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Hello all! I'm new to the site, but not new to forums in general. :)


I have an extreme love for the Dragon Warrior/Quest series, and have played, and beaten ALL but two of them up to Swords (and any "Japanese only" releases)


I have recently delved into playing DQVIII and stumbled across the wiki. I found it helpful at first, until i needed more info on the alchemy pot and such.


WELL! i decided that, instead of having multiple websites with info loaded, i would amalgamate the info into the wiki.


Here I am, and I'm not going to stop at the VIII wiki, I'll be making my rounds from 1 and up.


Wish me luck!



(Now I just need Flying Ragnar to get on board...)

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Thank you! I hope you all take a peek now and then to see how it's coming along.  My latest challenge is trying to convince the admin to switch the site onto a html5/css3 template.... would look SO much more esthetically pleasing (and be a lot more mobile friendly ;) )

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