nice.  This is freaking megaton.  They basically completely re-did the game's graphic engine -- twice -- for the 3DS.
No party members shown, but there's room for 4 of them.
Art of the main character.  Not customizable?  Looks about as far from Dragonball Z as you can get, heh.  Very skinny kid with a sword on his back and shoulder length hair.
The guy from V Jump is there with a sealed exclusive announcement...
Long read.  Nothing megaton.  He's looking amused as hell reading it.
An older gentleman... Koichi Sugiyama -- the guy who has done the music for every Dragon Quest since the first.
Somewhat epic music... probably just the ending of the show, they're all standing in the middle now.
Edit:  apparently they slipped in a casual, "Oh yeah, it's coming to the Nintendo NX as well." at the end there.  
Also, there's a thread talking about it but it's not appearing in search results:
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I'd take a copy of it

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I deleted it, but here's the video of it on YouTube. The only thing in the livestream that was worth keeping was the Dragon Quest of the Stars trailer, gameplay of Dragon Quest Builders, and gameplay of Dragon Quest XI. Everything else was just talk. The majority of the 1 hr 30 min livestream was just talking.


(Beginning of video starts at 10 minute 06 seconds mark)


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That's to be expected of these kinds of things. Think of it as an E3 conference but in a different language and devoted to a single series instead of an entire company. At least 30 minutes of it was related to XI and we got some good to its for Builders so it had a fair amount of content for non-Japanese listeners.

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Yeah, I pulled it from there then, thanks though

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Fun fact: Sugiyama hasn't produced the music for EVERY Dragon Quest game...


Swords' music was by Manami Matsume. I may have spelled that name wrong. There were a few tracks by Sugiyama in the game, but they were just recycled from older games, like the overture, our VIII's church music.

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Fun fact: Sugiyama hasn't produced the music for EVERY Dragon Quest game...


Swords' music was by Manami Matsume. I may have spelled that name wrong. There were a few tracks by Sugiyama in the game, but they were just recycled from older games, like the overture, our VIII's church music.

That is no surprise. They didn't use the orchestral score.  

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