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So, I MIGHT be a hoarder, collecting Dragon Quest plushies, but I was wondering:


What sites do you guys use to purchase your imported Dragon Quest plushies?

Also, did they ever make a Ghost plushie (and not that hideous ice cream looking thing; the orange one, from the first game)?


I appreciate the feedback!



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You're asking about the Spooky (Ghost) - the one on the bottom left, right?


Original Post: Dragon Quest Merchandise

Looks like they did at one point...though I couldn't find a reference through web searches.


Oh, and you're not a hoarder until you lose the ability to manage your collection. Judging from your organization, you're far from it :thumbsup:

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Cool collection ^^

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Hold the barking phone, here: there's a plush Zoma?!  Dragonlord?!  Hargon?!


I must look into importing at least one of these myself someday! That's like, my fave unholy trinity of DQ villains there!

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