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Version 3.0 information

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One of these amazing locations can be yours for the low, low, low price of 100,000,000 gold (price doesn't decline over time). Enjoy!

Holy bejesus that price. Can anyone say money sink?


Thanks for all the 3.2 information, krw! I'm sure I speak for everyone when I say we really appreciate the effort you put into doing this every time.

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The price of those are supposed to be because it is a show-offy area. You also do get a house that is extremely close to a train station, and has all of the features and more than every other housing area put together but they pretty much said it's for rich people to show off. I guarantee it will be full instantly.



I forgot to update the previous post with information from the hiroba site, I will try not to repeat info below but can't promise anything:




- Just a note here, the trailer specifically showed the bosses as the King of Destruction and Nokturnus while the screenshots have them but they have different enemy names. They may have balance changes to make defeating them with the requirements that the fight needs actually possible.

- To give you a little taste of the requirements, here's what the screenshot shown there says:

1. Clear within 16min.

2. Must have at least one of the required classes below (Warrior, Dancer)

3. During the battle, you cannot have 4 players or more dead at the same time.


Gigathrow and Grandcross eat your heart out!


It is also worth noting that there are multiple rooms in this area and some are meant to be easier than Regnard. Whether they will be or not is one thing, but the automatching alone is going to make this one worthwhile.



Updates to Monsters

- Charge Time skills for monsters will indeed have their damage cap changed to be right and yes it was a bug. They were capped at 1999 when charge time skills are supposed to be capped at 9999.


Mystery Tower:

- You now start off with 3 Yggdrasil Leafs and 5 Small Magic waters. Also, talking to the Leaf guy in the rest floors restocks you back to 3 Yggdrasil Leafs.

- I did mention this one above, but since it is definitely confirmed here. If you wipe out before the boss, you are returned to the previous rest floor.

- It's also very clear about not recovering after battle. There is no specifics on if you are dead that you will be revived with 1 HP.

- A Heal Slime can appear on the floor and provide free full heals. On regular floors they can appear from White Circles, and they always appear before the boss floor. So you can still go all out right before the boss with no consequences.

- Rebalance to effects that can appear on equipment. New effects, more powerful versions of old effects, and as you climb the tower the chances of getting better effects is made much, much easier.

- Any time you find an upgrade NPC in the tower (not on rest floors), the cost for upgrading is now 10 gold. They were extremely expensive and not worth it before.

- All equipment obtained from Blue Circles will now be at least +2

- Apparently the cost of MP healing items is increasing even more as you scale the tower... What?

- All accessories obtained in the tower are having their selling price cut to 1/10. Apparently rebalancing so that we would want to keep more accessories by not giving us ones for the same equip slot 50 times isn't a good idea.

- Monsters within the tower are getting an HP, Attack, Defense rebalance. This could be good or bad, but they definitely need it. Fixed damage was the only way for some classes to dent the enemies.

- Metal and Gold monsters can now appear in the tower, instead of being limited to Red/White circles.

- Slight increase in drop rate for the key for the big chest.

- Updates to AI skill/equip selection.


Update to Party Finder

- Search covers all areas!!

- Can now search top level categories and specific categories within them. So you can now search for people who want to fight the same coin boss as you. Hopefully they were smart and made sure that when you put yourself on party finder that you can choose multiple specific categories!


New Feature: My Coordi

- Looks to be exactly what the dress up system should have been from the start.

- You can register different costumes made up of equipment of your choice and instantly change into them without losing the effects of your current armor.



I think that should cover most of it til the new information that will be released a few days before the next update. Glad that most of it was on the usual wiki page, because typing up another huge post is pretty darn time consuming. 

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- Monsters within the tower are getting an HP, Attack, Defense rebalance. This could be good or bad, but they definitely need it. Fixed damage was the only way for some classes to dent the enemies.

- Updates to AI skill/equip selection.


Hopefully those Double Silver Devil fights won't be unnecessarily hard now. They can wipe you even if your entire party is playing correctly.


Maybe the set AI won't be completely useless now.

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- Monsters within the tower are getting an HP, Attack, Defense rebalance. This could be good or bad, but they definitely need it. Fixed damage was the only way for some classes to dent the enemies.

- Updates to AI skill/equip selection.


Hopefully those Double Silver Devil fights won't be unnecessarily hard now. They can wipe you even if your entire party is playing correctly.


Maybe the set AI won't be completely useless now.



Hopefully the Killer Panthers on the same floor don't have a 95.48219142% crit rate as well.


Has anyone dug up any information on what a few of the monsters are getting as additional skill lines?  Mostly interested in Devil Armor (one featured in a screenshot already) and Magical Hat.  Especially Magical Hat.  No luck on blog browsing unlike last time.

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The final bit of official information on v3.2, going to skip over minor things because I am tired this morning. And obviously trying not to replicate info above, so if I miss obvious things, it was mentioned before.




