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My Quest for a DW/DQ collection.

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I've decided to make a goal of obtaining all of the Dragon Quest/Dragon Warrior games (in some physical form, no digital copies), by the end of 2015. I think it is a very achievable goal.


I already have the following titles:


Dragon Quest IV (DS)

Dragon Quest V (DS)

Dragon Quest VII (PS1)

Dragon Quest VIII (PS2)

Dragon Warrior Monsters (GBC)

Dragon Warrior Monsters II: Cobi's Journey (GBC)


I am considering the following titles as necessary for my collection: DW I, DW II, DW III, DW VI, DW IX, DQM Joker, DQM Joker II, DWM II Tara.


If anyone has other titles they deem necessary for a core collection, please mention them.


Also, if you have advice or assistance to offer in my collecting journey, please let me know. I will update this thread as my collection progresses.

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So far I have DW 1 - 4 NES , DQ 5 & 6 SFC ,  DQ 7 PSX (NTSC - J ), DQ 8 ,DQ 9 , DQ 10 and DQ 6 DS.

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Well, my collection consists of the following:


Dragon Warrior I + II GBC

Dragon Warrior III NES

Dragon Warrior III GBC

Dragon Warrior IV NES

Dragon Quest IV DS

Dragon Quest V DS

Dragon Quest VI DS

Dragon Warrior VII PSX

Dragon Quest VIII PS2

Dragon Quest IX DS


Dragon Warrior Monsters

Dragon Warrior Monsters 2: Coby

Dragon Warrior Monsters 2: Tara

Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker


Dragon Quest Heroes: Rocket Slime


Dragon Quest Swords



That's it so far.  I used to own Dragon Warrior 1 and 2, but gave them to a friend, and I fudged up in getting back to him before he moved to Florida.  We lost touch after that.  Technically he has my original copies of Dragon Warrior 3 and 4 as well (yes, he was that close a friend, I let him borrow my entire DW NES collection).  I just never got around to repurchasing 1 and 2.  Though now I'd rather wait until the current absurdly high prices go down (seriously DW2 has like 220k copies in circulation, more than twice the 80k of DW3, yet it's selling at or just under DW3 prices...damn over inflated market).



Personally I say, whatever YOU think is necessary is what is necessary.  For some, it's anything Dragon Quest related.  For others, just mainline.  For yet others, Mainline and Monsters.  For yet others, only core spinoff's, so Itadaki Street wouldn't count.


For myself, I don't consider myself a collector so much as a player, since...I mean damn, the amount of playtime these babies have seen over the years.  I only wish some woman would want to play with me for even half that time.


I guess if I had to really qualify what I feel is necessary?  Core Dragon Quest releases.  So I count all mainline, all remakes of mainline, and monsters.  I discount anything that diverges from the core gameplay mechanics.  However, I think owning Swords is a great idea, as it's a heck of a lot of fun, and you really get a lot of replay value given its  New Game+ feature.  Even Rocket Slime is a blast, and I definitely recommend playing it, though I've barely scratched it, what I did play, I enjoyed.

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So far my game collection:

DW1 - complete in box


DW4 - complete in box

DQ5 - DS, PS2, SFC






DW 1/2 GBC


Fortune Street


DWM 2 (both versions)



DQ swords

Rocket Slime


And To be added shortly:

Dragon Quest Heroes.

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