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"C'est la vie, I suppose." - A Tale of DW7 Woe

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I know my titular quote is Angelo's from DQ8, but figured it was apropos for this...


So I bought DW7 when it first came out. Yet in the 13 or so years I've had the game, I've never been able to finish it. Three things work against me with this game. 1) Time...grade school, college, life got in the way. Oh, that pesky adulthood. 2) I prefer not to use guides, so it takes a while and finding those 'dern shards can be nerve-wracking. 3) Time travel in games has always been hard for me to follow. Never got through Zelda Oracle of Ages for that very reason.


I've attempted several times to finish the game throughout the years, with no luck whatsoever. A few years ago, I switched to emulation so that I could store away all of my old games and consoles. Truth be told, I've only ever made it this far:


Through the end of the Deja Tribe sequence and to the archeological dig.



That was a year or two ago. This week I decided to give it another go. One of the toils with me and emulation is that I rely solely on save states, as opposed to in-game saving. Well, this has now come back to bite me in the 'arse. You see, I am here:


Falrod Castle (Present), ready to exit the King's chamber to follow him west to Zebbot's house.



The save state I'm using must have not written correctly, because I can't leave the chamber. Tried all sorts of things, to no avail. So now, I'm left with restarting the game, as I've not once done an in-game save. Or rather, giving up yet again and coming back to it in a few months. Or waiting for the hopeful, future localized re-releases. We'll see.


Lesson learned. Moral of the story - must use in-game saving.

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Yes, always use the in game save. Like Fur said, post the save state, and see if there's anything he can do. If it is a glitch with the save states, you could use the Debug Menu and get yourself back to a similar state.


If you do decide to go the debug route:



Write down your levels, gold amount, and take note of the items you have. There's something called the FlagShop in the debug menu and you can skip to pretty much any point in the story. There might be some stuff you'll have to redo. Most of your items will be gone, (the important ones will be there, but nothing else). Some flags might not be set. Check the Traveler's Gate's door is open in Rainbow Cove, and check Return to see what places you can return to. You might have to open the door, and revisit a few places. Levels and gold can be set easily enough. Items are a bit trickier. I'm not remembering a straightforward way to easily give yourself individual items. You can give yourself multiple copies of all items in the game, and you can set monster drops, but I think the first one will cause problems and the second option is a bit tedious if you have a lot of items you want. It might be best to just give yourself enough gold to buy what you need rather than trying to put them in individually. Of course if you cant to fight slimes and have them drop you whatever you want that's up to you.


Enter the Debug Code: 800F2518 0001

Press the L2 button to open the Debug Menu

Press "Dokodemo rula". (This step is important for a lot of stuff, but not everything.)

Press L2 again to open the menu again.

Change your levels to the appropriate levels using "Level Up".

Change your gold amount to the correct amount using "Gold". (Plus whatever you need to buy stuff with if you're going that route.)

Press "Flag Shop" and press right 3 times. Press Down 3 times to start at the beginning of the Falrod.(You'll be in the Ruins at the Pedestal. This isn't too far from where you left off really. Going down one more should be exactly where you left off, but I'm not sure. It's better to start off earlier and replay a bit than it is to skip ahead.)


Again, the debug battle is not my recommended way of doing things. You'll have to either look at a table to get the correct numbers from the items, or sift through them one by one.

If you decide to do the debug battles:



If you are already in "Dokodemo rula", press L2 to open the menu again.

Press "Dokodemo rula" again to open a new menu.

You'll see options like "Debug Floor" at the top of the page and "Field Map(Now)" at the bottom.

Press right 3+ times.

At the bottom of page 3 you'll see an option called "Battele Debug DBGFIGH". Choose this one. The other pages with options starting with "BattleStage" can also be used, but these are the different battle backgrounds you'll see in the game.

You'll now see the debug battle stage and the debug menu will be open. The music will change to Battle Music.

Press right to go to page 2, and choose "Monster Modify". Choose Slime, and then the first option available. At the bottom you'll see the place to change the drop item. Slimes default to Herbs. 001-087 are weapons. The ones you'll probably have should be the lower digit ones.






Change the option above this option to zero for a guaranteed drop.

Back out of this menu to the base menu. (The one with "Dokodemo rula".)

Go to page 2 and press "Sentaku encount". Choose the first option. Change None to Slime and choose 1 for one slime to appear in the Battle.

Choose the last option to begin the battle. Defeat the slime, get your prize. Rinse and repeat for the other items.









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Hey thanks for the help offers, guys. I cleared out my save states after a few different tries at recovery (no luck). I'll restart the game at some point. But for the moment, I've found another gaming venture - apparently they remade Shadowgate! That was one of my favs as a kid, and the remake looks stellar.



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It's out?

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