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I was supposed to get this a month ago, but I left a few hours before it arrived. I'm finally home and took a few pictures. Some aren't the greatest quality, but my DSLR is in another state at the moment since I only came back for a few days. 









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God I want this soundtrack the labyrinth theme is amazing. I want to save up to purchase a japanese wii u just to play x. If only there were a NA release then I would actually use my wii u. Such a worthless system without DQX, smash bros and Metroid.

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If there wasn't a whole redistribution rights thing... It's pretty great. I love the redone music. They redid a lot of it for when you're on the new continent. It's the symphonic suite of course. I really like it.

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Ooh, it has Endless World from DQII, nice!


From what I have "gathered", below is a list of all the tracks. And you can listen to samples here.



1 Overture X
2 Blessing of Anlucea
3 Music Box of Memories
4 Brave Anlucea
5 A Clear World
6 Desert Kingdom
7 Challenged by the God
8 Flying Dragon High in the Sky
9 Battle (II)
10 Dead or Alive (II)
11 Endless World (II)
12 Pyramid (III)
13 Battle Theme (III)
14 The Unknown Castle (IV)
15 Weapon Merchant Toruneko (IV)
16 Gypsy Dance (IV)
17 Marriage Waltz (V)
18 Violent Enemies (V)
19 Almighty Boss Devil Is Challenged (V)


1 Happy Humming (VI)
2 Monsters (VI)
3 Ocarine of Miracles (VI)
4 Flying Bed (VI)
5 Fighting Spirit (VII)
6 Sacrifice Dance (VII)
7 Memories of a Lost World (VII)
8 Pirates of the Sea (VII)
9 War Cry (VIII)
10 Mysterious Tower (VIII)
11 Majestic Castle (VIII) ~ Gavotte de Chateau (VII)
12 Nearing Our Destiny (VIII)
13 Build-up to Victory (IX)
14 Bright Horizons (X) ~ Ogres, People of Flame - Elves, People of Wind - Puklipo, People of Flowers - Dwarves, People of the Earth - Weddies, People of Water
15 Ending (X)


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