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Ignasia's Super Solo Hero Quest Playthroughs!

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Aye, that's the place.  Level 24 will get me through to Bloomingdale, though it'll eat up a bit extra time I didn't want to at this point, but then the only leveling I really require after Alltrade's is to unlock Spears at 100 points, which is doable in about a 20 minute period of leveling, assuming luck (I'll accept as high as 30 but no more).


Anyway, since my last 5 kill, 8 spawn was in 13 minutes, I'm hoping I can get a similar experience.  Typically Metal Slimes spawn every 1 out of 15, high rates are 1/10, and I've seen as few as 1 out of 1 to 1 out of 8 over an extended period of time (6 three tries ago to be exact).  So I KNOW I can get 5 kills in well under 13 minutes.  Yet going from 21 to 24 is proving difficult because both the spawn rates have been abysmal so far, and my kill streaks have been horrendous (last one was 1 out of 6, and it took 20 minutes for all that).


I have one kill this next run (4 runs now going for level 24).

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I don't know who you are. I don't know what you want. But what I do have are a very particular set of skills, skills I have acquired from eating every seed I find on the ground, in pots, barrels, or c

Wow...undead and Goodybags are immune to Kamikaze, that works just fine for me.  So now it's just Angelo, Yangus, and Jessica versus the Swordsman's Labyrinth.   Yangus is now level 6.  10 points in

Hi all, so currently I'm replaying through 2 separate games of Dragon Quest VIII.   Initially I played a normal game way back.  Then a Fisticuff Only Challenge, then a Low Level Challenge (finished

Ok, 2:48 this time before level 24....I decided to keep it going since I had level 23 with one kill required after only 8 minutes...and then the losing streak from heck.  17 total Metals, 5 kills (sorry, didn't pay attention, only 5 is necessary).  21 minutes for level 24.  I must reset yet again, at least this one was close :).


Anyway, ya, this time has been slow, more kills, but massive gaps in between, level 23 and 4 kills, so 1 more left.  2:45...18 minutes, too long.  Reset once again!


5 out of 15 this time, 24 minutes once again.  Last 6 had a fantastic spawn rate: less than 5 monsters between each.  Time for another reset.  I messed up last time as well, since I accidentally used normal attack on two encounters, hit a 1 damage, which would've been a 2 and had the other rounds worked out identically, I'd have had a 8-9 minute time :/.


5 out of another 15 again, this time 29 minutes, and one took well in excess of 40 monsters (I stopped counting at 40) before another spawn!  Reset!


I just stopped at 4 out of 13 in 20 minutes.  I'm going to reset once more tonight then head to bed.


5 out of 6...bad spawn in times save for the last one, but it was solid enough.  I also added extra time on my way in due to extra battles.  Anyway 2:40 by the final kill, evac, rested, then Saved.



So I forgot my time was 2:27, not 2:24, so altered my minute count to accomodate.  Anyway, current game time at level 24 is 2:41:31...not half bad.

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It's called Secrets of the Shield.

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With 13 skill points in Swords I have Metal Slash.  Problem is I'm starting to see far too many 1's for my liking.  Earlier I was seeing about even numbers of 2's per hit.  What's even worse is while most recent (at least since DQ6 SFC) Dragon Quests have a critical system whereby if the character attacks an enemy, and it criticals, if the enemy's defense is too high, the critical will always be 0, 1, or 2 (yes, you saw that, 0, 1, or 2, so with the skill 1, 2, or 3).  Same with enemies attempting a critical hit on players.  The ratios are different with players attacking enemies versus monsters attacking players. 


I believe I require about 100 base attack before a critical hit will deal actual Attack *crit mod on a Metal Slime.


One of the nice things about DQ9 is that most skills can critical, and crits DO take into effect all damage modifiers (pretty sure...it's been a long long time since I last checked, but at least skill modifiers to be sure, since I've critically hit the snakes on the way in with Dragon Slash, and it definitely factors in the damage modifier vs. Dragons).  So that would be...Oomph, Gritty Ditty/Double Up (not 100% of Oomph stacks with these two, but I know you can't Gritty ditty AND double up), Fource, Skill, Tension, and in some instances, combo.

