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Dragon Quest VII Ver 1.1 update? What's new?

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So basically I'm 50 hours into my game, and haven't been playing on my Japanese 3DS... until today, where I finally set up a new Japanese eshop account and such.  I see now that there's an update for Dragon Quest VII, and I'm curious as to what it adds/fixes... if I were to speculate, probably just related to those DLC items?  Does anyone actually know?  Were there any glitches fixed, or new known glitches/crashes with this update?


Also a bit off topic, but I notice that Dragon Quest Monsters 2 also has a Ver 1.1 update which I'm curious about, lol (and same situation, 30 hours in, haven't updated), as well as a Dragon Quest Monsters Terry's wonderland 3D 1.1 update

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It's probably not anything too major. Probably just to patch a few bugs.

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