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Dragon Quest Fanpage on Instagram

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I've never started a topic on here before so please forgive me if I do something weirdly/wrong. I just wanted to officially state that I've started a dragon quest fanpage on Instagram and you can follow me @dragon_quest_fanpage. Mostly, I'm looking for suggestions about what you guys think I should post. I'm not that great at using Instagram so any tips would be appreciated. Thanks!

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A good start might be anything you like from the current contest art, and perhaps your personal favourite art picks from DQ7...like...hmm I'll try to make some time...try, to get you some links.  Awesomeinblue hasn't made a topic yet, so I might as well make a link to his French DQ fanclub group on tumblr, and all the adjoining accounts and whatnot!


I really wish I could split myself up into 30 people right now.

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