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Glad to hear you’re all fine.

If available, I suggest both of you wear any kind of mask (even a hand-made cloth mask has +5 resistance, if an N95 mask is +50) every day, wash your hands with ethanol frequently, to resist any possibility of them.

3M 6000/6500/etc. re-usable mask + 2071/2091/7093 is far better than common masks but their maintenance is quite complicated. You need to wear a pair of glove to take off the filters, wash the 3M 6000/6500 with soap, wipe out the water with dry cloth or toilet paper, then wash it again with ethanol or bleach to kill the possible virus on the surface every day you back home.


During the days staying at my Tokyo home, I rearranged my DQ9 maps and updated my DQ9 wiki.

Best grottoes are all discovered but since Japanese players are still working on it, I can get more maps with different usages to extend my introduction. Of course it’s not the time to hold offline party now. But I already had a lot of unlisted maps from concerts & multiplay parties before January.

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Greetings, Questers, Gamers and Completionists! Sadly, today on May 20th, Nintendo discontinued its Wifi Connection service, rendering DLC for many games, including Dragon Quest IX, inaccessible.

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We're fine. We're just across the water from NYC, in West New York, NJ. My office shut down over 2 weeks ago and I've been working from home. The biggest challenge has been avoiding my 3 year old.

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