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Part 1



This is a translation of the alchemy guide from http://ドラクエ10.jp/dq10_renkin1.html While below it keeps mentioning Vase alchemy (Which I could have and may have elsewhere referred to as pot alchemy or jar alchemy) it should also apply to lamp alchemy.


First I will introduce how the alchemy roulette works.


â–  The number of spaces and their type in a vase.


There are four types of spaces: "Great Success [ALCHEMIRACLE]" (Yellow), "Success" (Blue), "Failure" (Black), Purple Parupunte [Chance, Hocus Pocus] (Purple).




There are a total of 100 spaces, so one space is equivalent to a 1% chance. A "Great Success" will give you an effect like 2 (+3), while a failure give you something like 2(-1).


Parupunte will give you a completely different effect then the one you choose. As a default the chances are as follows.


※These are for entry level alchemy(Some alchemy was not confirmed)

Times Success or Great Success, Failure, Parupunte

First Alchemy 74% 18% 8%

Second Alchemy 65% 28% 7%

Third Alchemy 56% 38% 6%


Each piece of equipment has 0 to 3 ★ and for each★ you can do alchemy on it.

★★★ means you can do alchemy on it 3 times, but your chance of success is highest on the first time, and it decreases each time.


â– The relationship between the type of vase and it's number of stars. (Success, and Great Success).

Above Success and Great Success were combined but in reality the amount of Success and Great Success is based on the type of vase.


Type of Vase / Number of Stars "Great Success percent"

Type of Vase ★0 ★1 ★2 ★3

Bronze Vase 10 13 16 21

Iron Vase 13 16 19 24

Silver Vase 16 19 22 27

Platinum Vase 19 22 25 30

The percentage for "Great Success" is the multiple of the combined "Success and Great Success" higher up with the "Great Success" percentage above.

To be exact, round up one after the multiplication.

For example, if you are below level 10 in crafting and you do an entry level alchemy of "Attack +2" your chance of success or great succesd for the first alchemy is 74% but if you use a Iron Vase★ the chance of Great Success is 74%×16%=11.84% which u ou round up to 12%.


â– Other affects on success

On top of this when you reach crafting level 10 you get the skill of "Success percentage up 1%" and 1 point of failure from now on will be replaced by a space of "Success or Great Success".

※While level 20 gives 2% increase and level 30 a 3% increase the author has not examined these figures. [This original article was also written before the level 30 crafting cap quest was added to the game.

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For each alchemization done you get a +1 to the item so to find out if an item can be alchemized subtract the +# from the number of stars. Eg) miracle sword+2 with 3 stars has one free alchemy slot.


Your chances of success go down 10% each subsequent alchemy.


Also, the higher level you are the higher chance of success. In addition, some pots will rarely change your result last second to a great success, and there is an alchemist skill that will change your failure to a success at the last moment - rarely.


As for the random chances it sometimes can convert all failures and unused stars into the currently tried for alchemy. In other words, if you get purple at the first alchemy of a 3 star item then you'll get 3 of the enchant you were doing. There is also an effect where you can get a previous enchant enhanced. Like your rare drop chance 1.5 alchemy gets enhanced by 0.3 like in great success.


For great success it can't exceed your current alchemy such as magic might +15 can't become +15(+15) the general rule of thumb is that it won't exceed 1/2 of the alchemy.


Failures will generally reduce it by 75% of what you were aiming for.


The pink things are result predictions. There are two types regular and super. It limits your final result to that area. The regular is 60% of the board and super is 40% of the board thus giving you greater chances of success in theory. The coup de gras obtained at lvl 39 removed one of those pink borders halving your results thus giving you a bigger likelihood of success.


Your moves are:

Convert one failure to success.

Convert one success to great success.

Convert one purple to great success.

Convert one success to purple.

Rearrange great successes.

Convert one failure to success at your arrow.

Result prediction.

Super result prediction.


You can rotate the board as you like and thus make that last one change specific areas not just a single time. This is useful for result prediction too. When you convert from failure to success it is random where it is places but it will always be placed adjacent to a purple, success or great success.


In addition to all this, all alchemists have a few perks that occur randomly at the start of an alchemization. They are:


All failures are converted to purple.

Max great success. (This converts as many of the success slots as possible to great success)

Free try (if you fail your star slot isn't used not your materials)

Success to great success (This allows you to surpass the great success cap and all your failures to success)


Miracle pots can give you more effort points randomly in addition to all the above.


I'll try to post screen shots from one of my alchemy attempts in a few weeks.

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so, with higher level *must be a hell of a grind* and better enchant tool, you can increase your chances of success or great success, but can somewhat manipulate it a bit by rotating the board?


Also, any information as to if they will allow you to master at least 2 crafts?  Considering that you can only have three characters at the same time, just one Master Craft per seems pretty narrow. Would like to be able to enchant and create my own weapons and armor, since im assuming at the end of every content update, once you completely done everything possible, you pretty much try to grind out better gear either thru crafting or I guess finding them, but mainly crafting. 

