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Crafting recipes

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A few people have asked now about higher level recopies for varying professions. There are a number of places you can get them from. Tool merchants, tiny medals, bookshelves, and rare monster drops are all sources. If you're looking for particular ones these are some useful sites to check out.



This is the woodworking wand list, but at the top are all the professions and categorical links.



List of things bought with tiny medals



Woodworking recipes, but the side menu has all the crafts and recipes. It's a bit dated though.



Again woodworking recipes, but the sidebar has all the crafts.


You don't have to be a particular craft or level to learn recipes, but if you're going to spend money you should probably be. All but the recipes on bookshelves and a few others are purchasable on the bazaar. I'd check the bazaar first before you go buying any since if it purchasable the price is fixed. Also, these are great resource sites poke around and figure out what you can from them. It will help you immensely.

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