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2.4 (Later Half) Details

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Seems that the topics on updates have been a little... uh... non-existent lately, so guess that means it's my turn to create one!
Release Date: 3/2/2015 (Mon)
From the official site:
Pyramid 9
- At last our pyramid version of the super boss that we all know looks like Estark is making his appearance!
- Apparently this boss spawns also with the boss from floor 1, one of the bosses from floor 3, and Rudora from floor 6 all at once! The missile spam will be so real!!
Dress Up Mirror
- After the update everyone will receive this through the concierge.
- Allows you to see how your dress up will turn out for literally any combination as it includes every single piece of equipment whether you've obtained it or not.
- Great way to figure the look you want without having to spend gold/crysta... find out it looks terrible... or worse that you can't recolor the part of the equip you want to recolor.
- Get ready for a bumpy ride... because the game economy is about to have a massive shift.
- Glen's housing district might take a massive hit too, literally the only thing good about it was that everyone uses Glen's bazaar.
- They also added an option to the bazaar to let you reprice items without having to remove them from the bazaar.
Difficulty Options for Bosses
- Think sort of like comparing the trial bosses on the field to the strong boss book's versions which used to be on the field.
- If you are just playing for story, or trying to unlock important features (weekly hunt quests, royal lab, monster arena, etc) quicker you will enjoy this.
Anlucea's level cap 55 -> 60
- Note: While her level is increasing, keep in mind that she is not being used in any more content as of yet. You don't necessarily need to save up any royal labyrinth runs for this patch.
Special Training Stamp Cap 5000 (12) -> 5500 (13)
- Didn't they like just recently say that the stamp cap was going to stay the same for a while... I guess by a while they meant they didn't want to increase the cap and the level cap at the same time.
Stamp Cards
- Specific quests on everyone's stamp cards will be lit up after this update. 
- These are special quests that absolutely must be completed before you can continue into version 3.
- Naturally this only applies to people neglecting their stamp cards. If you have everything done, you already have the lit up quests done. 
Quest Changes
- Most quests are having their monster hunting requirements changes, drop rates increased, and some will introduce immediate warps to take out a lot of walking.
- Keep this one in mind for stamp cards, you may want to wait until 3/2 to start finishing them up.
Bulletin Boards will have a top 10 on them
- Haven't really paid much attention to this, so uh... that's all I know.
Team Level cap increase 40 -> 45
- That uniform that we'll never get because barely any of us do team quests... so want...
8 New Hair Colors
The Lottery.. Finally... TEN draws at once!!
- By popular demand.
- What? You mean people didn't like having to spend like 5 hours going through thousands of tickets? I looooooved that!
New Watering Can
- For the low price of 10 minimedals you get a permanent watering can that waters every plot in a garden at once!
- You can also harvest everything from your garden at once too!
Worker Guild level cap 45 -> 50
- Complete with new skills (like alchemy which gets a new "Super Great Success" with a skill that creates an orange area. A Super Great Success automatically takes the highest value possible! i.e: 6 Attack can get 6(+1), 6(+2), 6(+3). A super great success is always 6(+3) or 9 attack!)
- You can also, for a very steep price of 100 minimedals, trade for guild change tickets. For those completionists, it is indeed possible to clear every worker guild quest on one character. Better save up those medals.
New Dragon Dress Up items
- Those goggles! So awesome!
Dolboard BGM change item! The... uh Dolgol? Issat right?
- For the insanely low, low cost of 100k casino coins.
- My recent casino addiction is justified. Take that.
The ever popular and beautiful Mine has figured out something new!
- Not to be confused with the horrific witch that is Rine. Mine runs the accessory restoration shop, and her services always work.
- Mine can now turn 5 of any fragment obtained via boss coins/cards into a Shinpi Card!
- Whether you hate the casino, or are just looking for some way to use those fragments from bosses you hate to run... she's got your back!
- They also added a storage NPC there too. Now you can get your accessories/fragments/gold easy, restore them, get your hopes up, and watch Rine blow it yet again... all in the matter of seconds instead of minutes.
New Fireworks Items and repurchaseable items in the black market
- You can rebuy worker guild equipment, and special one-time accessories like She Slime Earrings now! No need to let them clog up your inventory!
And much, much more!
- 150 Skill Cap quest
- A new knowledge quiz event
- The final chapter of Kandar's exploits! With the reward of a treasure chest gesture! Finally we can live the dream of being a treasure chest!
- The final chapter of the new super boss quest line! Hype, hype, hype!
From the wiki site:
New recruitable monsters! Brownie and Cabinet Mimic!
Certain 150SP Skills revealed
- All classes and bows are receiving skills. Everything else is passives.
- Mage: Kafrizzle. I know right? Huge surprise.
- Thief: Name unknown, did ~200 damage and shocked an enemy.
- Item Master: Removed a debuff from them. Possibly like other skills that remove all bad status.
- Paladin: è–騎士ã®å …陣, here's hoping if the name is anything to go by that this will not be an offensive based skill for once.
- Magic Knight: Magic Burst.
- Bow: Darkness Shot. Lowered enemy's resistance to light. Synergy with Shining Bow, Light Fource, and a bunch of weapons that have light element on them.
Skill Rebalance:
Colosseum Only
- 2H Sword 140 SP and Axes 140 SP skills being nerfed.
- No Liger Crush nerfs? Like... even just in the colosseum? Color me surprised!

