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In DQ3 mobile does Oomph matter at high levels?

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Oomph doesn't boost strength.  It never has, not in any DQ.


It's a Damage modifier.


In DQ3 through to 8:


Oomphed damage is Damage = Damage*2


Damage = basic damage equation.  In DQ3 (all versions), it is this:  (PlayerAttack - EnemyDefense/2)*.39~.59


So in DQ3, Oomphed damage = (PAtk - EDef/2) * .39~.59 *2


So let's say your Strength is 255, your weapon's attack is 120, and you've the Mighty Armlet, which adds 15 attack, your PlayerAttack is 390.  Let's assume the enemy defense is 400, and another at 100!


Enemy Defense = 400!


390 - 400/2 = 390 - 200 = 190*.39~.59 = 74~112

With Oomph...74~112 * 2 = 148~224


Enemy Defense = 100!


390 - 100/2 = 390 - 50 = 340*.39~.59 = 132~201

With Oomph...132~201 * 2 = 264~402


It just doubles damage, period.



It might help if you actually read my FAQ.  I have a full breakdown of how damage is dished out, and a bunch of other relevant factors.  It's a strategy guide + equipment info + equipment location + battle info + spell info + boss info...


It will eventually have all monsters...ALL.  All mini medal locations.  All items and locations.  A comprehensive boss strategy breakdown and analysis on best equipment options (already has spell data on best spells, accessories, and useful equipment with spells that ARE available when said boss is available to be fought).



Heck, I even included a list on WHEN certain equipment becomes available (first iterations anyhow), and which pieces are finite...how many are available.



I even have a bloody seed farming list, where to farm them.  I have an EXCAVATE list, and a breakdown on strategy for personalities.


I even HAVE the personality system, as it exists for creating new party members at Patty's (I'll be finishing formatting sometime tomorrow), and I'm working on the Hero's system.


Did I mention I also have a breakdown on status effects and how to avoid them (what luck does, and what equipment helps with that?).  Soon to add in...items (well, one item).


I even have data on Stealing, AND...AND a comprehensive breakdown on differences between all games in terms of all equipment (including the bloody NES, and I use DaMarsman's translation for the SFC).



A lot of your questions are answered by the FAQ, so maybe check it out once in awhile.  It's easy to find stuff too.  I made sure of that.  Damn sure!






The android and ios of course have the same FAQ, and they're uploaded each at the same point in time.


Anyway.  Cheers.

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That's the most thorough answer I've ever seen on the internet. Nice work!

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Hey ignasia7, I would like to thank you for that special mention in your FAQ :) Didn't expect that since I only gave small bits of info.


Nice work btw!

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That's the most thorough answer I've ever seen on the internet. Nice work!

You must have missed his other 500 answers on here that are equally as thorough. He's one hell of a resource!

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