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DQVIII New Monster Road, and Casino info (My own scans)

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In all honesty, from this screenshot, the icon for which monsters you can recruit for Morrie's Arena seems kinda faint. I hope it stands out more in the actual game.

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Very nice scans!  I love the picture of Morrie-- I wonder if they will reveal more about Marcello, since we obviously know now he's wearing a new outfit at one point in the video in a new location he wasn't in the original.

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I'll wait for the US release.  I feel confident it will come.

Awww...such faith. How precious. :)



I honestly don't see why it wouldn't.  The majority of the work is already done (an updated localization that's in line with the newer games, most of the voice-acting was already done on the PS2).  The only things that need to be localized is the new content, which is likely not a whole lot to begin with (it never is).


It's a completely different scenario than Dragon Quest 7 3DS, which would require everything from Dragon Warrior 7 thrown out the window and for SE to start over from scratch. 

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