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Dunno, probably to even things out.  Player's have a massive advantage over monsters though.  Take Trolls for example.  In DQ6, the Trolls in the well, if my Defense/4 = Troll's Attack/2 the troll will crit for 0, 1, and sometimes 2 damage.  Same in DQ9 (though not sure about the ratios).  Since Metal Slimes have like 4096 Defense, thus 999 actual reduction, 100 attack is a pretty solid trade off, and my guess is it's probably 99.9 attack, thus a 10% attack per 100% hard defense ratio...or something akin to that.


yab probably knows the exact values.  It's not a huge issue since this will only work out this way for metal slime types and nothing else...probably as a psuedo type of balance?  *shrugs*


Or it could just be Metal Slash caps crits at 1, 2, or 3 (save I vividly recall critically at normal crit damage values in earlier runs with characters around level 18 and just over 100 attack).

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Midheal is learned at 21.  I can take him as low as 18 solo (done it twice now), but it's VERY rough going (need herbs).  21 is doable, though I lost twice in a row the last time I got here about two or three months back.  24 is a safe level.  I know Master of Nu'un is doable at 21 (he's actually easier than Ragin' most of the time), but 24 is his "safe" zone.  Lleviathan kind of requires level 22+ if he goes on a tsunami spam, which can easily hit for 50.


Another reason is for skill points.  I have 17 extra, 16 of course for pumping into Focus.  This way after Nu'un, I can just unlock Gladiator asap (2x fully tensioned up Dragon Slash's, so I need Focus at 16 for the tension up skill).  Then I can spend a bit of time, maybe 30 minutes, skill farming for spears.  It just makes life a lot easier, since it means I won't have to spend any extra time farming levels for Minstrel.  I won't be switching my main to Priest until I have access to Bloomingdale and The Bad Cave.




Doing a bit of extra research.  Seems like Blast element is VERY useful from Upover to the end, so I'll be buying a Lightning Lance as well.  +25% damage versus the last boss is quite useful.

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Caduceus is more practical.  Plus the auto-MP Healing means you won't have to worry about three of the late-game bosses Disruptive Waving away Focus Pocus.  Similarly with Oomph + HP Hoover (without Oomph and a really high level, you just won't get as much healing as Caduceus, so there is that caveat of requiring 2 rounds for Healing with Knives, while Wands only requires the 1).


Personally, for a solo mage, where you're giving yourself the shield scroll, but no points in Shield, and only 200 allowed to be spent, I'd go Spellcraft 100, Wands 84, put 12 into Shields for +2% block and Blockenspiel (not a bad technique to use while attacking with Wands...though I have no idea if it triggers the MP stealing effect as I've never done this, but it sounds good), and 3 into Knives for Toxic Dagger (useful for the DoT).


This way you have 2% block legitimately.


It's not just the MP you can use, but also the HP!

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Looking at a few things between Priest versus Minstrel in terms of equipment options.


My entire armour selection is based around a Minstrel.


Body Armor:


Iron Cuirass (Min / Priest)

Magic/Enchanted/Ethereal Armour (Min / Priest)

Spiked Armour (Min)

Sacred Armor (Min)  <<-in some ways this is superior, versus: physical

Mirror Armor (Min)  <<-in other ways this is superior, versus: magical, the mirror effect does not affect player cast spells in DQ9


If I go Priest, I will HAVE to make at the very least, an Enchanted Stone and get Enchanted Armor as my end-game armour (Ethereal would be too much time), the positive about this is I cut out a good deal of time, roughly 10-20 minutes, of going back to hunt for specific gears, and I can avoid getting the Mirror Armor in the final dungeon, which cuts out a LOT of time there.  So I may actually be able to fit in an additional Enchanted Stone to make an Ethereal Stone for the Armor.




Trailblazing Bandana (Min / Priest) +5 mMending (BUT can be used in alchemy for a Mercury's Bandana that adds +20 agility and 3 more mMend by mixing it with an Agility Ring, and can also be worn by both classes)

Fur Hood (Min / Priest) -10% versus ice

Spellward Circlet (Min / Priest) +19 MMight/Mend, -25% snooze/whack/fuddle/fizzle




Linen Gloves (Min / Priest) +10 deftness

Iron Gauntlets (Min)

Magic Mittens/Enchanted/Ethereal Gloves (Min / Priest) +4/7/10 MMight/Mend, -4/7/10% Fire/Water/Wind/Bang/Dark  (Must get at least Enchanted, though Ethereal would be divine, and I MAY have time if I go Priest, otherwise I'll ignore Ethereal for Minstrel)




Iron Kneecaps (Min / Priest)