New main story progression change

- The previous updates mentioned the new story about a bazillion times so I won't cover those again

- However, the director comment in this info says:


From now on, the bosses in brand new story content will NOT have selectable difficulty levels right away. You now have to play hard mode until the next story update! If you want to blame anyone, blame the players who suggested this on the hiroba site because this was a player suggested feature.


Story/Quest related changes

- Movies for the first area key emblem quests are being updated to make where you need to go a bit easier to understand.

- Beginner town gold reward 1200 -> 3000

- The concierge quest is having the target monster changed to She Slime.

- Dolboard quest getting a few changes to make it easier. The NPC is more specific about where you need to go, and the area you need to search shines to show you exactly where it is.

- Changes to several quest introductions. i.e: Even if you haven't visited the map that the level cap quests are on, the game will still inform you that you are a high enough level to get the quest.


Battle/System related

- Stamp cap SP 16 -> 17, 7000 -> 8000. Yes indeed they are making it more grindy as the cap between SP used to be 500... now it is 1000. I am really glad about this one though, I really needed this SP for my future build changes.

- Elemental resistance between races is now reduced from 2% -> 0%...

- There's a list of effects there that are having their duration changed. Well, their duration if you were using Defending Champ, etc since apparently there was a bug that buff durations would be reduced too! Naturally, this is a good change and the effects included in this are all positive buffs.

- Recruitable monsters happiness cap increased to 300 which gives 5 SP.

- Changes to old monster's skills to make them a bit better.

- The new MP healing item is available from gold boxes from the Royal Lab

- Worth noting the "AI revive with 1 HP" still isn't mentioned as being level restricted. You could revive them for free if you could handle the mental strain of allowing the Skill Master to work his magic on you again.

- After wiping out, the revival time limit is now changed from 5min to 10 min.


System Changes

- My Coord will be reflected on your character even if they are hired as support. So it's more in line with a team uniform not a costume as costumes did not hide your potentially ugly equipment.

- Onsen effects and Good Luck effects (for events) now have a different icon rather than both using the onsen icon.

- In Photo Treasure hunting you can now open the photo and dig with a button press each time. 

- Photo Treasure hunting is also extremely limited, the time period to get another photo is explained as being once per major update. We won't be getting another until mid January.

- Some of the more difficult team quests to complete are being removed.

- When choosing a landing spot from your dragon, more information will be given about the spot you are currently above. The screenshot text shows they are choosing to land in specifically in front of the Mystery Tower.

- On a two person Dolboard, only the perfume effect of the person operating it will take effect.


NPC changes

- Mentioned before, you can now store Story EXP rewards at the concierge. However, while you can also store Expert Orb EXP, keep in mind it is capped at 1 level's worth for each element.

- Rine's level cap increased from 20 -> 25. Bet she will still be terrible.

- New Minea music box

- Megistoris recipes being reduced in price from 60000 -> 25000


Server purpose changes:

Server 10 is being changed from a beginner/comeback server to the same thing expect broadcasting is acceptable in this server. So if you're new and want to record/cast you can use this one as well.

Server 21/22 are having their description changed to make it more obvious. It now specifically says these are the servers are for casting/recording.


Hiroba updates:

- Able to check EXP rewards stored at the concierge

- Monster arena



Just a few days left.

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The new coin boss will be available 1/22

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Don Mole coin prices:

Day before the release date announced - 270k

Day after the release date announced - under 200k


I wish the patch notes had a confirmation on if his accessory will be available from sugoroku and mystery tower. So many play tickets and silver chips to use.


The Hills are also getting an extra 300 areas (1200 extra houses). 

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They're also a euphemism for boobies. ^___^


I'm mature, I swear!

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They're also a euphemism for boobies. ^___^


I'm mature, I swear!

Get out.

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It's that time again, for details about the next part of the 3.2 update!




Release date: 3/2/2016. Haha I get it.


Battle Related:

- Level Cap increase (Already?!): 90 -> 93? Apparently they want us at 99 by the end of v3.

- Terry now appears in the magic labyrinth! He's got a thirst for fighting strong opponents so hand over a coin or card to him and the next time you meet he will give you the reward from the red chest (fragments possible)! This only works for regular coins/cards so no Metal Kings (why would you want to hand him these?), Lotto Ticket boss, and so on.

- New reincarn: Golden Disco. Get your own disco ball for your house.

- New summon boss è¼ªçŽ‹ã‚¶ãƒ«ãƒˆãƒ©, apparently he has an accessory that was hinted at being something you'd want for Regnad? Wonder what it will be?

- Multiple lotto boss coins and cards may now be used at the same time.

- You can also confirm the coins/cards used at the fountain much easier (makes knowing if 4 have been placed simple)

- Boss monster quests available as weeklies too.

- New sealing sand available for Evil Palace. Trade old accessories, extra royal lab belts and you are able to seal up to 30 effects you can get on evil palace belts.

- New boss fight at Evil Palace starting 3/10. Yay~ I was getting bored of them rotating between two fights!

- Changes to automatching in Evil Palace. What do you mean no healers in a room with no restrictions on healers is bad? 4 rangers when playing as ranger and 4 item masters when playing as item master? That was the best!!  :P

- Changes to the range on a certain Evil Palace boss' skill. 

