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Contest #131 - DQ's Sub Baddie Contest - Round 1 voting

DQ Sub Baddies  

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Welcome to the Sub-Main Event




This contest will determine the winning DQ Subboss Baddie. You'll be voting on the biggest, most important Sub Baddies from a Main, Numbered DQ game. In this, round 1 you may vote on 2 Baddies in each pool. Once the topic closes (Wednesday, May 20th, 5pm EST), there will be 2 Sub Baddies from each pool moving on. Those 2 will battle it out to find the biggest Sub Baddies per pool of games and then finally the biggest, baddest Sub Baddie of all!


Vote for your favorites! And if you forgot who the Sub Baddies are, here we go...


Name: Bazuzu, Pazuzu

Game: DQII
Why he's a baddie: One of the elite general demons, he was a major enemy in the Tower of Hargon. Once again, being an elite general, it can be assumed that he was partly responsible for some events that took place.


Names: Kandar, Robbin' 'Ood
Game: DQIII 
Why he's a baddie: He has a silver tongue. You have to face him a couple times in DQIII. He talks his way out of your bad graces twice after a reign of kidnapping & thievery.


Name: King Hydra
Game: DQIII 
Why he’s a baddie: One of the penultimate bosses in DQ3, you don't even get to fight him really, your DAD does, and he, well...


Name: Keeleon, Marquis de leon
Games: DQIV
Why he’s a baddie: In the first fight against him you can't win. Oh, and killing Mara & Nara’s dad kinda sucks.


Name: Barbatos
Game: DQIV
Why he's a baddie: Along with Pruslas, Aamon, and Rashaverak, Barbatos is one of Psaro's demon generals. He's holding up the barrier along with the other generals.


Name: Gigademon, Pruslas
Games: DQIV, DQX
Why he's baddie: He's one of the tower guardians alongside Aamon. He didn't do as much as Aamon to the heroes, but since he was part of the four, he's a very high-ranking demon who serves Psaro the Manslayer and it can be assumed that he is at least indirectly responsible for a lot of the events that happen in the story. Unfortunately, I have no idea what he did in Dragon Quest X, as I cannot read Japanese... But by the looks of it, it was pretty bad...


Name: Rashaverak
Game: DQIV
Why they're a baddie: Along with Pruslas, Aamon, and Barbatos, Rashaverak is one of Psaro's demon generals. He's holding up the barrier along with the other generals... Also the fact that in battle, he splits himself in three definitely doesn't help how annoying he is to fight.


Name: Dhuran, Durran
Why he’s a baddie: He is the fourth demon lord the party faces and the most powerful next to Mortamor.


Name: Gracos
Games: DQVI, DWVII, DWM2, Joker, Joker2
Why he's a baddie: Dunno about DQVI. In DW7, he sunk an entire continent for absolutely no reason other than the fact that he hates humans. Despite his hatred for humans, he is more than willing to, after drowning them to death, of course, use their spirits as soldiers for his own army. What are his goals with this? Who knows. He also, similarly to Zoma, throws a colossal hissy fit when you kill him and blocks off your exit out of his lair.


Name: Jamirus
Game: Dragon Quest VI
Why he's a baddie: Well, he lures in humans to the Isle of Smile so he eat them or whatever... He's one of the Dreadfiends as well, meaning that he's partly responsible for Mortamor's rising and everything.



Name: Akubar, Akbar, Blackmar
Games: DQVI, DQM, DQM2
Why he's a baddie: He sends out 2 nigh-invincible goons out at you and then sends you into a prison camp. He also forces the guards to work for him. 


Name: Hellcloud
Why he’s a baddie: When you encounter him for the first time, unless you've been overleveling or using classes super-well, he's going to be Hell for you! He can call up others to help fight.


Name: Khalamari
Why it’s a baddie: Stops people from crossing the sea and attacks you and Yangus when you confront him.


Name: Ruin
Games: DQVIII, Joker, Joker2
Why he’s a baddie: This guy is either willfully ignorant, or stupid, but he attempts to stop you from leaving the castle after you defeat Rhapthorne. Fortunately, he's slow as hell and will miss many of his attacks against you. But he's a gigantic freaking castle that's attacking you!


Name: Barbarus
Game: DQIX
Why he’s a baddie: Where to start? He's literally the evil part of Greygnarl! There's the light, the dark, and the sacred force! Barbarus just so happens to be the dark. If that wasn't enough, he also kills Greygnarl... though it later turns out Greygnarl somehow managed to survive via light-dark whatever, but still... This guy is most certainly bad.


Name: Master of Nu'un 
Game: DQIX
Why he's a baddie: He become subverted and tried to rule his flock through fear and tyranny.


Name: Ragin' Contagion 
Game: DQIX
Why he's a baddie: Where to start? Made a whole town sick and killed Catarrhina. Oh and the fact that he will never stop Ragin'.


Name: Hootingham-Gore
Game: DQIX
Why he’s a baddie: Although he's not the King, this owl is directly responsible for all the suffering that your party went through later in the story. Aquila's betrayal (Though that turned out not to be a betrayal at all), the crashing of the Starflight Express that lead to you falling to Wormwood Creek, and even the attack on Upover he was directly responsible for. Though it turns out that he was just being used by Corvus, like the entire Gittish Empire, this guy actually put your team through more hell then the King did!


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I guess with my sort of half-return, I'll try to get back with the voting! Of course, my votes are more than likely not too unexpected :P We'll just have to see how things turn out!

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I wish I hadn't missed the predictions contest!  All six of my votes are currently in the top two for each category.


Damn, you probably would have had a good shot then.  Maybe Hellcloud is too scary for people to vote for.  Seems like the only vote I missed the boat on.

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I like Dhuran. He's an easy fun fight, but he's also a good sport about losing. It seems like he likes a good challenge.

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