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Erdrick The Hero

Tools? Sites?

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Anybody know of any good FREE tools/programs/sites for learning Japanese?

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For various flashcard decks:




Tagaini Jisho is a free, open-source Japanese dictionary and kanji lookup tool that is available for Windows, MacOS X and Linux and aims at becoming your Japanese study assistant.



Kiten is another Japanese Reference Tool








Learning Resources:


Grade 1 Vocabulary:












A collection of Japanese emoticons




I think that's all I've got. Now I just need to make time to learn this. :P


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Thank you, Faolan!

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Awesome new thread!

Definitely agree with Anki!

http://www.memrise.com/ is also another good one :3

Love those resources he named!


Just wanted to add that my japanese improved greatly once i started using it everyday and i learned the hard way that immersion is extremely important to couple with your studying so i always try to spread the word! You really need both to become fluent, immersion and studying. We know we can study anywhere in the world but luckily you also dont have to be in japan to immerse yourself in the language. If you like try to find a hobby thats uses japanese, you already have gaming so thats awesome for practicing your reading once you learn more kanji but also try to find one where you can listen to natural japanese a lot. Also of course as much as you have time for, practice speaking,writing, with a native or even a fellow learner.


Heres a couple generic but good starts to immersion

http://www.fluentu.com/japanese/ (perfect!)


http://lang-8.com/(is this still a thing? not sure.)


Also itunes podcast but i would learn the basics first


And... i can't remember anymore right now >.<

Might add more later but you can never go wrong with grammar~!




Also keep in mind that practicing speaking and listening will simultaneously improve your reading and writing (for gaming purposes) but not your kanji reading at all, so once you learn kana (hiragana and katakana) focus on kanji as soon as you can.

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Here's where I'm going to sound like a YouTube shill, but I've been using Duolingo tonight and just in a couple hours I'm already starting to learn hiragana. Katakana was really easy for me to learn, but I've been struggling with hiragana for years. Duolingo's hiragana lessons include some vocabulary to help put meaning to the characters, as well as pictures for said vocabulary, as well as audio recordings of people saying/pronouncing the character(s). And it's FREE.



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I used Kanji Tree (linked for Android) for learning Kanji, and it's really good. It organizes kanji by JLPT level and level in grade school, and has games for recognition (identifying meaning of individual kanji), reading (identifying meanings and pronunciations for whole words) and writing (learning stroke orders). I'm an amateur speaker, mind, but from my experience Kanji Tree is incredibly helpful and has done me more good than any Anki deck ever has. I also used Hiragana Pro and Katakana Pro (which, despite their names, are both free) to learn the two syllabary scripts, and again it did me more good than any other platform. I linked both for Android.

As for everything else, the English-Japanese Language Exchange Discord server recommends textbooks over websites. From what I've seen and used, the best for entry-level Japanese speakers is the Genki Second Edition books, which can be found here in the Google Drive folder supplied by the server (if providing a download link is problematic, let me know and I'll remove it). The Drive folder also supplies all of the MP3 files for listening practice that are packaged with the Genki textbooks by CD.  Genki's focus is on university students learning elementary-level Japanese, but as with any language that's where you'll get all of the super important language rules and common vocabulary so you'll come out of Genki being able to read a Japanese newspaper fluently. 

If you WERE to use a website, Busuu is a great alternative to Duolingo (which people recommend against using for Asian languages), and focuses on real-time shared feedback between people who are learning a language and members who natively speak that language. While it has, like Duolingo, a ton of language exchange options between Latin and Romance languages, its focus is on Asian languages and has a ton of culture notes. A lot of features are paywalled, sadly, but what it has in the free version of the software is still VERY nice as supplementary, but not primary, learning material. Sadly, though, it will never have Klingon like Duolingo does, but that's the price we have to pay. 😔

Instead of using the Heisig deck for Anki, just continue using Kanji Tree. Do download Anki though, but make your own flash card decks for vocabulary you learn from the Genki textbook. It's however helps you learn best, but I formatted my cards like this:

Front: (Kanji) - (Hiragana)
Back: (Romaji) - (English translation)

For example, 

Front: 大学 ー だいがく
Back: daigaku - University

Front: 学生 ー がくせい

Back: gakusei - Student


I also had a separate deck for phrases, which would go like so:

Front: (phrase in hiragana)

Back: (Romaji) - (context) ((literal meaning if applicable))

Which looks like:

Front: いってらっしゃい

Back: itterasshai - in response to someone who is leaving and coming back (Lit. "Please go and come back")


Front: ごちそうさま(なだい)

Back: Gochisousama(nadai) - used after meals to show respect (Lit. "You prepared an honorable meal")

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