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Dragon Quest Crystal Monster Queen Slime Appears

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so my GF's mom just sent her a box of the new Crystal Monsters series (for me of course) and after an unboxing I did fairly well.  This series consists of 18 Mediums and 2 Larges.  Assuming you can snag the two larges in one box you should be okay as the previous sets have always given me problems with the larges.  Here is what I managed to get from one box of 12 (each box will contain either 2 M or 1 L)


Metal Slime x2

Slime x4

Slime Besu x1

Armirajji x1

Ikkakuusaki x1

Goorudenkoon x0

Monmonjyuu x1

Ketamon x1

Pinkubonbon x1

Noroinoiwa x1

Bakudaniwa x1

Megazarurokku x2 (this is strange because the kanji for "iwa" means rock, but they actually spelt "rokku" in Katakana unlike the other two)

Daakuhobitto x1

Shirudokosou x1

Biggufeisu x0 (NO! one of my favourites!)

Nasubinaara x1

Buruberiiso x0

Meranzaana x1

King Slime x1

Queen Slime x1 (!!!)


The King Slime and Queen Slime are the two L's.  King Slime I could do without, I have him and his variations from other sets, but I was very happy to get the Queen Slime.  If you aren't aware of the Crystal Monster series, ALL of them have blue slimes and his variations, however if you hold them up to the light they are a slightly difference shade (I've tested this with multiples), however I haven't checked that with the King Slime from this series.




I've always made a point to get at least one box when they are first released as they sell fairly fast in Japan and if you wait longer than 2 months it will be very hard to come by.

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That is soo cool!  I would love to have that!  I'm kind of surprised they never included a Queen slime.

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