Magical Skirt (Min / Priest) +9 MMend/Might, -7% Fire/Water/Wind/Bang/Dark




Clogs (Min / Priest) 1.5% dodge

Wellington Boots (Min / Priest) -10% Bang

Dragon Warrior Boots (Min / Priest) -5% Fire/Dark

Safety Shoes (Min) 2.5% dodge +9 def

Sheepskin Shoes (Priest) 3% dodge +10 MMend




Gold ring +2def

Bunny Tail +5agi

Full Moon Ring -100% paralysis, +5 def

Spirit Bracer +30MP, +4def

Life Bracer +25 HP recovered per turn, +4 def (alchemy: Prayer Ring + Resurrock x3, praying ring in bowhole, resurrock has one in gerzuun, rest from blue chests/lucky drops)

Goddess Ring +1MP/step, +15 MMend, -40% paralysis/snooze/fuddle



The problem I see here is that Life Bracer is a worthy item to get for a Priest, but it will mean more alchemy, and I would only consider it if I'm lucky with a 3rd resurrock.  As things stand I have 1 from a lucky find, and one more from Gerzuun in a chest will make 2, so if I can't get lucky and find a 3rd, I'll have to do without.


I'm going to rip the above and add it to the original post way back there on page 3.


So a quick link back to that post:




Another bit....so I went after Ragin' Contagion.  I had him dead to rights with like 70 HP left.  He went before I could heal, but my main issue was I failed to account for his auto-envenom on attack (VERY low rate as I've had plenty of battles without being affected).  So I need to buy 8x Medical and 8x Antidotal in Stornway, make 8x Strong Antidotes and then 4x Special Antidotes, and place those in my inventory.  Should make life MUCH easier, and foolish me for not accounting for it.  That'll be another 30 seconds to 1 minute extra, and another 20s or so to Save again, so not exactly much time to worry over.



Another Edit: killed him on my 7th try.  Horrible luck.  During this whole experience, only ONE critical hit and not one Coup De Grace was triggered.  The 7th I also killed a Metal Slime and managed to snag a Resurrock, so I CAN make that bloody Life Bracer absolutely, definitely.  Thus Priest is now looking better than ever as my alternative core vocation.


I'm now saved and prepping a near perfect time with the next set of events, where I'll be saving at Port Llaffan, THEN heading off to take out Nu'un.

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Since my second project after unlocking Alltrade's Abbey will be to unlock Spears (so Spears at 100), that means it won't matter since my end-game weapons will be Spears and can be used by all (will also cut down on farming by a LOT of time thanks to the 50% crit/miss skill).


Otherwise they both have very different weapons.  Minstrel being Swords/Whips/Fans, while Priests have Spears/Wands/Staves.  Staves are awful though...just awful and probably the worst weapons in the game (their are some Staves in there that have a few great bonuses, but the skillset is atrocious save for an extra dodge boost).


To give an idea of the Strength difference per level:


Level 25 = Minstrel (67) / Priest (56)

Level 40 = Minstrel (103) / Priest (85)

Level 60 = Minstrel (152) / Priest (125)


I'll be about level 50 by the time I face the final boss, maybe as high as 60, but while the difference widens per level up, it's not that huge.  It's also helped with Spears maxed for the +60 Atk.  Then there's +40 Str from Courage (56 points) and +40 Str from Guts (55 points).  That added 80 Strength really settles the difference between them, and at the end I'll have about 4-5 Str seeds I believe, so another 8-10 Str to add.


So overall Attack (before factoring in Weapon Attack) at level 60: Minstrel (240-242 + 60) / Priest (213-215 + 60)


Now, if I have any extra points, I COULD put in another 6 points into Focus for the additional +10 Strength boost, which further reduces the divide between them.



Since I plan to purchase the Lightning Lance, and ignoring the additional +10 Str from Focus, that's another 85 points for base Attack:


Minstrel (240-242 + 145 = 385-387) / Priest (213-215 + 145 = 358-360)

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Bloody, I hate when my browser crashes...all that written text, gone.


Anyway, Upper is Buff since DQ8, and in DQ9 it's +50% then +100% defense, no 200 cap, which is nice.


After Spears, I'll be getting 90 in Courage for the stat boosts, but then it'll be pumping Shields.  By Swinedimples I should have enough points to activate the first quest.  By Bowhole I'll have it maxed out, along with all other planned skill point distribution.  So when Goretress is finally open to me, and before taking on Hogg, I'll have the Bang/Lightning element spear from Upover, and it shouldn't take too long to finish the second Shield quest.


Short answer: yes, I require secrets of the shield or 6 of the upcoming boss fights will be drag out heal fests, eating too much time.


No stat seed use until late game, and then definitely only on Priest!


As for my stat knowledge: The Brady Guide.  It's accurate.  Let me see if I can't find something to give you data on it.  I know there are Japanese sites with that level of breakdown, but let me find some English ones.



