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Dragon Quest Monsters 2 3DS Event Scripts Eng Translation

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The events of the game are being translated by bluesun (The Moonlighters /Pokemon-Originals) for your enjoyment. Please don't post these scripts elsewhere without giving the proper credit.


Woodus chipped in $25 so bluesun could translate the story of the game. If any of you are interested in getting more translated, you can pitch in, too, and donate as well. If interested, PM me for more details.


The next $25 bluesun will translate all of the Desert World's story.


The 3DS version of DQM2 story has been changed a little bit to include some new characters, and monsters.



Dragon Quest Monsters 2: Iru and Luca's Marvelous Mysterious Keys


Note: This script is from Luca's story (If you chose Luca as your character).



--Opening Scene--



(On the ship heading to Malta...)



Iru: Hey! I told you not to snack on the ship's food!


Iru: Honestly...


Iru: Those little guys just love to play tricks... Are you getting tired of this

long boat trip yet?


Iru: ...Actually, are you okay? You were just staring up at the sky...


Iru: Oh! I know! You were thinking about Monster Masters, weren't you?


(If you answered yes)

Iru: HEHE, I knew it! Well, becoming a Monster Master is your dream!


(If you answered no)

Iru: Really? But I can see it written all over your face. 

I know you want to be a Monster Master!


Iru: Conversing with the hearts of monsters, travelling together with monsters... 

Being a Monster Master sounds great.


Dad: Oh, you wanna be Masters? That's a good goal.


Dad: You know that I'm gonna open up a Monster Ranch in Marta Country, 

where we're going, right?


Dad: If you study monsters while helping out on my Ranch, 

I'm sure you'll make great Masters!


???: There it is! Malta Country's in sight!


Iru: Wow! We're arriving in Malta Country!

Why don't we take a look from the crow's nest, big brother?!


This is the mysterious and strange tale of siblings who have come to the 

small island country of Malta...


(After arriving at the island...)


Iru: It really is just like we imagined...


Iru: Oh! Big brother! Come and look at this!


Iru: See? Here you can leave the ranch and walk around the island.


Iru: Say, big brother... Why don't we go explore the island by ourselves 

while dad and the others aren't around?


(if you answer yes)

Iru: Yeah! Let's do it! Well then...


Iru: Let's explore!


(if you answer no)

Iru: Aww... You're more serious than I thought, big brother. 

Come on, it'll be fun!


(if you answer yes)


Iru: Yeah! Let's do it! Well then...


Iru: Let's explore!


Slash: Wait!!


Iru: Huh? Oh, it's you, Slash. What happened?


Iru: Oh! You weren't... intending to tell dad, were you...?


Slash: Hmph. I, the Guard Slime of this ranch, 

would never do something like that!


Slash: I once had that same adventurous spirit... But be careful, 

as I can smell wild monsters out there!


Slash: It would be a bad idea for you to go out there alone, 

so I'll accompany you!


Slash: And along the way, I'll teach you the basics of being a Monster Master. 

Now, let's go!


You made friends with Slash!


Iru: HEHEHE! What a surprise, you've already found a friend. 

Slash'll follow you.


Iru: Now, once again... Let's explore!



(At the beach...)



Slash: Those are wild monsters. They attack you if you touch them.


Slash: Okay! Now let's try fighting and defeating monsters!

This is the first step to being a Monster Master!


Slash: With me at your side, you've got nothing to worry about. 

Just go crash into wild monsters!


(if you scouted successfully on your first try)


Slash: Successfully scouting on your first try... Great job, Ruka!


Slash: I knew you had the talent for being a Master, 

but never thought you'd come so far.


Slash: But now you can do that, 

then there's nothing left for me to teach you!


Slash: Keep making monsters into friends, and make them stronger.


Slash: If you keep doing that, then you're sure to be great Monster Masters!


Slash: Now come on, Ruka, let's go! 

I'll stick with you all the way as you explore!


Slash: Oh, right. If you go ask the DragonSlime at the ranch, 

you can get healed up any time. Don't forget that.


