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Demon Seed Ideas

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Ok since my topic concerns DQ VIII, my ideas, I figured I would go ahead and post it here.

EDIT:  I posted this is search of ideas for monsters.  This would be the "Difficult" version of DQ VIII with all bosses 10% harder with more bosses.  Demon Seeds are basically fiendish demonic beings sealed away with Lord Rhapthorne each time an heir of the great sages is killed, one of these dark beings is released.


Warning of Spoilers of material if you haven't played the game...read ahead at your own risk.


My idea of Demon Seed is this for DQ VIII (extra content -- this would be like a hard mode) Each time one of the heirs of the seven sages is murdered, a demon seed is released that turns into a horrific monster.  These boss fights require lots of grinding - they get significantly harder as the seal of the scepter is weakened.  Dhoulmagus actually doesn't realize this is happening until he reaches the abbey.


The first one I did was when Yangus and the Hero return with the crystal ball ---but in my version Valentina is with them.  When they arrive they find the town in chaos as they find Kalderasha with a couple town guards battling a monster where Master Rylus house used to be.  As the Hero, Yangus, and Valentina, this will be an extra boss fight.  I have art concept already drawn for this one.  This boss looks really difficult and it is or was, but fortunately for the Hero, Yangus, and Valentina, the monster has already sustained damage from the encounter with the town guard and Kalderasha. (Suggested level for everyone would be level 7)


The second one of course was for when Alistair was murdered.  As the Hero, Yangus, and Bangerz, you must fight yet another demon seed monster at the entrance of the tower and I have art concept for this one too.  This idea of Soul piercer is a demonic spider that has been shadowing the party.  As the party is about to leave the creature reveals itself blocking the exit forcing the party to confront it.  Unfortunately here, no one has battled this creature and it is at full strength.  ( Suggested minimum levels for the Hero and Yangus would be level 9 and Bangerz level 7) 


The third demon seed is for Abbot Francisco, the scenario will be before anyone can try to pursue Dhoulmagus, another demon seed monster prevents anyone from leaving the chamber... this battle Marcello, and Angelo who hasn't joined the party yet, will join the battle for this incredibly hard boss fight.  I'm looking for ideas for this demon seed.... I was actually thinking a plant monster or a demonic style raptor flying in the window after Dhoulmagus flies out.  This one will be a Greater and Lesser demonic pterodactyl.  This boss fight will require strategic healing since Multi-heal is not available making it one of the hardest boss fights yet.  Even though Marcello will be at level 20, these creatures can do lots of damage really quick.  (Minimum level suggested for Hero and Yangus would be 14 and Jessica level 13.  Angelo will join in at level 12.)


The forth demon seed where Golding is murdered, I haven't worked out how that could work -- trying to decide if Cash and Carry should be involved.  So far the idea I'm having is more unique from the last 3.  After Dhoulmagus murders Golding, he actually decides to craft the demon seed's appearance into two small jesters that appear innocent at first.  They go around Baccarat causing all kinds of malicious mischief.    The townsfolk complain about two foreign children playing pranks on the townspeople which at first seems benign.  After returning from the Dragon Graveyard from Cash and Carrie's competition you find these pranksters have really angered the townspeople and they are demanding Cash and Carry do something about it immediately.  They ask for the Hero's assistance of course and at this point you can choose which you want to help you find the jesters causing problems (Cash or Carrie) while the other appeases the angry townsfolk.  When you do find them, they appear as small child like jesters.  Upon seeing the Hero and his companions they transform into a much more sinister monstrous appearance.


The fifth demon seed would be David's murder, this one not long after David is murdered and Leopold leaves, the ground begins to have tremors and a giant purple worm comes out of the ground as the demons seed.  The party would have Dominico as it's guest member to help fight this battle.  


The sixth and seventh demon seeds for Marta and the High Priest, I need ideas and demon monster concepts for those.


Anyways, looking for ideas to help me along with this project, thank you in advance.

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