Nope, could find effectively 0.


Well, d-navi has compiled a complete stat track of every stat for every class for every level: http://dq9.d-navi.net/job/J02.html


That's for priest.



Edit: my whole day of editing my walkthrough post, all gone with the crash.  I need to save it more often.  At least it's back at Coffinwell, I'll just do my best to fill in what and when and who and why...etc.


Recalled the sequences and items found.  Only two time stamps now missing.  Not so bad, the Quarantomb ended with what I did earlier this morning, so not a total loss.


Died in my chest run, and I pressed power before I could record the time to get a difference, but I did kill Nu'Un in a real run.  Though no extra mini medals, I snagged the 1200g chest, purchased Wellington boots and Rubber Gloves beforehand (helps alleviate damage from his Lightning skill), and found a lucky Sage's Elixir in one of the three blue chests on the 2nd floor, that cut down my kill time by a LOT.  Sadly no critical hits when I was using physical attacks, but I did get off about 8 Crackles for 400 damage, that really cut down on time.  Battle would've been shorter though, but I made a few mistakes, like attacking when he was fully buffed, and I was slammed by a lot of high-damage critical hits, along with starting the battle with 75 out of 133 HP, which was brilliant.


Time is now 3:33:24, saved in Alltrade's.   <<-oops, corrected


My plan is now to switch to Martial Artist, then pump points into focus (I have 17, need to use 16).

Then switch to Thief, grab Gladiator unlock quest, save, head to Angelfalls, then proceed to Dragon Slash Slimes at 100 tension 3x.  Then level Thief a bit to 18. 

Switch to Warrior, level to 18, dump all points into Spears. 

Head back to Alltrade's buy the Long Spear, switch to Priest, level to 18 to top off Spears, then switch back to Minstrel up through till Bad Cave.

Then save in Port Llaffan and begin the rest of the game until Bad Cave and the next round of skill point farming.


I'm going to leave Zere Rocks as the final Fygg.  That way I can take full advantage of the ease of that battle, rather than making it more difficult on myself now.

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Oops, thanks for that.  Yes, it's 3 hours, not 33.


Maxing Spear.  It grants omnivocational status, meaning spears can be equipped by anyone regardless of class restrictions, and all skill points are used.


No Spear actually requires hitting any level of Spear Mastery.  If a vocation can equip spears naturally, or if Spears, the skillset, are at 100 points (maximum), then any and all spears can be equipped.  Same goes for all other weapons.



WOW, what a wall to progressing with a solo game.  Thankfully Joker/2 do not have such obstacles.  I actually like having skill sets to learn and specialty traits based on either skill sets or innate.  It's a cleaner and more choice oriented system.  I hope you can work it so ZapBird is feasible.  I wonder why they made that design choice, when DQ's typically reward, not punish for power leveling, maximizing potential, etc.

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Wow, nice.  Maybe rather than fixed level, it's running off the old randomizer system in 3 NES/SFC/GBC, and 4 NES, where spells have a base level but based on wisdom and a randomizer, can be learned within a +/-3 level spread, usually within 1 level + or -?


Yep, B will be rough going, but if it functions like the old systems, it'll be around a 38% chance for that crit/miss skill, rather than a 50%.  Hopefully, that'll give you a little more breathing room.



Alright, I learned a bit of a lesson.  At level 1, start hunting around Stornway until 5, then Zere until 8 or 9 (9 for Thief to snag Heal, but 8 is sufficient for Warrior/Priest).  THEN save in Coffinwell and hunt down Metal slimes.  My time isn't perfect, but then I lost about 2-3 minutes in attempting to hit 100 Tension over the course of 3 battles, but my Thief is level 9, saved in Coffinwell, with a 3:50:21 time on the clock.  It will only take 3, maybe 4 Metal Slimes to hit 18, then onto the next.  So it SHOULD take less than 13 minutes for sure if I can get a kill to spawn rate higher than 50%.


Time to get some sleep, I'll do the rest of this tomorrow.


Cool beans, i get a free Mercury Bandana along with the Thief Key when I turn in Mini Medals for the first time.



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I don't believe Surround affects Quadhits.  I believe it's a fixed hit rate.


As for Thief in DQ9...sadly no.  Heal is the extent of it.  Squelch is nice, but that's about the extent of a Thief's spell list.


So much frustration on your end, but at least that staff is available.  I mean wow, Blazemost contained in a weapon?  Talk about h4x, that's awesome.



