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What does DQ mean to you? (A Project)

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If you would like to help with this project, here is the Topic link: http://www.woodus.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=31482


I've had this idea for a while, and I thought, "I'll wait until I see what Holey Heroes and Masters of the Masks are." However, I realized that it would be best to finish this sooner rather than later, so that if neither of them are related to DQ, this can persuade them to start localization (if they haven't already).


So yes, welcome to the "What does DQ mean to you?" topic! This is a small, simple project that I've been thinking about for a little while, and now I'm finally posting about it.


What is the project about?


The project is a small and simple one that probably won't take too much time, but if pulled off successfully, it could do quite well for our chances of getting Dragon Quest games localized to the West.


"What does DQ mean to you?" is a project with a very simple idea: the same question it's named by. What does Dragon Quest mean to you? That simple question is all you need to answer. In a way, this is a petition of sorts, but it's not really; it's a collection of what the games mean to us, DQ fans.


So how do I participate?


Participation is simple, and I said it above, actually; answer a single question:


"What does Dragon Quest mean to you?"


It could mean anything to anyone who plays it. Basically, I want to get fans to answer and have a huge collection of fans' passions for the games, which will then be sent to Square Enix. Also, if you'd like to write more, go for it! Say which games you want localized, what you want to see from SE, or anything else.


What exactly will this project be?


The project will be in a few steps:


1. Get fans to answer the question the project is named after.

2. Compile the responses together into a document, such as a text document.

3. Write some things inside, like a summary of what the file is.

4. Get fan art and works submitted to the project, which can be added in.

5. Touch it up, and then get multiple people to send it off to people who could make localization happen.


The end result will be a digital book, which can then be e-mailed to SE. I'm hoping to get others to send in the book, too, in the fashion of a letter bomb.


Why should I bother participating? What if I don't think VII, X, or any other DQs will ever come West?


This is something I can't stress enough: participate anyways. If you're one of the people who says "Square Enix has abandoned DQ. We're only ever getting mobile releases out West. VII and X will NEVER come West.", participate anyways. If you even want these games, just say what DQ means to you. It doesn't matter whether or not you think it'll amount to anything: a simple question, and you've helped the project.


Projects like this never seem to take off. Why should I believe this one will?


Well, to be honest, I can't really tell you whether this'll end up going anywhere or not. One of the big reasons why I think this one might do something is because of how simple it is. Dragon Quest fans, for whatever reason, are one of the hardest fanbases to get together for a cause, unlike others like the EarthBound fanbase, who finally got EarthBound re-released about a year or two ago. With this, all you're required to do is answer a question. Heck, you could answer with a single word. If all DQ means to you is "Fun", go ahead and answer with that! I just want the most submissions possible.


How can I help out further?


You could choose to submit fan art, write other things (like a small section for the book), help me organize this, or be one of the people helping to mail it in! If you'd like to do any of those (or anything else), simply post here or PM me!


Who's helped so far?


These people have answered the question:




-Princess Lily






These people will be e-mailing the document to SE when it's finished:









...And I think that's it! Think this is a dumb idea? Tell me! Think it's a good idea? Please, spread the word, and try submitting to the project! Thanks for reading this, and I hope to get lots of submissions!

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Dragon Quest is my safe happy place. It would be great to see all the games localized especially - DQ VII and DQ X.

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OK, I'd like to say that I'm the one running this, not Woodus, and to participate and get your submission counted, you'll meed to post on the project thread that Woodus linked to.


Deadxxstars and knighTeen87, please post on the contest thread or PM ME with you submissions. Woodus posted this newspost for me, but I'm the one running it.



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Alright, since I saw this, I'll add it, but PLEASE SUBMIT YOUR SUBMISSIONS TO ME. You can PM me or post in the linked thread, but I will not guarantee that entries made in this topic will be entered from now on since it's explicitly said that they go to me.



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Good catch, not sure how I got the URL pasted in for the topic I was writing >.<

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Dragon Quest, or Dragon Warrior, as I knew it in the formative years of my life, means my introduction to a new type of video game, a type of game I grew to love more and more through the years.   If not for Dragon Quest, my time in my favorite hobby would have been far different.


The early games sparked my imagination in ways not even the action RPGs like Zelda of the day could do.  The game's initial limitations were it's strengths to me. the text descriptions of actions of still characters left me to fill in the gaps.  The  quasi-shakespearean dialog of the first two games of the series felt authentic to the realm of knights and wizards it was portraying, and made me feel smarter for reading it.  The idea of growing stronger with time, and the sense of travelling far away lands filled with danger was thrilling and empowering in a way few other games I'd played matched.  I had before only played Mario games, where characters moments of power were fleeting and impermanent.  Dragon Warrior opened to me a world where a new and permanent increase in ability was just one bridge, or mountain range, or cave away, and only my patience, and my strategic mind could get me there.  It was a quest for my mind more than my thumbs and it produced in me a thoughtful, intelligent man out of an imaginative, dreaming boy.  A boy who would attempt to create a home made board game to recapture the essence of Dragon Warrior, without even ever having heard the terms d20 or Gary Gygax.  Dragon Warrior had me attempting to make a paperback RPG in my own home before I even knew what they were!


As I grew into that thoughtful man, the games I loved grew up with me, as the saga continued in parts 2, 3, and 4.  The sense of continuity and growth of story in Dragon Warrior's opening trilogy was something I'd never seen before, and has grown into the sprawling epics in storytelling we know today.  Dragon Warrior 4 was not connected to them in sense but theme and number, but the unique bend on storytelling with several chapters devoted to the many friends your named character would make throughout his or her adventure was something I'd never seen before or since.


The Dragon Quest series left me for several years after that, as Enix hit hard times in the 90's, but I never left it. when it returned in the 2000's and beyond, I have been impressed and a loyal follower of nearly every new adventure ever since.


To make a long story short, what does Dragon Quest mean to me? It means roots. MY roots as a gamer, and in some ways, as an imaginative person.

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That's a great submission, but I'm afraid I won't be accepting it.


It's starting to get annoying to need to go to this thread to say this: POST IN THE DANG PROJECT THREAD. THE LINK IS FIXED NOW, SO THERE IS NO EXCUSE.


Try again in the correct thread, and I'll count it. Thank you.

I'll be the one to point out here you're being a complete jerk about this.


But thanks for taking the submission! And cooling down

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My apologies, Platty and Dog of Zahan. Platty, you are right, that was rude of me. It's just that it's happened so many times, but I was a jerk with my response.


My apologies again.

Edited by gooieooie
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My apologies, Platty and Dog of Zahan. Platty, you are right, that was rude of me. It's just that it's happened so many times, but I was a jerk with my response.


My apologies again.

Thank you. Dude, it happens dozens of times in the contests too. It sucks, but you deal with it.
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I thought this was the project thread for some reason. It was the first one I found. Despite my calendar age, I'm new to this particular forum. Be gentle. If you'll forgive my error, I'll forgive your frustration. :)

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