Iru: Congratulations, big brother! Now, let's continue exploring.


Iru: AH! Is that a chest I see over there? I'll go and wait for you there!


Iru: AH! Isn't that a monster weapon? You're amazing, big brother, 

finding a treasure like that!


Iru: You use weapons by equipping them to monsters. 

Monsters with weapons are even stronger!


Iru: Choose 'Equip weapon' in the menu screen and try equipping 

the weapon you just found!


Iru: Whenever you don't know what to do, 

you can look at the helpful journey hints on the menu screen too.


Iru: Now then... We found a treasure, so why don't we keep going!


Iru: Is that a cave I see over there? Let's try going there next!


Iru: ...Looks like this is a dead end.


Iru: It doesn't look like we can keep going through this hole...




Iru: B-Big brother, did you see that?! What was it?! 

It looked a bit like an eye...


Iru: Just what sort of things are on this island...?


Iru: It looks like we can go up here. I wonder where it goes?


Iru: We might find out who that eye belongs to...


Iru: Hey, big bother. It's a bit scary, but why don't we keep going?


Iru: What a big place. Even a huge monster would be able 

to comfortably live here.


Iru: AH! Big brother, what's that!!


Iru: It's huge... Is it... a dragon? It must've been its eye that we saw.


Iru: I-It's gonna eat us---


Iru: Huh...? An egg?


Monster: It ran this way! Where'd it go!! Where's the White Dragon!!


Miracrea: I will leave this to you...


Monster: There it is!! The White Dragon!! It's not getting away this time!!


Iru: W-What was that about...?


Iru: Wow! It's a monster! That must've been a monster egg!


Iru: Wow! It's really attached to you! You're amazing, big brother!


Iru: Hey, why don't we take it back to the ranch!

Let's surprise dad and the others!



(Back at the ranch...)



Iru: Look, big brother! It seems to have taken a liking to the ranch too!


Iru: That reminds me, we didn't come up with a name for it. 

I'm counting on you to come up with a good one, big brother!


Iru: Hmm... _____... _____, huh?

Iru: Sure! It's a nice and fun sounding name, 

just like I knew you'd come up with, big brother!


Iru: Oh, right. _____ was holding onto these. 

I should give them to you, big brother.


Iru: ...The White Dragon must've been _____'s mother.


Iru: It looked like it was being chased by bad guys, 

I wonder if the two of them will be able to meet each other...


Dad: Hey! Ruka! Iru! We're back!


Dad: ...Whoa! What's that monster doing here?!


Dad: I've never seen that monster before. 

But I can feel some sort of power hidden within it...


Iru: Wow, big brother! We made friends with a really great monster!


Dad: Ah, I see. So you helped it and brought it here. Good job!


Dad: It's the first monster you've ever befriended on your own. 

Make sure you take care of it!


Dad: It's low-rank, but if you raise it properly, 

I'm sure it has amazing power just waiting to be awakened!


Mum: ...But this monster is so rare. Wherever did you find it?


Iru: HEHEHE! That's a secret!


Dad: Well, that's fine.  Now then, let's go inside and eat! As I'm hungry!



(The next morning...)



Mum: Good morning, Ruka. You came at a great time.


Mum: Sorry to trouble you, but would you mind doing an errand for me?


Mum: I hear that Grandmother has made some of your favorite, fruit pie.


Mum: And the pie was delivered to the house of Posta, the Post Office worker...


Mum: I'm busy sorting out and unpacking, so why don't you and Iru pick it up.


Iru: What?! Grandmother's fruit pie? That's great!


Iru: Leave it to us, mum! Put some tea on, and we'll be right back to eat it!


Iru: Now then, big brother. Let's go to Posta's house in Malta Country!


Mum: Thanks, both of you. To get to Posta's house, 

you leave the ranch from the north, then turn to the east.


(After you enter the town...)


Prince Kameha: Hey! Are you the guys who just moved here to Malta?!


Prince Kameha: Hey! I'm the Prince of Malta, Kameha!