æ°´æµã®ã‹ã¾ãˆ: Also increases agility by 2 stages.
Miracle Zone: Also uses magic awakening, and fast casting on you as well. It may not sound like much as you'll most likely have both already, but it turns the skill into a quick way to rebuff as well as get the no MP cost instead of just the no MP cost which is almost never useful in practice.
Shaved Ice: Damage up
Big Bang: Damage up (no change in Colosseum)
Multishot: Damage up (no change in Colosseum)
Jigospark: Damage up (no change in Colosseum)
Staff of Resurrection: Major shortening in cast time (no change in Colosseum). God I sure hope so... this skill just sucks... it'll save you a leaf now and then but most times the painful... painful... and I do mean painful as an enemy smacks you hardcore in the face... cast time is a death sentence. Better off using a leaf.
ã¾ã‚‚ã‚Šã®ãã‚Š: Changed from being a single target to affecting you and players around you. This skill negates one breath attack... known as "Mist Me" (shudders) in DQ9. 


Daily Hunt Quests

- No more choosing between EXP/Stamps or gold. You now get both.

- Rebalancing to lower reward quests to give them higher rewards. The highest class quests will have no changes.


Trial Bosses

- You may now invite other players to fight bosses they haven't cleared yet on the field. They still need the strong warrior book.



Definitely more, I remember some awesome stuff from DQXTV like being able to change casino floors at the elevator instead of having to go back to the entrance every time, and Merry mentioned the monster color changes in the Valentine's topic.

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- Dolboard is also getting some fine-tuning to make it move faster. Until now it was 1.4x movement speed, being increased to 1.7x movement speed. Hooray for marathons!


- Can now send letters from the postbox at your house instead of having to walk to a post office. Until now you could only use it to receive letters,


- New recruitable monsters' weapons: Brownie uses Hammers (obviously), Cabinet Mimic uses Bows (for reasons absolutely nobody can guess... best I've seen anyone come up with is "well, bows do kinda look like coat hangers, right?")


- This one's definitely worth mentioning: The regular Magic Labyrinth will be getting a new NPC who shows up after you defeat the boss. He's one of those little doll monsters, his name is "CONTINUE", and as you might have guessed, you talk to him to continue doing more Labyrinth runs instead of leaving. If you want to leave, use the door as usual. This one's being added because apparently a number of people would hit the wrong choice after a run by accident and get separated from the rest of their party, so this NPC's there to make sure that doesn't happen anymore.

