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Item Master and Fsihing Unlocks

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First before you can be an item master you need to obtain a item master scout book. You can purchase one at your local monster scout shop below any pub. After that you need to go to Gatara (1st Train Stop Dwarf Town) and leave through the front. You will then proceed to this teleporter.






After that you need to go forward until you reach the door. Once you're through there go into the room and talk to the carnivorous cabinet.






After that you need to go out and fight two things. The first is a mecha-minah.






Once you get the key item prompt you will then kill these guys until you get a prompt for them.




Then return to the carnivorous cabinet talk to him then close to him is this guy. Talk to him and you'll get a cutscene. After that cutscene talk to the cabinet and you're done!







As for fishing go to the Renoba Port town and go to the south end where the giant ship is. Before you get on the docks there's an NPC talk to him and he'll give you the quest, a lure, and a fishing rod. Go to your equipment and equip the rod and then the lure. After that walk up to any body of water where you see the little A button in the bottom middle of your screen lights up.  You will then wait until an exclamation point appears above your head. Press A and this will start the reeling in of the fish. You have 4 options. The first is to draw the line in a bit, the 2nd is to give the line some leeway, and the third is to real it in. 


As you pull and the fish fights you your line will decrease in hitpoints (for lack of a better term) and you will eventually have the line break if it hits 0. What I do is pull the line in until 13 meters or so, and then I will reel it in. If you see yourself get to around 7 and you still have a ways to go give the fish some of the line so it'll restore your fishing line's hitpoints. Continue this until you've brought your fish in. Once you complete catching a fish talk  to the NPC and you'll complete the quest. After that talk to the NPC beside him and use the first option to turn in the fish for currency. You can check out the things you can buy with the 3rd option. 



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90 SP: HP +10 (passive)


Challenge accepted.


Subscription runs out on Monday, and I have an appointment Saturday morning to keep but I will taste the sweet victory of reaching lv43 on Item Master before it does. Maybe. Possibly. Nah. Too lazy.  :)




edit: Taking a look through the spells that Item Master learns:


- Evac

- Snooze

- Acceleratle

- Divine Intervention

- Kasnooze

- Kabuff

- Magic Barrier

- Baishion (Not Oomph)


Buff master is more like it. lol

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Ok so I am getting off my butt and doing this walkthrough for the fishing quest and the basics of the fishing minigame.


Fishing Quest



First, you need to go to Rendoa Port Town, and find this gentleman. 


After talking to him he'll give you a rod and lure. You need to equip both of these. The look similar to these, but mine are the much much better kind.


Once you have them equipped go to the pier behind him and find any water where you can press A like this.


Once you cast your line wait for a bit until a fish bites. Then press A again.


When you press A you'll get a new screen.


The bottom bar is your fishing progress. The number at the left is your line strength. When this reaches 0 you fail. If you get the distance from the fish to you to 0.0m then you've caught the fish. The option in the top left are pull the line in some, give a little line, reel in the line as much as you can, the next option is use your rod's special move (you won't have this until you get to the lvl 10 rods and up),and release the fish.  

The first option pulls your line in some, the 2nd restores some line strength and if the fish pulls at the line it won't hurt your line strength. The third option is to reel in the fish. This uses a lot of line strength so be careful about using this.


Once you catch your fish bring it back to the quest giver and you've completed your quest.




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Fishing is something I really like in RPG's and I can't wait to start doing it!
At what level are you approx before you can reach Rendoa Port Town?

Also, I remember an episode on Saigan's stream where you guys were dropping huge fish one after another on land. Which episode was that again? 


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You can get to that town as soon as you unlock the train station.  It's one of the train destinations.

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Thanks Cran! I guess that means I can get to it now since I'm in Juretto!

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