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Tres bien! The Executive Producer and his band of hairy men have finally found a poster ad that they like(thank Numen for that!) And, the talented artist who has appeased the Czar of Movies is.....


Cesar Hernandez-Meraz with a total of 6 votes for Eden!


Second place is a tie between I Am The Thorn submitted by Sk8erpunq and Sentinels of the Starry Sky submitted by addamay123, each with a total of 4 votes!


Third place was Realms of Reverie The Musical submitted by Sk8erpunq


Here's a list of who submitted what:

Shun 'Kanamee-----------------------Abel's Awakening

CoarseDragon------------------------Dragon Quest: King of the Hill

Shun 'Kanamee----------------------The Final Chapter of Abel's Story

addamay123--------------------------Sentinels of the Starry Sky

Sk8erpunq-----------------------------I Am The Thorn

CoarseDragon------------------------Aria's Resolution

PantheonSasuke---------------------Rocket Slime

Sk8erpunq-----------------------------Realms of Reverie

Cesar Hernandez-Meraz------------The Adventure of Popolo

Cesar Hernandez-Meraz------------Eden


Badges will be added by Woodus shortly.


Edit by Woodus:


And the badges as made from the winning entries, congrats to all.



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Thanks for the support, everyone. This makes me temporarily forget that I will never win the humor contests. :D


Congratulations to all who participated! And I hope all who wanted to participate but could not because of time constraints will be able to join in the fun for any future contests.


I was surprised by the two people who went with totally different styles for each of their respective two submissions. I would never have guessed the posters sent by Sk8rpunq and CoarseDragon were done by the same person.


It is good that they went beyond expectations and tried different things.


I hope we get even more people to join future contests. I loved seeing all of these entries, and it is even more exciting when we get tons of them. :D

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Thanks for the badges, Woodus. They look great!


Difficult choice on Dragon Quest IX's, though... Would it be better to look at something funny or something cute. Went with funny using Vin Diesel's face, I see. I think I would prefer Dylan, but Vin Diesel is what made me laugh whenever I looked at that poster, so I guess I would have chosen him, as well.


And eal, I think we have had contests with a lot more participation than this one. And in which any of the many entries could end up being a winner. Having more entries make contests even more exciting.

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Fun contest. Congratulations Cesar Hernandez-Meraz.


Yeah, I entered two different types, to bad I got no votes  :(

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