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You can have 5 or 7 characters if you wish to pay for that fee. I generally just do the guild craft dailies to get money and xp. I reached 40 of 45 in about 2 months.


I create my own weapons and mail them to my lamp/pot alchemist alt. I doubt they will permit multiple crafts to try and keep player interactions up.


You increase your chance by manipulating the board to minimize the chance for failure or maximize great success chance. Rotating is part of that as is using the skills.


You can only get the main slots of gear at high levels through crafting. You don't find armor or weapons at all except 1 whip drop and the class armor sets that are level 28.

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There is a part two I will translate that should help describe the process better. I don't think people tend to grind out better gear like that. Most people buy what they want from the bazaar and call it a day. People tend to aim for improving their accessories, saving up gold, and gathering up lottery tickets during down time.


With one account, yeah you can only get 5 characters. For more you would need a second account. Really, I don't think it would be worth it.

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The spoilers are pictures.


Okay the first thing you need to do is interact with a lamp. The one i'm using is the little lamp that you can actually have inside your home. The big lamp is only located in certain areas. They don't affect your chances for success.

Then you have 3 options. Basically regular alchemy, alchemy daily quests, and how it works. Menu is a little different in the quests, but once you do it the regular way you'll get an idea of what's going on in the daily quest menu.






Pick your lamp/vase you wish to use.

1. Here I have a platinum lamp and a tanabata lamp. I'm using the platinum lamp. 

2. This tells you how many lamp uses you have left. Each alchemization depletes the number by 1. This lamp has 7 more uses.

3. This tells a bit about the lamp you're using. This one is a 2 star lamp which gives me 25 more skill points.





Now you need to select the item to alchemize. 

1. These are the available gear selections in your bag. White means you can perform alchemization on it. Gray means you cannot. N means it is not bound to you. E means you currently equip it and nothing means it is bound to you but unequipped.

2. These are the current alchemizations on the gear. As mentioned before X number of stars and +Y in the gear name gives you X - Y = # of available alchemizations left.





1. These are the alchemizations you currently know. Gray means you lack the materials in your bag for them. White means you have the materials for them. The little check box tells you if you have successfully done that enchant or if there is no check then you've not successfully done it.

2. These are the required materials. Name of item (# needed / # in your possession)

3. Level required to perform the alchemization

4. The base chance of things occurring.

  • Yellow = Great Success
  • Blue = Success
  • Gray = Failure
  • Purple = Parquette (Random effect)





1. This tells you how much a particular action will cost. (SP required / Total SP to use)

2. These are your current chances of things occurring. See the above list.

3. The current alchemization being performed.

4. This is the action box. Here you have two choices:

  • Manipulate the board
  • Perform the alchemization






This and the next are similar to the picture you just saw. I will just mention what you can do here. You can rotate the board using right and left trigger. (Q and E if you're using keyboard controls) and you have these options (Some only are available as you level up):

  • Result Prediction
  • Super Result Prediction
  • Failure to Success
  • Success to Great Success
  • Success to Parquette






  • Parquette to Great Success
  • Failure to Success at the arrow point
  • Rearrange Great Success

These can only be done if you've used result prediction or super result prediction already. That's because you can't rotate the board until you do that.





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  • 4 weeks later...

That's result prediction and is explained above

Oh I missed that, sorry.


So unless we have the last 3 commands you mentioned (that used after prediction), it is good to use, am I right?

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It helps limit where the pointer will land, so usually it's good, but that's your decision to make as you do it. Sometimes I don't use it depending on how the board looks and what special effects are happening. For instance, when the no failure special effect occurs I do not use result prediction. However if all the great successes are right next to each other then I would definitely use it. It's a judgement call for you to make when you're doing it. 

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Cranberry was telling me that as long as your craft isn't Lv.10, you can switch crafts...but I can't figure out how to do this. I wanted to switch to an Alchemy craft, but I'm also not so sure what the difference between the two is. Can anyone provide some insight to this?

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You switch by talking to the guild master of your new craft. If you did the lvl cap unlock to raise your craft above 9 then you're SOL unless you have played ahead before 2.1 when they gave all characters 3 profession change tickets.


Vase alchemy does more physical attributes: weight, defense, physical crit, attack power, quickness, and evasion along with MP absorption guard.


Lamp Alchemy is focused on magical attributes and status guard, so it's more extensive.

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You switch by talking to the guild master of your new craft. If you did the lvl cap unlock to raise your craft above 9 then you're SOL unless you have played ahead before 2.1 when they gave all characters 3 profession change tickets.

Thanks. I happened to figure it out a little bit after I posted, but I kept the question around in case anyone else has the question in the future.


Also, what's the difference between the two types of Alchemy?

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I ranked up vase alchemy to level 10. Any suggestions on the best way to make some gold with it. I figure I'll buy an item at the bazaar and enchant it for exta money. What sells well using this method? For example, should I aim for things like boots instead of weapons?

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