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Dragon Quest VIII Overworld Map Complete

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This was a massive undertaking for King Zenith to undertake but he was able to gather full resolution overworld map from Dragon Quest VIII PS2. The full resolution map is huge, read more below. Great work.



Hi guys,


I am so happy to be "done" this project that I couldn't resist putting the news in a new topic instead of the existing one. Anyway, the new Dragon Quest 8 Overworld map is finally complete! Here is a massively scaled down overview of the finished product:




The full resolution version weighs in at 110MB in size as a loss-less compressed PNG image. Dimensions are 14,300 x 10,750.


You can download this map at various different resolutions here:


Full Resolution Map (110 MB)

50% Resolution Map (31 MB)

25% Resolution Map (8 MB)


I came really, really close to burning out on this, but the advantage of sinking so much time into it is that I couldn't let all those hours go to waste by not finishing it. Big thank you to sk8erpunq for helping me overcome the technical hurdles with auto-piloting Empyrea's trajectory as she flew over the terrain collecting screenshots for me at the proper perspective angle. There is absolutely no way this would have worked if I had to manually fly that bird.


Ok, that's all. Time to start marking it up with treasures and notorious monster locations.


Oh, and for anyone curious about how this map was made, you can check out my other topic on the subject.

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