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Gah, I was hoping no one would notice I missed the dolboard speed increase. I knew I forgot something extremely important in the first post and it's actually in the wiki page's list.



That Magic Lab NPC is funny though. None of us were ever guilty of doing that ever... Right guys? :laugh: :laugh:

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Some nice updates here.  :)  Aside from the obvious quest/level stuff, I'm quite looking forward to 10x Fukubiki redeem, Dolboard speed increase, good watering can, and the new Magic Knight skill (hoping it's something that makes me more viable for more scenarios)!



Side notes:


You didn't mention that the Boss difficulty options offer better rewards (I think it was multipliers on EXP, but I don't have the screenshot in front of me right now).


The Dolboard music box name is a "lost-in-translation" thing.  The roumaji for the name is "dorugo-ru", which combines "doru", which is the "Dol" part of Dolboard, and "orugo-ru", which is the Japanese way of saying Orgel, which is a music box.  That concludes today's trivia lesson.  ;)


We do really need to work on Team quests more often.

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All these nice improvements make it sound like I should come back to the game for a month sometime after the patch comes out. No idea when Version 3's coming, but I'm liking a lot of those changes. Especially stuff like the Hunt quests giving both rewards automatically, or highlighting important quests and easy mode bosses for story stuff.

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Woww!! Daily hunting quest will give both exp and gold!! This is very awesome for a newbie like me!!

That Magic Lab NPC is funny though. None of us were ever guilty of doing that ever... Right guys? :laugh: :laugh:

Ops!!! I once was. :X

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The second set of official information was added today:




Details below, and keep in mind I'm skipping minor things and Colosseum.


New Monsters

- Brownie will be available through the Monster Arena

- Cabinet Mimic after 3/11 through the Rendashia lotto


When a new monster is released through the lotto, the prices of the monster books below that drop like crazy. If you're eyeing any of them you might want to pick one up.



- They slipped in a "Brooch rate up for all rooms" in a comment. Wait until after the update to challenge them after this week's reset.

- They added sand to allow players to go from the entrance down to the bottom floor much easier. This will help you quickly reach 5,6,8, the other way is fine for 3,4,7 as they aren't out of the way.


Royal Labyrinth

- Gold boxes now have a chance to obtain a 3 Legendary Demons Card. Hype. Hype. Hype.

- All boxes no longer give brooch fragments. Weak.

- All boxes now have a chance to obtain mini medals. Doesn't say how many, so lets hope it isn't 1 across the board.

- Giant Genies are having their effects strengthened. 

- Monsters that are easy to overlook are going to be spawned closer to the path and possibly stay within a certain area to make them easier to find.

- You can now see your treasure level at the door.


Skill changes

- Staff of Resurrection getting a range increase (no cast time shortening? Nooooo)

- Acrobatic Star (Minstrel's coup de grace) also adds tension to the user.

- Breath resistance down, Mist Me and Best Smile will now have displayed icons when something is under their effect. Cannot tell you how many times I forgot if I smiled at an enemy... it's worse with some trial bosses having many targets.


Magic Labyrinth

- 4th floor will always be a Lucky Floor or Challenge Floor. Naturally the rate one of these floors will appear otherwise will be lowered.


General Battle-related

- Being hired as a support will offer more EXP and stamps

- Charge Time skills being available will appear in a different color in your System log

- Raising a monster's happiness will show the number it increased to rather than that it increased. It always showed up in the logs, but this is really handy.

- When receiving an invite to the strong warrior book, the boss name will be displayed in the message Dracky. Before you had to check the invitation.

- Defeating a strong boss in the strong warrior book 3 times in a row results in a 100% chance for the purple chest to appear provided you haven't obtained it. Oh thank you, thank you, thank you. Fighting some of these bosses 6 times in a row several days in a row was extremely frustrating.

- Reworking the levels for some strong bosses. Apparently some of them weren't high enough level to count as credit towards crystalizing equips.

- Reworking strength and EXP for Rendashia monsters.

