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I feel that Disgaea D2 was an intes resting addition to the DiDisgaea family. it waas fun, exciting, and an overall joy to own. The only problem i had was the very last boss. It was a rediculously difficult fight that i gave up on, unfortunatly. Aside from that last boss, it was a perfect game.


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I would have to agree, this game was definitely more engaging in that it had more features such as being able to get different ships in the item world which to succeed well in this game, you really should be an item leveling fanatic!  Well maybe not a fanatic, but I would advocate having your weapon and at least one piece of armor at level 10.  Leveling up the items is actually a lot easier.  The boards aren't so huge like they can be in other disgaes taking up to an hour to reach 10 levels for those who take their time or don't move as fast.  The characters are quite interesting as is the main plot of the story.  I also like how you can change up the line up of characters when you are walking around.  


This game is awesome if you like tactical games and is a lot of fun with its tongue and cheek humor and sometimes a bit vulgar which is normal by today's standards.


There are so many tweeks this game got that makes it really nice.  I think Disgaea 3 was probably the weakest game in the series but still was a lot of fun.  Disgaea 4 is good but I haven't beat it yet.

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