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Looking To Buy Dragon Quest Slime Coalescence Plush

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Hello! New here! :)


I'm looking to buy the Slime coalescence (?) plush at a good reasonable price. I'm not sure of the actual name of it.

There is one listed on eBay as Slime coalescence plush but it's at a crazy price of $550!!!! :(

Another eBay seller I asked had one for $150 which I think is still way too much.


It looks like 8 Slimes stuck together in a pyramid shape. I noticed there are two versions of this plush.

One is made out of a shiny material and the other one is a regular plush material.


I'm looking for both. Not sure the value or worth of this plush but I'm hoping I can get it for a lot less.


Thanks for looking! And thanks to anyone who is able to help! :tounge2:

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