- Pyramid 1-6 are having changes made to their waves. Mainly, less chance for 2 bosses and less enemies. So we're still going to have to deal with Nibis, Helma and the pet way too often... you jerks...

- Royal lab sealing sand effect 30 -> 35

- In the mystery tower, if you meet an upgrade NPC via green circle their services no longer cost gold. You also cannot sell items to them.

- In the mystery tower, all items are 3 star regardless of how far long they've been upgraded.

- In the mystery tower, ambush rate of enemies are lowered.

- In the mystery tower, changes to AI automatching party setups, and the magic knight AI learns MP Passer for 16-20

- Regnad, the red chest now contains more items based on Regnad's strength level for the day. I: 3, II: 4, III: 5, IV: 6

- New skill trees for the remaining recruitable monsters. 

- Skill changes for recruitable monsters. One of major note, Minidevil's magic power buff is getting Drackyfied but instead of cast speed increases magic might too?!

- Update to the healing chance skill: Quicker cast, and heals up to 55% HP.

- Changes to AI and enemy monsters. Including an old enemy appearing on another map.


Story/Quest related

- New quests in 3.1, 3.2 but not until April.

- Difficulty selection for 3.2 bosses.

- New special phrases to say to a specific NPC to obtain new titles... and possibly new gestures (Barrel, Vase?!?!) as well?


System related

- A new decoration item for the Expert Orb. For 30 Board points, you can place one of these on your board. It doesn't take up space, and only effect 1/4 of the board. However, any gems that are contained within that board will be powered up even further. It works on the gem if even a single piece of it is within the board so try to go for the most overlap!

- Changes to the menu for Expert NPCs, mainly sorting the options so they make more sense.

- 2 space fire, water and wind gems.

- 3 space gems will require less SP to power. The example they show is HP+ which is 65 SP right now -> 52 SP after. The 2 space version will cost more.

- Handing over a 5 space board will result in 5 board points. Just in case you need to fix up your boards after this change they are making it easier.

- Extra bonuses for gem points. Only go up to 900! I'm at 1.2k or so my self, more space!

- Monsters that have multiple gems will now have an equal chance to drop each type. So no more breaking your back for those insanely rare ones.

- Rewards for fishing multiple types of fish. 30 of those 100k flowers for 65?! Oh man! I better do some fishing! There's also a title and a new standing pose for 65.

- They're also making rare fish less rare and you can see the types of fish that can be obtained from the spot you are fishing at.

- Dailies for fishing have a 3x EXP increase all around and some fish give more EXP... holy crap they really want people to fish!

- You can now cancel fishing after a hit, but naturally not if you started the fishing battle.

- You can also get gem perfume for fishing coins (10k, once)

- Gestures will be replaced with fishing coins as a reward on random written requests.

- For treasure photos, only the owner of the photo is allowed to actually dig up the treasure. I can see why they did this, and we can still have spirited races to see who digs up the treasure first as you will get a message if you dug in the right spot.

- When dug up, the treasure will also glow to make it easier to see. What were people being jerks to their party? Jump, tell them in chat and stop being losers!

- When not on the same map, if a party member manages to find the exact location of a treasure, a message will show to let you know.

- When trying to dig up a treasure and using a 2 person Dolboard

- Certain team quests are being removed.

- When changing classes, settings for Team Uniform and Rental Costumes will be remembered.

- When entering a map with inescapable encounters, the message (that shows the map name) will indicate that you cannot escape encounters.

- You can now have NPC characters look at your character for photo taking.

- More NPCs also react to these options. Like Baton-chan, and Mystery Tower NPCs.

- In My Coord, you can now choose to hide your hat/face accessory. So if you want a costume that looks good with or without those you can register the one costume and just choose what to hide. Neat.


Functionality related

- You can now get a Historika music box via the treasure flower trader NPC in Megistoris, which plays the same music as in Rinja Tower. Requires version 2 though, unlike most of the other ones.

- Special Lotto #1 prize now includes a side car Dol-bike prism! It is tradeable so you can shell out some cash if you don't have a Dol-bike yet.

- Speaking of, there are new prizes available for Present Tickets including a Dol-bike prism for 10, the Sweets and Hell board for 5, Private Concierge costumes for 2, gem perfume for 2, blank cards for 2. I would highly recommend not getting those last two as they are not worth such limited items.

- The Black Market trade will now show you every item he has available. Items you have not obtained before will show up in grey. Now, the notes are not clear if he just shows you the items or will allow you to purchase them too. I'd really like the latter as some equips I'd like to use in costumes I cannot obtain without changing my worker guild on my main.

- New maid NPCs appear outside of the royal labyrinth. For the truly forgetful, you can now change classes, store items and change your monster right here!

- You can now store (1st time clear) quest exp at the concierge.

- New ruura point in Ejaruna, my guess based on the description is that this is a quick way to set one near the fast travel warp area.

- You can now hand over an Estella doll to Estella. I'm sure the reaction is fun.

