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Dragon Quest III is coming; V & VI coming?

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I think DQ5/6 (barring issues with translation rights) are both a sure-thing, regardless of how well any of the other DQ games sell. Why? Because there's no work to be done. All the programming and porting work will be done for the Japanese releases. This is one of those rare cases where all they have to do is copy/paste the existing translations, and drop in on the mobile store(s). The amount of work to do specifically for release outside Japan is laughably minimal. Heck, they've had to put more work into the DQ1-3 releases, because THOSE actually required translating. And they did it.


There's a lot of people on here who really don't have any idea what kind of work or resources go into releasing or porting a game, but it never seems to stop them from commenting upon the ease and cost of these things.
I always wonder what kind of person writes that something they've never done and know nothing about is incredibly easy. Not you assume it's easy, it literally is. Do people not ever look at these posts and think "hey, I don't know if that's true because I basically just made it up but sure, lets just say it".
Releasing an enormous RPG is not a copy and paste job. Ever. Witness the mountain of people having problems with bugs and glitches in the existing mobile ports.




Come on, man - don't put words in my mouth. I NEVER said, nor implied, the porting and programming from one platform to another is easy.


But it doesn't take a slide rule to see that the porting to mobile platforms - however difficult - was done in Japan first. Ergo, by the time they're considered for American releases, the only big challenge left is translation. So unless 'Japanese Android' is different than 'American Android,' I don't see the problem in making the inference that the lion's share of costs and effort have already been absorbed here.


Porting/programming already exists (for a Japanese market that will easily recoup these costs by itself)




Translation already exists (for previous releases)


= Tossing up on American App/Play Store for a few extra bucks is pretty freakin' easy


And frankly, I'm pleasantly surprised that they're translating DQ1-3 - fresh. We owe them for that, whether you guys like mobile or not. SUPPORT THE DQ!


But hey, that could be totally out in left field. If I'm so blatantly wrong, I'd be happy to know why from an insider's perspective. I assume you are one, since you so handily threw me under the bus for my ignorance?


I think we can all agree that if these mobile ports were so hard or costly to bring to western markets (and didn't have all the programming and translation work done already), we wouldn't be getting them. I don't think anybody who's EVER had to pray for a Dragon Quest release outside of Japan would refute this!

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DQ 5&6 will use the same engine as 4 and there didn't seem to be many problems with it. 3 however, will use the same as 1&2 so there may be problems with it. I guess I've been lucky because I haven't had ant problems with any of the DQ mobile games.


What are you running them on?



Galaxy S3 running October's stable build of Cyanogenmod 11.

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