I'm now at 4:27:49 with my Priest at level 9 in Coffinwell, with Selma unlocked, my first and likely only DQVC list, all post-game quests and guests...so I'm satisfied.  I also made a copy of it for future use, since things could go in any direction (though I have no doubt I will obtain the Lightspeed Champion accolade)


While I can't use the save editor due to having a mac, for some reason my memory card formatted for my action replay is now reading when it could not before, after many many attempts.  So I can actually put my file up if I need to.

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Nah, it was more for proof at the ~halfway point, along with a just-in-case things go wrong and I can reset back to it.


I should eat something then continue.  Getting 4 1-shots is brutal.  I've come close 4x now, but each time at least one metal slime dodges the crit, the rest were a mess of misses interspersed with a few hits.  Need 4 kills for my Priest, and that's another bother.  I haven't had a single instance where I've had 4x crits in a row (I hate that they can dodge it) AND a good spawn rate.  It's either a fantastic spawn rate and I'm trumped up by misses left and right, or it's a half-baked 20+ monsters between most of them, with a few 7+, and maybe one 40-60 spawn count before a single Metal shows up, and the 4x effective crits in a row.


To top things off, the lone blue chest in Quarantomb is very difficult with random drops, and I haven't gotten anything good since my first attempt while a Priest (mini medal, but I messed up and ended up dead...).

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The crit problem isn't an issue right now.  Since I'm on Priest, I am currently using Spears.  Which means I'm using Thunder Thrust, which is a 50/50% Crit or Miss ratio, however Metal slimes have like a 1/32 or so chance to dodge, so technically a 1/64 chance to dodge if Thunder Thrust rolls a critical.


With crit/miss skills, it doesn't matter what the ratio is between attack and defense.  It will always do full crit damage.


I'm just hoping to get 4 kills in a row, each rolling a Critical hit on the first turn, and a good spawn rate.

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Depends on how far away from the entrance I am.  Evac is not a spell learned by Priests, and I don't have any evacubells in my inventory.  If I'm close, it's about 1m30s - 2m20s depending on how many things I have to avoid (1m 20-40s to get there, 10-40s to exit, zoom, and enter town...actually tack on another 1m30-50s for resting at the Inn, and another 45s-1m to walk to then save at the church).  I'd say average time is probably 4m added in.  Unless I find 2x and get 2x kills in like 1-2 minutes, it's not really worth it, but I don't know, I may seriously consider that.


One of the annoying things is if I get into a battle at level 9 with a Metal slime and 2x of any enemy but Lost Souls, it's instant death, and usually on the first round thanks to poor base Resilience and HP.  Warrior, np, Gladiator, np, even Minstrel was much easier.


Anyway, I'm leaving off tonight with one last attempt where I had 5 crits in a row, but 3 were dodged.  Killed the first and second Metal slimes, where the second dodged then it landed, but the third ran before I could do anything, fourth dodged not once, but twice in a row.



You know, as much as I like a challenge, resetting so many times does take its toll.  I remember the old FF4 DS solo cecil boss rush only challenge, of which I'm the only known person in the world to attempt it and actually get to the last boss (after that it's doable, but EXTREMELY painful to undergo, because one wrong move can crush Cecil on the spot, though I did manage to get him down to 20k HP, which was roughly 3-4 more hits, but I messed up and failed to heal as I failed to anticipate his shift in strategy...another 10+ attempts, and I just said to heck with it, I know it can be done, I managed to get further than anyone else by beating the only obstacle no one else had managed to pass, so I was satisfied).


Anyway, my point is, maybe you can handle that, but why bother, if you can take advantage of save states.  Technically it's the same thing, only this time you're not restarting from 10/20/30/100 minutes prior, and avoid that unfathomable frustration of a near perfect scenario going terribly wrong just prior to the next save point.


That Cecil challenge...wow, that was difficult.  The boss that no one could pass under the conditions of that challenge is Lugae.  Beating his first form to avoid the second type where Lugae becomes one with his machine requires flawless timing and luck.  I must have reset 100, maybe as many as 200x before I finally got past that trial.  His second form is an instant death, since it's 5s before he auto-explodes, and there's no way to pull off the requisite damage to even negate the explosion to survivable levels (most I could do was reduce it to 2x my max HP).  His third, final, and harder form is another game of luck and chance that's even MORE painful than the first due to timing and his insane damage output.  It requires getting off Elixirs in time during the random period where he'll take damage from it, and not once, but twice, and knowing full well he can 1-hit OHKO Cecil at full HP.