- A new NPC is being added to Rendoa North for a limited time event in March.


Housing changes

- A new Dracky photo item that you can display a photo on. Other players can see it too.

- King Hydra and Gracos statues, available via fishing coins and other items as well.

- Momon Bazaar prices now are displayed in comma format. Why they weren't from the beginning is absolutely baffling. It is much easier to price check to confirm that someone isn't ripping you off with this format. Surprise, surprise that is exactly the reason it is being changed! Sometimes I think the development staff is full of monkeys...

- More items won't be able to be stored in your storage box at your house. Mainly tickets like present, newbie intro and so on. These items will be removed and sent back to you via mail, but if you want to play it safe make sure they are in anything accessible via a storage NPC.

- Housing areas being increased from 14000 to 15000 for normal areas, 400 to 700 for the hills.


Item and Worker guild related

- For the low, low, low cost of 100 casino coins(?!?!?!?!) you can now purchase... BOSS PRACTICE TICKETS!!!! The picture shows 4 Lords, Don Mole, Ruin and the 2 summoned bosses but that doesn't rule out other bosses. No accessory or title will be rewarded of course, but it finally gives everyone a way to get their butts whooped by new bosses. The strength of the boss is the same as the card/coin. Now you can get your thrills for basically no cost. This is without a doubt the best thing in the update (although fishing, right? Avid fishers all have a crazy grin going on right now.). Everyone wants this, even if you didn't think of it before. Why? It includes the 2nd summoned boss already! You can practice the newest boss essentially for free. How freaking boss is that?!

- The reward from the Lemon Slime quiz is having more items added to it. Spacegoat coins and paintbrushes mainly. Neato.



- Messages from the development staff will also appear during loading screens. Including some from the balloon sisters. Yay.

- Character deletion is now limited to 5 times per month. This is for rather obvious reasons so let's leave it at that.


Hiroba changes

- You can now see the new ornament on your Expert Orb setup.

- You can now minimize the box which contains your memos to Friends/Team members.

- You can now see what Evil Palace rooms you've cleared, and the effects you've sealed from showing up on belts from there.

- You can now see if you've stored quest exp in your concierge.

- You can now see the request you've given to Terry if you've met him in the magic labyrinth.



And that's basically all she wrote, although there are more hints towards further content. The White Day event and... what's this?


The Second Co-op Monster Arena Event!


Wow... that almost makes up for not a single bit of information on Fortune Teller... again...

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Felt like translating that summon boss's name... Ringleader Zaltora? How far off am I? (I only used Google translate for that first kanji.)

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Felt like translating that summon boss's name... Ringleader Zaltora? How far off am I? (I only used Google translate for that first kanji.)


Pretty close I'd think, he's a recolor of the first boss of offline mode.




The patch notes added a few more bits of info on 2/25


- Several Mystery Tower AI are also having their SP reworked, not just the Magic Knight.

- The decoration item for the Expert Orb can be moved for the price of forcing the orb into a tired status. As usual you will need to gain EXP to remove that.

- Shinpi cards are no longer a possible reward from the 2000 coin box from the casino. Seeing how Mystery Cards killed these this is very much a good thing, so wait until after the update before binging through them for lotto boss coins.

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Some bits of information in a post on hiroba about future planned contents:





Main Story: Headed to the 3rd section of the Dragon's Continent in thankfully the first half of 3.3, if you weren't paying attention to the story it's still the dark world. As with the last update, difficulty selection will not be available right away but this time you won't need to wait an excessive amount of time for the option to be released as they plan to make it available much earlier than they did before.


Extra Quests: New quests for 3.1 and 3.2 towns being released on 4/15 actually, so you'll be able to check them out soon.


Fairy Library Series: Part 3 is being added in the latter half of 3.3... ouch.


Asfeld Academy: Seems like more and more issues coming up with it and in order to prevent even more delays in other content it is being pushed back to 3.4 and beyond. Thank goodness... I had a feeling this was holding up the development of other... certain things that are also brought up in these notes.


New weapons: Lv90 weapons are a'comin' in the first half of 3.3.


New weapon skills: The SP cap will be raised again to give us more weapon skills and even less ability to be all-rounders in the first half of 3.3. I'm hoping since this says 1 skill each and the last cap just gave us passives that it will be a 160 cap. The phrasing here is also very specific about saying it is a weapon skill cap increase, it does not mention trait trees getting an increase.


New Strong enemy: This was pretty much expected. The screen there makes it look like another strong field enemy like Killer Crimson was to 3.1 or Igua to 3.2.


Slime Races: Brand Spanking new Casino Minigame! ...In the latter half of 3.3. Totally not a rip off of Chocobo Races from FF14 I'm sure! I mean the notes don't say one bit about raising your own Slime to be the #1 fastest Slime in all of Astoltia or anything.  :P


New Class: Finally they're talking about a brand new class!!! Scheduled for latter half of 3.3... because it was delayed by problems with the academy...




Of course these are just future plans, nothing really concrete here.

