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Here is a list of helpful resources for learning Japanese. Took some of these from the only other thread asking for resources.



http://japanese.about.com/b/2011/09/03/which-script-to-learn-first-hiragana-katakana-or-kanji.htm(Has helpful guides)

http://ankisrs.net/(Has flashcards to help you learn)

Word Resources:





Learning Resources:

Grade 1 Vocabulary:










General Learning:







Japanese for Dummies


Japanese the Manga Way: An Illustrated Guide to Grammar and Structure


http://kaomoji.ru/en/(Japanese emoticons)

http://learnjapanesepod.com/kana-invaders/ (Spade Invaders-like game for memorizing Hiragana and Katakana)

Feel free to post any others you might have! I'll update the thread if I get any submissions.

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Another book I've found useful is "Japanese the Manga Way: An Illustrated Guide to Grammar and Structure" which uses panels from manga to explain colloquial japanese in real-life situations-- I've not gotten very far in it yet but from what I've seen so far it's got a lot of good information. Especially since games are often written in language similar to mangas. It's $20 on amazon.

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I'd recommend the following as well:


http://www.textfugu.com/ -  Advertises itself as a "Self-learner's handbook", and is fairly down to earth and reader friendly when it comes to explaining things. The way he introduces Kanji is a bit different than I've seen most books and sites do. Instead of teaching them by the simplest meaning first, he introduces the simplest to write and memorize first, along with the radicals that build them up. So a slightly different approach to it.


He also links to a few memorization websites, and uses a program called 'Anki' to help with sentences, vocabulary, and so forth. Some very nice tools and guides, and the first 'Season' - which is already fairly extensive - is free to gloss over for everyone.


http://realkana.com/hiragana/-  This site lets you pick Hiragana and Katakana, individually or globally, and then lets you practice reading them. It's got several fonts to pick from, including a handwritten one, so that's nice~


http://www.csus.edu/indiv/s/sheaa/projects/genki/hiragana-timer.html Similar to the above



Human Japanese is a nice piece of software I enjoyed using, I got it off Amazon as a download personally, and is similarly a 'friendly for newcomers' approach to things. Both TextFugu and Human Japanese include audio readings.  Human Japanese 2 is CD only as far as I can tell, and delves into more complex subjects like Kanji. I haven't installed it yet (Not at the Intermediate stage yet heh) so I can't say what it's like, but the first one is real nice.




Manga University has a series of books that go over the hiragana and katakana syllabries, as well as Kanji with example usages in comic format.

Kana de Manga and the six Kanji de Manga books.



http://jisho.org/kanji/radicals/ Is a good site for looking up various Kanji based on the radicals they're composed of :>


http://www.amazon.com/Japanese-From-Zero-Techniques-Professionals-ebook/dp/B00QHFL72M/ and one other book I own :)

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I found Tae Kim's guide (http://www.guidetojapanese.org/learn/) exceedingly helpful before I purchased some dedicated textbooks on the subject (And most importantly, it's completely free). However, I didn't like the Textfugu site I've seen recommended in various places on the web; maybe results will very.


My learning speed accelerated drastically after I bought the Genki series. I am pleased with every aspect of it and would recommend it to anyone at a beginner or intermediate level of Japanese comprehension. 






I ordered the second and third ones before the first, since the latter was extremely expensive at the time; be mindful that you can't pick those ones up right off the bat. 

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Hey, I just downloaded Tae Kim's Learn Japanese app on my iPhone the other day. I haven't had much time to play around with it yet, but it looks like it could be pretty useful. It's got hirgana and katakana tables that look pretty simple, too. Plus, it starts you out with Kanji early on. It doesn't expect you to understand all of the kanji right away though, but it tries to familiarize you with it to avoid the big kanji road block later on.

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Just realized he has an app for it; thanks for bringing that up (though I use Android). 


The UI is very nice and it has the same orderly, user-friendly content as the website; I'll get some use out of this.

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Oh, you appear to be new here, Wsewolod! Welcome to the Den!

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Glad to be here. As you can see, I always respond in an extremely timely fashion.

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