I actually had to bend my rules just slightly to allow a few chest battles and an extra level that helped take out the Demon Wall with about a 30% success rate, as opposed to something akin to a 1% the level before.  It required dealing 12 total hits at over 9850 average per hit, with a swing pre-chests and that level up of 9200-12000(of course forced to 9999), while the next level altered it to about 9500-12800(forced to 9999).  What's was even better is the natural battle is 13-14 rounds allowed based on his and Cecil's random position in their respective ATB bars, and it favoured 13 rounds.  13 was required to use the skill Whirlwind, which triggers Fire Weakness, and another early round is required to change the weapon element to Fire, so 14 was an absolute must.  Granted if Cecil was allowed to level at will, his Speed would be high enough to allow for 16+ rounds and guarantee a win...


Ah that was frustrating.  I had almost twice as many resets on the Demon Wall as I did on Lugae.

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I don't recall if I allowed any other chest battles after the Moon, but I don't recall anything after the Demon Wall.  I actually have some videos of some of those battles.  I had to allow chest battles for a Rydia solo Boss Rush + Chest battle only run (her level gains are too low)...and this challenge is only doable in playthrough 2 on the DS, and it's rougher getting through areas than Cecil was (but bosses were a lot easier).  I had to start as a solo Cecil, then switched over, and wow was that difficult.  First kill with Rydia is Lugae, but her magic makes it very very very easy.   The beauty of the DS version is the bosses give a TON of exp that is split, so solo isn't that rough, but it's not like I was anything approaching 70 by the end in either challenge.


More chests though, yes, definitely improves chances.  With Rydia this was easy, as on Playthrough 2, I could be allowed to farm the summons found off monsters, of which the Mage summon is just broken (Hold chance is 100% versus every enemy in the last dungeon but 1 at level 50+, and sadly doesn't work on any boss, but meh).  So I abused the heck out of it there.  Cecil was another matter.  Dragon's posed a serious threat.  I'll have to dig out the thread I recorded all my progress in on GFAQs sometime.



You know what the most satisfying part about that is?  Knowing that the head honcho at GameFAQs, Sailor Bacon Allen, made this attempt and just stopped at Lugae, couldn't pass go, could not collect his $200.  It's also apparently his favourite game, and he had the first comprehensive guide out for it, first for the Japanese version, then switched it over the the US release.


Same camera, but my voice records differently...I never really noticed that.  Can't use that camera now though, it's a PC only, doesn't have any drivers for macs :/.



Ouch buddy, that is...wow, just rough going.  Wait a minute, how is it you don't have MP?  Wasted on the fights leading into Jamirus?

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Gold drops from enemies aren't that fantastic.  It's actually better earlier on, as it goes through the standard practice of diminishing returns.  The exception is for certain monsters like Goodybags, Gold Golem, Gem Jamboree's (grottoes only), and Gem Slimes (post game only).  That said, at least gold gains are decent enough to survive.  Later on you'll find that early gold gains are best made by utilizing the two alchemy profit methods: Ear Cozies and Gold Mail (Ear Cozies are early profit drivers, while Gold Mail is the profit driver for 400k+).


Then there's map farming with high level S-Rank maps.


Sorry man, I'm just not with it today.  I wish I had a practical and helpful response.


I'm so out of it.  After getting a decent time with my Priest, YAY!  Wasn't even that great as I failed to kill two metal slimes, missed twice with Thunder Thrust (ok, one triggered a crit, but it was a dodge), and I was forced to finish off normal monsters to hit 18 (took like 3 minutes), but including 1 minute 20s getting there, it was roughly 8 minutes by the time I checked the battle records before Zooming back to Alltrades.  So about 3-4 minutes spent actually killing Metal slimes to hit 17.  Not bad, so I ran with it.


Then I guess euphoria took over, since I tacked on another 2 minutes bumping into stuff, and stalling here and there...in the process I decided that since I'd have to farm Gladiator, and Mage would be easy to farm as well, why not continue with that?  So I did.  I accepted a time that borders on decent with the Gladiator, but then Gladiator's have limited Metal Slime killing power.  So 13 minutes, including switching to Mage, is acceptable.  I could do better, but I didn't feel like spending another 20-30 resets on it.


Mage is what I'm embroiled with now.  It's gone reasonably well, but I haven't gotten anything less than 13 minutes, which is unacceptable.


I've decided to skip Guts unless I feel I can fit it in with Bowhole leveling.  However, Courage and Shields are vital to my plan to speed through the rest of the game.  So I'm pumping Courage now, and when I hit Bad Cave, I'll just top that off at 90, then aim for 100 in Shields.