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New weapon skills: The SP cap will be raised again to give us more weapon skills and even less ability to be all-rounders in the first half of 3.3. I'm hoping since this says 1 skill each and the last cap just gave us passives that it will be a 160 cap. The phrasing here is also very specific about saying it is a weapon skill cap increase, it does not mention trait trees getting an increase.

Was dreading this for a while.


Although even worse, I see no plans to make Gryphons or Horny Hares tameable yet... muh dreams.  Don't shoot them down.   :cry2:

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Finally the awaited DQXTV with more info on 3.3's first half has happened and it's quite a bit of information...


Official post: http://hiroba.dqx.jp/sc/topics/detail/abea47ba24142ed16b7d8fbf2c740e0d/

Wiki: http://xn--10-yg4a1a3kyh.jp/dq10_version3.3.html


Note: I am not going to repost points on things that were already mentioned before and didn't have any real information added to them.


Release date: 5/25


New coin boss: Super Killing Machine

- No information on him beyond existing.


Regnad the 2nd contents: Dark King

- Regnad but... Slime Emperor style. It's also a monster from DQM.


New skills for worker guilds

- So... lv55 cap? It isn't mentioned but it seems obvious that they are ninja'ing that in.


Can finally change your height at the Beauty Parlour.



Now that we've gotten the small tidbits of information out of the way, it's time for the big one. They released a lot of information regarding the new skill cap and this is one of those you'll love it but you will absolutely hate it at the same time if you've been struggling for points.


New Skill Cap

150 -> 180!!!!!!!


There is no quest to unlock this, as long as you have the 150 cap and have completed Tattsui's extra quest to unlock the ability for the Skill Master to do unspeakable things to your character you will unlock the cap by talking to Tattsui again. Apparently this guy is way better than the Skill Master at this skill thing, because not only do we get new skills/passives at 160, 170, 180... we get to pick them!! And can change them by talking to him again at any time for free!


Oh and for people who think this one is optional and that you can avoid placing 180 SP in weapon skills. Let's take a look at that screen in the official post:


1h Sword skills:

- New skill

- Attack up

- Crit rate up

- Weapon guard rate up

- Flame Slash strengthen

- Dragon Slash strengthen

- Miracle Sword strengthen

- Falcon Slash strengthen

- Gigaslash strengthen

- Super Falcon Slash strengthen

And page 2 likely has Gigagash strengthen


Welcome to the Expert Orb of skill cap upgrades!! In the next screen it shows how placing the attack up passive works. If you place it at 160 it is 5, 170 it is 8, 180 it is 10. You cannot place the same skill/passive in multiple slots and naturally can only pick 1 for each slot.


Of course, if that isn't enough for you there are also new skills for every weapon and every single one of them were revealed so lets take a look! All of these skills are charge time skills.


Sword: ä¸æ­»é³¥å¤©èˆž: 4x attack on enemy that recovers HP on the first hit (Miracle Sword), also buffs self with a crit rate up buff.

2h Sword: Plasma Blade ãƒ—ラズマブレード: 4x lightning element attack on a target and enemies around them, debuffs enemies with fire resist down.

Axe: é™é­”紅蓮斬: Attacks an enemy and also returns 10% of the damage as MP.

Dagger: オãƒãƒ­ã‚¹ãƒãƒ³ãƒˆ: Deals extra damage to enemies that have been inflicted with a form of lose a turn (i.e: Freeze Blade, Surprise Rush, Treasure Hunter, Roar, etc.). 

Magic Staff: æ´»å‘½ã®æ–: Heals 50% HP and also buffs an increase in max HP by 200.

Whip: Oomphshot ãƒã‚¤ã‚­ãƒ«ã‚·ãƒ§ãƒƒãƒˆ: Buffs self with Oomph then attacks a target and enemies around it.

Wand: Hop Wand ホップスティック: Buff self and everyone around you with a 2 minute buff "Ground attack 1 time null". Or simply put, having trouble with jumping over attacks? Easy mode activate. Oh and if that wasn't enough, if you actually successfully jump over an attack you don't lose this buff.

Staff: æ–­ç©ºãªãŽã¯ã‚‰ã„: Attacks enemies around you twice. 

Spear: æ­¦ç¥žã®è­·æ³•: Attacks 1 enemy and debuffs it with a damage down effect (150 warrior skill), also buffs self with weapon guard up.

Claw: ç‰™ç¥žæ˜‡èª•: Self buff, 2 stages of the attack up (same as Dancer's 150 dance but twice).

Fan: é¢¨æ–¬ã‚Šã®èˆž: Buffs self and everyone around you with oomph and magic awakening. 

Bow: Lost Snipe ãƒ­ã‚¹ãƒˆã‚¹ãƒŠã‚¤ãƒ—: Attack an enemy removing anger and tension. 

Hammer: Devil Crush ãƒ‡ãƒ“ルクラッシュ: Attack an enemy dealing even more damage to material or devil type monsters. The damage even without the boost isn't too bad.

