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Dragon Quest III - Into the Light World.

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Act 1 - Opening


(( Will make updates to the topic as I go along. ))




Proclamations spread across the land as light returned to the known world. The Hero and his Companions had defeated the dread Demon Lord Zoma, and brought long-sought peace to a world of nightmares.


In Tantagel Castle, a hero sleeps, having nightmares of a battle long-fought. His armor set aside, and a barely-clad Warrior next to him. Zoma grabs the Ball of Light in his dreams, and razes a beam that destroys the very castle they fought in, and as light fills his eyes, he awakens with a start. Walking to the window, he simply sighs as he looks at the night sky. Returning light to the world simply normalized things for Alefgard, but not for him. Not for Loto, as he was now called, his original name lost to time.


The Warrior comes up next to him, a cloak around her to stave off the chill. "Nightmares again?" she says, and all he does is nod. He knew the battle was not over. Not for anyone. The two stood on the balcony of the rooms given to him and his entourage as night turns into day.



Several weeks had passed since the defeat of Zoma. Loto had came back to Tantagel with no news for his companions. They were forever sealed in this "Dark World" that they jumped into without hesitation. The guilt ate at him. He had not anticipated not being able to return to his home. History books? Pah. All he wanted was a night in his own bed.


In the castle's library, the Sage called over to him. Once a Thief, traveling with Loto had given him insight beyond insight, and he labored over the books of Dharma Temple above, and came out with knowledge he never knew he had. He had a map open on the grand table that stood in the center of the area, as well as several books, melted candles, you get the picture. "I think I've found where we should go next..." he says softly, as there is plenty of people milling about. He pointed to where the Town of Cantlin was located. The Ball of Light had drastically changed some of the world's landscape, and near the swamp to the south of the town, a port was being built, and was almost done. "You wanted to go to the outlying lands beyond this one, correct?" Loto nodded. He had left the Sword of Kings embedded in the ground where Zoma had dissipated in the final battle, and over the weeks since, hid the Armor, Helmet, and Shield of Light, going back to his traveling clothes and a second-forged Sword of Kings, though made simply. He left a monolith for his descendants to find, to learn about the World Above, and ensured that many of the monsters were killed or driven to the deepest darkness they could find. He was ready to move on.


The King walks behind them, kneeling to Loto. "My lord..." he begins, as Loto blushes. A king bows to noone, but Loto was almost... god-like revered. Another reason why he was leaving. "Are you sure you do not want to stay? We need you here! We need a protector!" Loto started to interject, but the last of the Four, a stern-faced Priest, came in and spoke. "You can protect yourselves now, thank the Goddess! We do not need to idle here when other places need assistance." All the King could do in the presence of these divine beings was nod and waddle off.


The Warrior walks up to Loto, leaning on his back. "We just need to get out of here already..." she says selectively. 



The three men could only nod.

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Act 1-2 - Torrential Landscape


The heroes passed through the rebuilt port town of Cantlin with little trouble, as the King made sure a boat was built for them. Thanks to the Merchant, anyway.


As they climbed aboard, a spunky-looking girl, wearing sea captain clothing, her pink hair blowing in the breeze, greeted them warmly, beckoning them onto the vessel, a fast junk called the Himiko. It was built for the simple purpose of taking the four to the unknown "Outer Lands", where noone from Alefgard had ventured since Zoma took over the continent.



The ride went smoothly for a few days. Loto was stoic the entire time, and took stock of his companions. The Warrior, who latched onto him soon after he saved her from becoming a meal for Baramos when she was a Mage. The Sage, described before, just looked at the endless expanse of water. The Priest was actually a merchant before they met the Goddess, Rubiss. She allowed him to devote himself to her word and imparted divine power, as the way to Alihan was forever closed the moment they jumped into the great crack in the earth that Zoma rent when he announced himself to the world above. Those three were his stalwart companions through thick and thin. A Martial Artist, the greatest of Jipang, had been traveling with them since avenging his fiancee in the town of his namesake, he missed his home, but welcomed the change. The Merchant was simply idling at the wheel. She had started a town, but had quickly succumbed to greed, only being saved by Loto's intervention and rescue.


There was one man who was entirely silent, almost as much as Loto. Ortega, hero of the Upper World. Thanks to the Priests timely intervention, he had assisted them in the final fight with Zoma, almost succumbing to mortal wounds inflicted by the vicious KingHydra, foremost general of Zoma after the Archfiend Baramos's passing. Ortega was proud of his son, but ached to find his own way in this new world. Trapped just as the Hero was, all he could do was rest on his axe and let the sea breeze wash over him. 


Loto walked over to him, and they stood silent for a time. "Son," Ortega began, "You know I will not be traveling with you. I intend on making my own way from here, and I am thankful to you for letting me stand silent while all this has been going on." He sighed. "I will never be able to truly fight again, but I will be able to make my own way again, thanks to you." Loto could only nod, fighting back tears. He had never lost hope his father was still alive, and when he saw him fighting the KingHydra, he ran in heedless of comrades. Together, they defeated it, but the last head had taken off Ortega's left arm, all the way to the shoulder. Thanks to the Priest, he had regenerated, but he would not hear of traveling, deciding to let the younger generation take over.


Day turned into night, and they anchored off a beach area, and all of them disembarked. The Merchant and Martial Artist were going to travel with Loto, and Ortega would go south. A heartfelt goodbye was had by father and son as Ortega walked off into the sunset. The heroes went south.


The days passed, as the six of them enjoyed the piece and quiet. The monsters they did encounter were not alltogether strong, simply Slimes, Drackies, things of the like. Some of them were even friendly, and one gave the heroes directions to a nearby shrine where they could rest. All the monster would say is that "Zoma was cruel to all under him, the respite is owed to you, and to you, we will give peace."





In the shrine, they found only cobwebs and such. Noone had dwelt here in some time. There were spacious living quarters, enough for the six of them and more, but... no living being. 


As the others left to find provisions and water, Loto took his sword and a torch in hand and explored the shrine. The center area housed what was once a Traveler's Gate, but it was long dead, a stone in the middle of the room now. He lit some torches left around the room and could only stare at what he saw on the walls...


Paintings. Dozens of them. Of his battle with Baramos...







And in his silence, a voice blares out. "Who dares stare at the visions of Zenithia?!"


Loto could only stare as a man appears from behind a painting. Winged, magnificent. (( Think Corvus. )) "Hum... no. You are more than mortal... you are a Chosen. Why are you here?" he says, as the Warrior appears, hand on sword-hilt. "We only seek shelter for the night, and no more." she says. 


Corvus-wannabe can only nod, as the paintings disappear. "I see... I have no name I can give you, because this place, as I am, is a fading memory. Chosen Ones, you will be remembered throughout history. This place reflects what is on your mind, and in your hearts. It is what remains of Zenith Castle, destroyed by the Archfiend Baramos before his fall in the world above. You people wanted shelter, quiet and true, and it came to you. Hero, you have the past in mind, and it was shown to you."


(( TBC. ))

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Good work it was really good

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