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Announcing Kiefer's #QuestToTheWest

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Welcome to the third campaign in a series of contests called "Dragon Quest for the West".  The purpose of these contests is to create a social media firestorm with the intention of increasing awareness of the Dragon Quest series and getting the attention of the series' creators and other parties who have the power (but not yet the incentive) to bring these games to the west.
Your mission in this contest is to create an advertisement for Dragon Quest VII, focused on Kiefer!


Each entrant has to come up with at least one piece of art done in the concept of an advertisement for DQ7 using Kiefer.  The sky is the limit, anything you can think of. 
Are you a lousy artist who thinks this contest is not for you?  Well don't run away just yet!  There are plenty of options for you to not only participate in this contest, but also to win!  Instead of a drawing or a beautifully Photoshopped design, you could try doing some cosplay and taking photos.  Or you could even make a video advertisement of sorts.  You could even just partner up with someone and help them out in some way.  Both of you will earn badges!  The winning advertisement will receive a twitter blast and all kinds of glory. 
Details can be found in the official contest topic
In case you missed the Arus campaign results, you can see the submissions from that campaign here.

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