Boomerang: ãƒ¬ãƒœãƒ«ã‚¹ãƒ©ã‚¤ã‚µãƒ¼: Attack an enemy also adding a debuff that increases the damage the enemy takes.

Shield: ã‚¢ã‚¤ã‚®ã‚¹ã®å®ˆã‚Š: Buffs self with shield guard, crit guard, damage down (same as Phalanx). 

Fisticuffs: Thin Air ã—ã‚“ãã†ã¯: Wow! It sure is crazy seeing a rather normal skill on the list! You know what this one does. The damage is quite high compared to previous incarnations but that is natural since you can't get the skill until a minimum of 160 SP.


Note: Depending on where you place these skills they will appear with a Roman numeral after them. So for Plasma Blade you'll get Plasma Blade I at 160, Plasma Blade II at 170, Plasma Blade III at 180. The placement will change their charge time and possibly make them stronger as well depending on the skill.



That poor drawing board for skill builds... it just can't catch a break.

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I agree, our poor SP/subclasses...lol.


One bullet point I didn't see mentioned is level 90 weapons are coming with this update, too.

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Some information (finally) about Fortune Teller was released in an issue of Shounen Jump, and there will be more in the upcoming DQXTV.




Lv93 stats: HP 436, MP 243 (this most likely has some passives going on)

Cannot use spells

Buying tarot cards from a store allows you to create a deck that lets you use different skills like:

- Skills that reduce charge time

- Skills that regen HP

- Skills that based on good effects on you allow you to make a stronger attack (? still a bit confused on this one)


In any case, it will be interesting to see what happens with their skill trees. Still no weapon information or if they will have 2 like dancer... c'mon 1 tree and awesome weapon selection to relieve us all of the current SP mess caused by the 180 cap.

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Various sources for 3.3 later update information this time and boy is this an interesting one.





Release date July 27th, 2016


--New Class: Fortune Teller--


Ahem, let me get this out of the way.



It's time to d-d-d-d-duel!

Etc. etc.


- You can become a Fortune Teller by clearing a quest available in Orphea.

- After becoming one you construct a deck of 20 tarot cards, when you use the tarot command you draw 4 of these and use up one that will be replaced by another random card.

- No cards will actually be used up when used in battle, so don't worry about not getting them back because you do.

- Different monsters have different effects, and different arcanas provide different types of effects.

- You can obtain new cards by buying Tarot Packs from an npc in the area where you become a fortune teller. You can only buy a certain amount of packs per week.

- The pack color determines the types of effects you can get (attack/healing/etc.)

- A new coin boss Tarot Genie is being added to also allow you to obtain tarot packs. This is not a traditional coin boss, nor is it a summons boss.

- Coins are obtained randomly at approximately the same rate you would get a minimedal chest drop if a fortune teller is in a party with you.

- Defeating the Tarot Genie will give you extra packs based on the number of fortune tellers in the party.

- Fortune Tellers cannot be hired as ai!

- You can also fuse cards together to make stronger cards.

- Also it wasn't explicitly mentioned, but the video shown during DQXTV briefly showed that a fortune teller can equip 1h swords and normal shields.


New Summons Boss


- Drops an accessory that is a royal charm upgrade (ice/dark resist).


New Strong Card Boss: Strong Gracos

- vs Strong Gracos and Gracos the 5th


New Reincarn Monster

- Rose Princess

- Defeating them gets you a rose wand to dress up any wand equips you have. Looks great for something you can hunt btw. I mean usually stuff like this is item mall only, or event-only then thrown in the item mall.

- Check it out here: http://xn--10-yg4a1a3kyh.jp/dq10_version3.3a_3.html


New special monster in Magic Labyrinth

- Cannot raise the rate of appearance using perfume.

- If you find and defeat this enemy it drops either a medal pouch if you haven't unlocked the expert orb yet or a board.

- The board dropped is always a 5 space board.


Skill Changes

- Lost Snipe (Bows 160~180): Damage down from 2.5x to 2.0x. Changed from single target to a target and anything around the target.


Dragon World Suppression Quests

- Hard to call these dailies or weeklies since... they aren't, but same idea.

- After you clear the main story for 3.1, 3.2 or 3.3 that area gets its own set of monster defeat quests.

- By defeating enemies on each map you can clear a subquest for that map, the rewards are around ~140k+ exp and ~10k gold.

- Clearing every map for a world gets you a skill book(!!! 3 more being added with this update!) and a 100k treasure flower the first time.

- If you clear every quest for a world you can immediately accept the quests again?!?! Wow, are they offering an alternative for traditional grinding?!?!


The screenshot only shows the first map in the fire world, reincarnation monsters aren't in the list and... I certainly hope... that Crimson and Lions aren't either. If they are, immediate recruiting for that. Those skill books are totally worth it. If they aren't I rather like this. I mean each map is about 140k and there'll be about 15, that's a huge chunk of exp for fortune teller basically for free and you get 3 skillbooks out of it.


New Quests in Dark World

- Rewards are a seed for magic might and magic mending.


New Reward Weapons for Dark King

- They only added about half of them before, these will finish the entire set.