While I'm going through Bad Cave farming, I'll be hitting up the Platinum Ore spot nearby.  Abuse that with gold mail for platinum mail and some nice early profits.

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I just realized something, I believe I can get by without any Bowhole farming at all, Bad Cave farming should be sufficient.  I'm still planning on sticking with Priest as my end-game class.


Cleared up Port Llaffan in just under 17 minutes, and including the boat ride, saving, I'm +17m:20s.  Pretty solid.  This power leveling early is making for fast times up through that point.


Going to bed, I'll start up all the Bad Cave/Platinum Ore farming tomorrow.  Cheers.

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Nice job.  Good progression, but ya, sounds like Akubar will be a rough and tumble bag of luck, so long as no/few critical attacks, and leaving enough room for your monster to attack, though you can always abuse the "item use" bug for whatever advantage you'll be able to pull from it.



Let's see, I've done Bloomingdale 3x now (not finishing in any one of them though).  Each one is rougher than I thought.  Mostly because there's so much to do and memorize, and i"ve had to change my sequential order of operations.


So here's how it goes.


1) Snag Seed of Strength in Slurry Quay

2) Run to Dourbridge, kill any wolves immediately in my path, don't divert off course for extra battling.

3) Run across Southern bridge, trigger sequence, climb down ladder, enter Meddlin's tent, trade Mini Medals, open chests, equip Mercury Bandana, exit Dourbridge

4) Head South, if not yet 26, continue to allow killing any Wolves in path.

5) Over bridge, head South to second bridge, and again, if not 26 yet, hunt the Cats, but only ones in the path

6) After second bridge, head directly West to Bloomingdale, killing any and all Tigertaurs directly in path (1-shotting is fun, but these guys give decent gold/exp drops)

7) Bloomingdale sequence:

 - talk to girl at the door

 - buy 5 holy waters from item vendor near city entry

 - continue down stairs, around church, and up stairs in back of armour shop, buy 2 Silver Armour

 - continue down to port, talk to old man

 - go back up, past armour shop, over bridge and to mansion, talk to guard

 - enter mansion, go to 2F, pick up chests, down to 1F enter doorway to trigger scene, talk to Marion for another scene

 - exit mansion, enter house just West of mansion, talk to old lady

 - enter house just West of the Church, talk to guy in robes for scene

 - talk to ghost, follow ghost through door, search only the lower center tombstone for another scene

 - exit town headed NE to bridge, over, and West to Platinum Ore spawn, pick up Ores (for some reason if I enter the bad cave, the ore count is LOWER than if I just go straight from Bloomingdale...not sure why)

 - head West and enter Bad Cave, use center entrance, head North for scene

 - head North and around, check sign, then check stool for a new scene

 - follow bad guys to East for their hideout, pick up only pots/barrels/blue chests ON THE WAY, ignore jail cell, take right exit first, pick up: Hepheastus' Flame (needed for Platinum Mail to sell!)

 - back up and around to the left exit, South, then West to next room (ignore blue chest)

 - North to the first red chest and a Mini Medal

 - back around the crescent shaped path, and grab the 1700g while hunting for Meddley's

 - be sure to avoid battling anything else, especially Lunatick's

 - when MP is 3-5, cast Evac, check Platinum Ore stock again, then Zoom to Port Llaffan

 - buy 2 Gold rings and 2 Gold bracers, Zoom to Stornway

 - mix 2x silver mail, 2x gold ring, and 2x gold bracer for 2x gold mail, take 1 gold mail, mix with 1x platinum ore, 1x heaphastus' flame for Platinum Mail

 - mix Gold Rosary with 1x Resurrock and 5x Holy water for Holy Talisman

 - if 2x extra Platinum Ores, mix both with Holy Talisman and Long Spear for Celestial Spear (I'm actually going to ignore buying the battle fork now, since this spear should get me through the rest of the game)

 - Sell any excess Platinum Ore, the Platinum Mail, and the Gold Mail.  If Gold is more than 17,000, buy the Catholicon Ring, else:

 ----Zoom to Port Llaffan, buy 3 Gold Rings and 3 Gold Bracers, Zoom to Bloomingdale, buy 3 Silver Mail

 ----Make 3x Gold Mail, Zoom to Port Llaffan, sell Gold Mail buy 3x each Bracer/Ring, Zoom to Bloomingdale, buy 3x Silver Mail

 ----Make 3x Gold Mail, Zoom to Port Llaffan, sell Gold Mail buy 3x each Bracer/Ring, Zoom to Bloomingdale, buy 3x Silver Mail

 ----Make 3x Gold Mail, sell, buy Catholicon Ring, SAVE!

