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Dragon Quest music using different soundfonts


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Hey guys, occasionally I'm going to post some Dragon Quest music here that uses other video games soundfont. I've made one for Dragon Quest X - Blessing of Anlucea using Ocarina of Time's instruments (more or less faithful). It also includes a couple using my personal soundfont for my upcoming video game I'm composing. I'll be using this one topic instead of many separate ones :P




* Exploring the Hills (X) [OoT]

* Exploring the Hills (X) [Personal]
* Dwarf (X) [Personal)
* Blessing of Anlucea (X) [OoT]


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Whoah, how'd you get these MIDIs?


That personal soundfont is pretty good! It's better than DQX Wii's soundfont. But the symphonic suite from the Wii U and PC version is better. (Obviously. You can't beat a real orchestra for this kind of music.) +1'd your post.

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I transcribed the music using the Piano book and the Symphonic Suite book that contains detailed sheet music :) So that you here is done manually

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