New Function to let team members know what you want to do.

- Can set up to 4 different notifications.

- When a full party is available you can participate.


Fishing Changes

- Lv cap 25 -> 30, a new passive will be learned within these levels to increase your chances of landing a big size fish.

- Time restricted one-time items will now be available. First batch on 8/10~8/28. This is to encourage people to fish more.

- Also adding more one-time items.

- King Size fish reward added, just for 10. Requires the new cap quest to be cleared.


New Furniture

- Including an outside Slime Chime.


New Present Ticket Items

- 3 will get you a 30th Anniversary Magic Carpet Dolboard (available til March 2017), and 18 will get you a Black Metal Horse... daaaaang that looks classy but I spent my tickets on the bike.


1440 day subscription rewards

- Ruura stone

- Present Ticket x6


And more after the update

- Fortune Teller class quests every week starting on 8/4 til 9/1

- Beach event. With the Circus leader from Orphea instead of that old guy who has waaaaaay too many swimsuits in his collection. Starts around the beginning of August.

- Crimson Fairy event. Not many details, but if you get the one-time item from them you also get 500 points for the item mall?! Also the non-one time items look... Metal Pair tickets?! Looks like a great event to grind for awesome stuff.

- 4th room added to Palace on 8/25. Conditions for this one are... 8min clear (lol), no items, 8 fortune tellers.

- Ripo-chan event on 8/25, she will give you a full set of item mall equips to try out for 30min. Hooray...

- Astoltia Rally. Requires strong boss book, dolboard and key emblems. You sign up at an npc to be given a task to complete within 60 minutes, and if you do you get present tickets. Note that while there will be a lot of people doing this it is NOT a race. There is no prize for "winning" only for clearing. If you fail you can participate in the next rally. Check this page for rally times http://xn--10-yg4a1a3kyh.jp/dq10_version3.3a_14.html

- Final chapter of Fairy Library and Slime Races near start of September.

- Battle at the Dragon Lord's Castle. 30th Anniversary event starting on 8/2. Everyone will be given a Rainbow Drop and when you meet up with the princess in a magic labyrinth you can fight the Dragon Lord! As a level 30 Hero! 


Other changes

- Dolboard quest conditions changing, the broken dolboard won't be located in the ruins, it will be located in the plains outside of Gatara (the ruins run required sneaking past some strong for beginners enemies). 

- The quest giver for that quest will also be moved into the plaza right next to the dolboard form change npc.

- Orphea's material shop is being split into a material and coin shop. And really old coin prices being lowered is... where... Rikki? Where?!

- Gaiden quests for main story towns getting a huge exp increase.

- When boarding your dragon, you will now face the same way you were facing instead of always south when you begin flying.

- Class daily quest for lotto tickets added Fortune Teller.

- New rare color for Fondue to include the new enemy color from 3.3

- Tattsui will now automatically set all of your 160~180 skills to a beginner setup the first time you talk to him.

- In the fairy library quests there is now an option under the tactics menu to wipe out your party. There were some battles that the enemies really couldn't kill you, but if you ran out of MP you couldn't kill them. The only way to end those to try again were to disconnect or shut off/close the game.

- Bashiruura NPCs now are 3 time use per day instead of once per day.

- New hints added to quests that aren't obvious in how to clear them. Like that pervy old man in the dragon village.

- If you fail an Expert weekly, you will be notified of the reason with a dracky message during the battle. No more wondering if you just barely made it with some of those tough time limits.

- New ruura point at Orphea for Fortune Teller.

- Black Market NPC renamed and also has a few new items you can reclaim. Like the V Ron Shields... which thankfully aren't 3 star so us who can't reclaim them aren't screwed over.

- On hiroba can now show list of monsters you haven't peeked. Helpful for tracking those down.

- On hiroba the amount of times you can participate in the monster arena is now also shown right above your recruited monster's status. It was hidden a few pages deep before so this will make checking it easier.

- Can now hire any support ai that is your max level + 3!! Great for the upcoming level caps!

- Leaving the magic labyrinth normally now restores your HP and MP (FINALLY!)

- Status pages now have a menu to allow you quick access to viewing pages instead of needing to cycle through like 50 of them.

- A page for effects like cooking, perfume, Minea card, etc is also added.

- Special magic labyrinth NPCs now appear along side of the normal ones. So on 10 day Puu-chan can appear with Minea rather than Minea taking priority.

- NPC in casino moved slightly to the left for uh... well even Rikki doesn't know why. lol

- For highest level fishing equips the required material is being changed from 1 Metal Fragment to 1 Rainbow Orb. Super Falcon Blades caused a huge spike in price for fishing.

- Dolboard stations at your house can be hidden so you can just show off your dolboard.

- You can now swim without having to unequip your weapon.



Just a few more weeks til we're all revealing our trap cards... okay I will stop.  :P

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Sorry for the crazy link, but only reference page I could find.