 - Back to normal game, Zoom to Bloomingdale, farm Medley's to get to 36 as a Minstrel

 - Zoom to Alltrade's, switch to Priest, save, farm Medley's to get to 36 as a Priest

 - Zoom to Alltrade's, switch to Warrior, put Courage to 90, dump the rest in Shields, switch back to Priest, save, continue forward

 - No More farming from this point forward...go straight to Tyrantula, kill it.

 - I forget the sequence of events after this point, but basically save the second the ship is unlocked but before entering it!


New change as well for my extra skill points.  First to Focus +6 for +10 Str, and the rest dumped into Guts for the +10 HP, and hopefully the first +10 Str for +20 Str, +10 HP.  We'll see though.  I know I can get Guts to max, but I just don't feel like spending that extra time and cutting it close to the time limitation.

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Yay, video.


Well, no, not necessary to skill farm.  I'll be level farming a little bit on Priest when I have Bowhole unlocked.  I'm going to hit level 5x.  That shouldn't take too long.


As it stands, no skill farming is necessary at all beyond two things: 1)maxing a weapon, and 2)maxing shields


Everything else, in a serious speedrun, is optional.


I'm just hoping that with this extra bit, I'll be able to speed through, and hopefully capture something close to 9 hours.  I have no doubts I'll snag the Lightspeed Champion, but 9 hours is sufficient to say it's an effective method to do a little skill farming, and the right kind of skill farming.

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I blundered epicly.


I brought my gold reserves high enough to buy the Catholicon and still have what I had prior to that point.  It was the suck.  I chose to activate DQVC, rather than bypass it and access the current list.


So now I'm going to copy this save as my muck-up save, and start all over again from prior to finishing my priest.  I mean wow, how epic a fail is that?


Not sure whether I'll continue this from that 6+hour save point.  I just don't know.  I think I'm just going to take a break on DQ9 before deciding what to do.


I'm off to bed.  I think I may start up the DQ3 file just to blow off some steam.

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Nice.  Yep, as you've no doubt found out, it's a matter of luck and what Wight Knight will do.  It's usually best if he refrains from healing himself, since that almost guarantees you'll eventually tear him down.  Nice going with the win!


Shame I can't witness everything you've done.  Is it a timing issue with the cpu clock that triggers a desync?  That was a pretty close last round though.



You can always check my equipment guide for details on equipment, where to finds, and whatnot in DQ3, but Mist Staff = Stopspell.


However there is a problem with DQ3 and using items that cast spells.  You have to be able to equip them: just like in DQ9!


A Warrior can no more use a staff in battle than a Wizard/Mage can use the Thor Sword.



I've given it a bit of thought, and after watching Godzilla, I'm just going to AR my previous list of DQVC items.  Which is worth seeing despite the trashy "hollywood" human story they threw in there.  A story that distracts from the real movie, but watching the way they pulled off the Godzilla fight, it really looks and feels like an upgraded version, and a more realistic version of the old movies.  I was happy.


Now as to my list of DQVC items, it just overrides the item, but not the price (sadly).  So I'll have to buy 2 things to bring up the cost to around 17,000.  Plus I'm already punished by an additional 3 minutes of both DQVC hooking up and running from the Church to open the DQVC list, AND I'd already be counting in the additional 5-7 minutes of added time because I didn't pay attention to my item list.


I don't feel like redoing all that hardcore farming and aiming for near perfect times.  I may down the road if I decide to play this save again and get a recording when I'm able to play it on a PC.


So I'll have an extra Spirit Bracer and a Sorcerer's Stone, and I'll be 1450g extra, but not a huge deal.  I'll just ignore their presence until post-game like with all the other extra accessories.

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You can with armour, just not with weapons.  There are a FEW exceptions, but I don't recall what those exceptions are.


I missed that other question: No, except for DQ9, no Dragon Quest requires equipping a weapon to "use" it in battle, it merely has to be in their personal inventory.  DQ9 however, since equipment is now separate from personal inventory, you must equip the weapon first (I don't recall if any armour piece in DQ9 has a hidden spell/skill when used in battle, but you can select them, so maybe, can always check Mystical's FAQ on gamefaqs).


My equipment FAQ (not sure if i posted a link above):


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Aye.  I'll be soloing the post-game on this save as well.  When I want to go back to a party, I'll just switch back to my normal game.


I'll make one exception.  For post-game, I'll be allowing one dummy character for unlocking Paladin.

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