Prince Kameha: And you're new here, so I'll tell you the rules here on Malta!


Warubou: I'm the Fairy of Malta, Warubou! BAD BAD!


Warubou: Got it? I'm the fairy, so you have to do whatever I say! Don't forget!


Prince Kameha: Let's go, Warubou! 

It's a new day, and there's plenty more Maltans to make fun of!


Iru: What's up with them? I don't like them. Anyway, don't worry about them, 

big brother, let's go!


Iru: To get to Posta's house for the fruit pie, we go east, right?


(At Posta's House...)


Posta: Welcome to the house of Posta, the Post Office worker of Malta.


Posta: You're the kids from the ranch who just moved to Malta, right?


Posta: I've got a nice-smelling parcel here from your grandmother.


Posta: Let's see... Ah, here it is. Here.


Posta: You sure are good kids, taking care of errands.


Posta: Make sure to head straight home without taking any detours.


(Back outside...)


Prince Kameha: Hey, Warubou. 

Why don't we draw some graffiti on this while nobody's looking?


Warubou: Hah! That's a good idea! Put the face of that old shopkeeper on it!


Vendor: AHH! Prince Kameha, Warubou! What're you doing to my stock!


Iru: Ugh... I can't believe they'd do something like that. 

I'll go tell them not to!


Iru: Stop that, you guys! You'll cause trouble for the shopkeeper!


Prince Kameha: Huh...? Oh yeah, you're that new girl. 

You sure have guts to stand up to me.


Warubou: ...Hmm?


Warubou: Hold on, Kameha! My stomach's rumbling!


Something smells great, can't you smell it?!


Warubou: There it is!


Iru: Big brother! Are you okay?!


Warubou: HAHAH! Bingo! I knew I smelt a fruit pie!!


Prince Kameha: Yeah! Great job, Warubou! 

Let's go back to the castle and eat it!


Iru: Hey! Wait! That's our fruit pie!


Warubou: Let's go, Kameha!


Prince Kameha: HAHHAHHAHHA! We're over here, little girl!


Iru: Hey! Stop! You'll wreck the pie!


Prince Kameha: Well, I'm tired of teasing. Let's eat the pie!


Warubou: Oh! That leads to...


Iru: Now you've really got me mad! I'll never forgive you!


Warubou: Eh, who cares...


Warubou: Hey! Kameha! Leave some for me!


Prince Kameha: ...give it up, new girl! 

I'm so hungry, I'm gonna die if I don't eat it!


Warubou: Hey, don't pull so hard! You'll pull the pie apart!


Iru: Urrrrrgh... Just...


Iru: Let go!!


Prince Kameha: Whoa!!


Iru: Hah, hah, I did it... Big brother! I got the fruit pie back!


Prince Kameha: Ow....owowow... That hurt! It really hurt!


Warubou: T-This is really bad... Malta's Navel...


Warubou: Hey! Kameha! Get away from there right now!


Prince Kameha: Huh? What...?


Prince Kameha: Whaaaaaah!!


Prince Kameha: W-What is this?! What's going on!


Prince Kameha: I-It's not my fault, you hear me!

It's your fault for holding that pie!


Warubou: Ah! He ran off by himself! What a good-for-nothing!


Warubou: Hmph! I guess there's no other choice!!


Iru: I-I don't know what's going on, but... what're you doing?


Warubou: The statue Kameha broke when he fell over was 

known as Malta's Navel...


Warubou: Malta's Navel had the important task of maintaining 

the life force of Malta.


Warubou: It was so important, but now it's gone...


Warubou: Before long, Malta will fall into ruin, be destroyed, 

and sink to the bottom of the sea...


Iru: ...Is this some sort of Maltan joke? Are you still messing with us?


Warubou: This really isn't the time for jokes! 

Even fairies like me know when to give up!


Warubou: Listen, you two! 

Go and look around Malta for something to replace the Navel and bring it here!


Warubou: Until then, I'll do the Navel's job! 

There's no time! Come on! Quick, go!