Fortune Teller skill trees:


片手剣: 1h Sword
æ£: Staff
ムãƒ: Whip
弓: Bow

ã†ã‚‰ãªã„: Fortune Telling (trait tree)


So in terms of SP Fortune Teller is more like tamer/item master and thankfully not the SP heavy dancer class with their two trait trees littered with passives. Even if you aren't a fan of Fortune Teller being overly complicated, you can respect that it will provide some heavy SP relief that is desperately needed after the 180 cap.

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I am glad it has the 1 handed sword tree.  That will be a great help for me in getting my 1 handed swords to 180.  I'll now be able to do it without having to sacrifice my core skills.

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Final bit of information before the update, will try not to repeat anything from above:


Fortune Teller

- By using a skill from their trait tree, and fighting specific monsters you will be able to obtain fortune coin fragments. Collect 99 and use the alchemy pot to make a coin to fight the Tarot Genie boss... yay grinding...

- In addition to not being able to hire as support, they also cannot participate in PvP nor be used in Mystery Tower.



- In addition to the changes to Lost Snipe's above, also receiving a huge reduction in charge time.

- Yamishibari's main skill is getting more debuffs added to the list that will increase the damage of the skill.

- For recruited monsters, their respective weapon skill upgrade tree (for 7+ reincarns) will have the "damage up to enemy type" passives work for basically everything now. Things like "Machine damage +5%" from claws only applied to regular attacks before.


General changes

- Changing enemy patterns in pyramid 1~6 to be a bit easier... wait... didn't they do this already?!

- In Mystery Tower, when changing classes if the class you are changing to can equip what you have equipped it will remain equipped rather than stripping you down by default. With accessories carrying over, this is really handy.

- The enemy Darth Gizmo will have their sight range reduced. Travelling through 3.2 with these guys ready to snipe you from basically across the map was annoying, and with the smaller paths in 3.3 littered with them... so glad this was specifically done.

- Also reducing the number of Darth Gizmo and Orc Queen that appear on maps in 3.2. Orc Queen is another annoying one, that path in the 3.2 cave is just littered with them to the point that you just need to pray none of them are facing you and they're facing towards a wall and of course they're on a map you can't flee from battles on.

- For any battles in the Fairy Library series, you now cannot be randomly ambushed, or ambush them.


Story/Quest related

- Still no confirmation on whether or not Crimson and Lions are included in the new Dragon World quests.

- Title for each world's quest set you clear.

- There's a rather huge list of quests that have their EXP rewards changed... by nearly 2-3x!! Wait before clearing these if you haven't already!


System related

- When handing in fish for dailies, will get an exp bonus for non-normal size fish.

- Obtaining fishing titles is now simply by talking to the fishing NPC, rather than catching a fish and then talking to him if you had already met the requirements before an update.

- Baton-chan's request info will now be written out in the system log after talking to her. This means you won't need to fumble through your key items to figure out which residential area she wanted you to go to, and can check the question she asked while you type in your answer.

- Lowered the amount of time it takes to view the team quest list.

- If you set your login status to "Always appear offline" you will no longer be able to view team chat or room chat. No more spying.

- Another ruura point location in the 3.3 village.

- Fairy mirror adding a few item shop items that weren't available to try out.


Town related

- Adding a new music box for 3.3 content to Megistoris's flower trading shop.

- Casino adding practice tickets for S Killer, and the new summons boss. Also adding the no brainer Gracos card to the exchange NPC cuz, y'know, Strong Gracos.

- Lowering the minimedals required for the accessories that reveal invisible monsters (ghosts, underground) from 10 to 1.

- Added a brave stone location to right outside the checkpoint map. Basically for free access to the weekly NPC in 2.0, so you can free up a ruura stone.

- In addition to being able to swim with a weapon and shield equipped, a certain foot equip from the item shop is also able to be equipped while swimming. 

- Splatoon T Shirt removed from the costume rental shop. Enjoy it while you can.


Item/Worker guild Changes

- Lots of the lv50 weapon and armor recipes are having their required material amounts lowered by a rather excessive amount. The cost to make them will drop by about half.


Hiroba changes

- A new stamp card for Fortune Teller with 22 entries. It's like they're trying to push the class on us or something.  :P

- Also will add entries for the DQX official twitter account for quick updates.



And as for the upcoming stuff, it is confirmed that palace 4 is Fortune Teller only. They must be super strong if 8 of them need a ridiculous 8min time limit... or maybe it won't be the same battle? Only one way to find out.

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Fortune Teller passives for all classes:


16: Reveals all hidden monsters and is definitely the reason those accessories got a minimedal cost reduction.

28: MP 10

90: HP 10


Well... at least we got HP... you will need lv43 for 90 SP.

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A trailer for 3.4 was unveiled during TGS earlier, confirming a release date of October 6th.


I'm sure Hiroba'll post a better video in the near future, but for now, here's the best one I could find:  http://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/sm29667796


Some of the upcoming content includes:

  • Underwater maps.
  • Level cap up to 96.
  • New hair styles.
  • New armor.
  • New Coin Boss - Slime General
  • The opening of Asutorutia Gakuen
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