- [insert yet another support AI update here]



- The page lists exactly which quests are required for 3.0. So take a look over them if you aren't done your cards to prepare.

- Random written requests, after accepting them will now have the monster and number you need to defeat highlighted in yellow. Should make it easier to look up the monsters.

- New items will be available from written requests. Including a lot of minimedal only gestures.



- When using a Dolboard, you will now be able to use items, etc. on support AI and monsters that you put into the party even if they're far away. Cuz, y'know, they vanish while you're on the Dolboard so why are they far away?

- The carriage south of Jullet will now have an option to take you to the small cabin on Radis Island. I cannot tell you how incredibly useful this is for completing a ton of quests that would otherwise involve hours of travel.

- Samari Plateau has a Sister added to it. New ruura points are always welcome.

- Double Pass will now provide some rather excellent rewards. 10 gets you a new garden scarecrow, and you'll get a total of 3 Metal Labyrinth tickets if you reach 50.

- The recoloring item for your monsters is restricted to a reward for subscription days and... the DQX Shop. More crysta items, didn't see that coming... yeah... totally didn't.

- Adding a job change NPC next to Dorothy so you can get the most out of your Metal Labyrinth tickets.

- Changes to Angel Hearts. They're adding a bunch of the Puklipo sisters themed items... and... AND... ONE, I repeat. ONE ANGEL HEART. Just one. It costs you ONE to get an Angel Slime Hat. If you are saving up hearts right now, wait until after the update.

- All basic towns (Glen, Azlan, etc) are getting their own set of team NPCs. So you won't need to travel to the other towns to get your team meeting place stone. You can also turn in team quests easier.

- Casino Raid will now provide a reward regardless of if you defeat the monster or not. Defeating the monster offers triple the reward. Only applies to Poker and Slots, not for Roulette.

- At the coin exchange counter, the options to trade in tickets and purchase coins with gold are now separate. Before you either needed to not carry any tickets with you, or simply decline the offer to trade in tickets before you could purchase with gold.

- Casino Raid text simplified, most likely to make it easier to accept a raid.

- In Bingo, rarely if a monster has 0 MP left their effect will activate anyway.

- Wait time between Bingo games is being shortened to 30 seconds.

- Simplifications to Casino trade and Pyramid trade GUIs. 

- At the Concierge you will now be able to see how many weeks worth of rewards you are obtaining.


Item and Worker Guild-related

- New skill at lv47

- Gold reward for dailies increased

- Changing when your fame level updates. Before it was on every map change... now... only on login. I get that it is to reduce stress on the server but still... isn't making it that just going to make people quit and relogin?

- New "mini" cooking recipes.

- Changes to certain cooking recipes to remove tomatoes from them. 

- All coin boss accessories are having their selling price increased to 5000 gold.

- Torneko will have new items for sale.


That's about all, other than minor changes and the hiroba site updates. Looking forward to quite a few of these changes!

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Blah made a typo in the opening post. Multi-thrust not Multi-shot is getting the damage upgrade. Went from 0.5x4 to 0.9x4, which is very nice considering it is a charge time skill and spears really needed some sort of damage output especially since you're dropping a shield for them.



Pyramid 9 is literally a boss rush. Still stuck on 8 here, but yeah... enjoy that.

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Yeah, saw that when I was fighting the boss for the Sage 50 quest. It also tells you how much EXP you will get, the options are like this:

Strong/Hard (2x EXP)

Normal (1.5x EXP)

Weak (regular EXP)


I like that even taking them on normal difficulty will give you more EXP than regular. It makes it feel like a reward instead of making easy feel like a punishment.

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Just in time for his White Day reappearance, the last Kandata quest will go live on 3/5 JST.



Anyone hear anything about when the 150 skill quest is going live?  I'm quite excited to try Madante/Magic Burst with my Magic Knight.

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I spoke with Merry this morning and he told me there is a 20 minute time limit to the battle and that a heavy offense party is recommended.  He said Item Masters are also recommended for restoring MP to the party.

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