Iru: I-It seems like he's not joking. I can't believe this is really happening!


(Back at their house....)


Mum: Welcome back, kids. Did you get the pie?


Mum: Thank you... But why is this so dirty? What happened?


Mum: Hehe. Don't worry, you don't have to tell me. I trust you two.


Mum: Wow, this does smell good. Grandmother's fruit pies really are the best!


Iru: Where are you going, big brother! 

We have to hurry and find something to replace the Navel!


Iru: That's right, big brother! This pot should be a perfect fit for that hole!


Iru: Okay... Let's take it quietly so Mum doesn't spot us.


(Back in the Malta well...)


Warubou: Oh! I was getting bored of waiting! 

Have you found a replacement Navel?!


Warubou: You brought this pot? Hmm... The size looks about right.


Warubou: Now, hopefully this will work...


Warubou: Oh! Nice job, you two! 

You found something this good on your first try!


Warubou: But this is just a temporary fix. 

I better go to another world now and...


Warubou: ...It didn't work after all!!


Warubou: ...Okay, I know what to do. I'm a man. I've prepared for the worst.


Warubou: I'll have you go to another world instead!!


Warubou: We don't have any other choice! 

I'm the only thing that can replace the Navel right now.


Warubou: I'll hold off the ruin of Malta for as long as possible here...


Warubou: So use that time to find something to replace the Navel 

in another world and bring it back here.


Warubou: Here! Take this!


Warubou: That key is known as a Mysterious Key. 

If you use that, even you can go to another world.


Warubou: Well, for today, go back home and rest. 

Come back when you've prepared for your journey!


(Back at their house...)


Iru: Say, big brother...


Iru: This may've turned into a disaster... 

But I'm sure you can do it, big brother.


Iru: I'll support you from back here on the ranch, 

so go ahead and explore another world to your heart's content.


Iru: Then one day... 

I know you'll be the Monster Master you've always dreamed of.


Iru: Well, I'm going to sleep. Goodnight.


(The next morning...)


Mum: Oh, Luca. You're full of energy today.


Mum: Oh, that's right. ...here. This is your monthly allowance.


Luca got his 100-gold allowance from Mum!


Mum: Don't waste it. Well, I'll see you later.


Dad: Oh! Are you going to another world, Luca? 

Then here's something you'll find useful.


Dad: With that, you can view the library at any time from the menu screen.


Dad: The library records everything from the monsters 

you meet to the skills you master.


Dad: The Library also has useful books with data on many monsters, 

so you should check it out.


Dad: And I'll also give you this... It's meat that monsters really like.


Dad: What's most important to a Monster Master is befriending monsters.


Dad: Giving monsters meat opens their hearts slightly, 

and makes it easier to scout them.


Dad: There's also some monsters that'll become friends with you 

just by giving them meat. Don't forget that!


Warubou: Oh, I was waiting for you, ...uh...that's right, 

I never asked what your name was.


Warubou: ...hmm... So it's Luca? Right! I was waiting for you, Luca!


Warubou: Listen up. You are about to go into another wold 

to find a replacement for Malta's Navel.


Warubou: To go to another world, check the door in the back, 

and use the Oasis Key that I gave you yesterday on it.


Warubou: To get back to Malta from another world, use this key. Here!


Warubou: Also, you can learn the spell 'Ruura' from the tablet behind me, 

so make sure you look at it.


Warubou: There are treasures with mystic powers in other worlds. 

Something like that should work to replace the Navel.


Warubou: For now, find some clues to the treasure, and then come back here.


Warubou: I'm counting on you, Luca! Nobody can save Malta but you!



(At the Desert World Gate...)



Dark Master: Hmm... You wouldn't happen to be a Monster Master, would you?


Dark Master: H-HAHAHAHAH! How interesting! 

A Master as young as you, what a surprise!


Dark Master: ...Young master. I have a warning for you.


Dark Master: ... Beware the thieves rampaging this Desert World.


Dark Master: They show no mercy even to children...


Dark Master: That is all. Good luck, young Master.

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